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Engagement Ring Engravings Engraved Wedding Rings

Couples are so Cute and Lovey-Dovey!

They come into the Jewelry Store a Week before their Wedding Day to get their Rings Engraved. It’s actually a pretty cool thing.

HOW they do it is Funny!

He’ll bring her Wedding Band in one Day, and She’ll bring his Wedding Band in the next.

Why do they come in separately and on different days?

Because they want to Customize the Engraving and don’t want their Lover to see it until the actual Wedding Day!

It’s a Secret! How Romantic!

And here’s what’s even funnier…

Most Fiancees automatically think of one particular Engraving for their Man: The Wedding Date! This is always the first thing that enters her mind because, “He’ll never forget our Anniversary!” She says with a smile.

Good point! Can we help it if we’re bad at remembering dates like that?

It’s so Boring…

Sadly, the Wedding Date is a boring thing to Engrave, plus Women don’t need to remember their Special Day anyway! That’s already burned into their brains.

So what should you get Engraved then?

Well, it’s a crazy thing because it’s so personal and it means different things to different people. You really could engrave anything you wanted to. I mean, who’s going to see it? Just you two!

Over the years, I’ve seen some very Odd Engravings. Some Funny, some Romantic, but trust me, they all try to be Witty and Clever.

But first…

Before we get into the Actual Engravings, there are some things you need to know about Ring Engravings first.

What you get Engraved and what Engravings will fit on your ring all depends on the width of your ring. The Millimeter Width of the Band is the quickest decider there is. If your ring is 2mm or thinner, you’ll have a hard time engraving anything on it. That’s IF they can Engrave it to begin with! Some Jewelers can’t Engrave on rings that thin and narrow. And chances are, if they can, it may look like crap!

Engraving generally works best on bands 3 Millimeter or wider. 4-6mm is ideal! 7mm is great for doing double lines of text.

How Much Room is there?

The other thing that you have to watch out for is how much room there is inside the Ring Shank.

If there’s a Karat Stamp (i.e. 14kt or 18kt or Plat.) inside the ring, it’s usually in the way. They always put that Karat Mark at the bottom of the Shank somewhere and it’s always right where you want to Engrave.

Those Karat Stamps make Engraving a joy! Usually we have to remove the Mark first, Engrave the band with your Cute Quote, then Restamp the Karat Mark back in somewhere else. Such Fun!

Tricky Tricky

Engraving can get tricky because a good portion of rings are hollowed out underneath too. That leaves your free space to Engrave much smaller! Look at your ring to see how much available space you have. It’ll give you a good idea for how long your quote or words can be.

Get it Sized FIRST!

And here’s a BIG thing to keep in mind when doing Ring Engraving: Get the Rings Sized and Fitted First! If the rings don’t fit perfectly to begin with, all that lovely Engraving work is Ruined! They’ll have to Erase the Engraving, Size the Ring, then re-engrave it again. That thins out your Shank and puts a lot of Wear and Tear on the Mounting. Get the rings sized first!

Now onto the Engravings…

I recommend a Few Short Words. Maybe a Tiny Sentence. No one wants to read a book!

Plus most Jewelers can only engrave a couple of words anyway. Most engraving machines are old and out-dated and won’t allow much leeway. Jewelers with modern Laser Engravers can engrave anything and do wonders with text and designs.

If you have the opportunity to get it Laser Engraved, I would jump on it. Laser Engravings are Crisp, Clean and always Perfect!

So what is the best type of Ring Engravings Quote to get?

Now that you know what types of Rings can be Engraved, let’s look at some of the best Engravings to get engraved on rings…

Great Examples

Below are Examples of Engravings, some Odd, some Fun, but all Interesting to say the least. They are a mix of Quotes, Sayings, Poetry and Cheesy Ideas.

Use them as a starting point and come up with ones you like.

And if you want me to add to the list… Drop me a note!

P.S. You don’t want to do this at the Jeweler!

The last thing you want to do, is to stand there at the Jewelry Counter for a 1/2 hour looking at the ring like a dummy, because you have no idea what you want it to say.

Figure out what you want first!

Once you have a bunch of ideas written down, (Don’t leave Spelling up to the Jeweler either!) go to your local Jeweler and see what can actually fit on the ring.

Every ring is different! (Make sure you take the ring with you!) The Jeweler should be able to make some accurate predictions on space and requirements after looking at the shank.

From there you can whittle it down and ultimately have your ring engraved. Engraving prices usually are included in the sale of the ring, or at worst, very minimal! (A dollar or two for each letter is average!)

So here we go…

Whether it be Classic, Cute, Romantic, Cheesy, Silly or Sexy, these Engravings and quotes should get your started!

The Best Ring Engravings!

  • Oct. 4th 2008 (Your Wedding Date!)
  • Lois + Clark (Names or Initials!)
  • Together Forever!
  • I Love You Honey Buns!
  • With Love – Nathan
  • Hugs & Kisses! (or XOXOXO!)
  • United As One!
  • You Are So Beautiful!
  • Love Is All We Have!
  • I’m Always Here For You!
  • Believe In Me!
  • Are You Happy Now?
  • Past, Present, Future!
  • Better Than Chocolate!
  • You Are My Pookie Bear!
  • To The Moon & Back!
  • Let’s Make Happy Memories!
  • Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • Sucker!
  • Sylvester & Tweety!
  • Hook, Line & Sinker!
  • Let’s Put The Fun In Together!
  • My Wish Came True!
  • Soulmates Forever!
  • You Complete Me!
  • Kiss Me You Fool!
  • I Can’t Live Without You!
  • Let The Journey Begin!
  • You Make My Heart Sing!
  • How Do I Love Thee…
  • Paradise Found!
  • Let’s Grow Old Together!
  • Give Me Smooches!
  • You Are My Sunshine!
  • You Are Mine Now!
  • You’re My Butthead!
  • You Had Me At Hello!
  • Karma Found Us!
  • Baby I’m Yours!
  • You’ll Always Be My Pooh!
  • I Love You More Than Ice Cream!
  • I’m In It For The Sex!
  • A Fairytale Come True!
  • My Heart Beats For You!

Some people want graphics engraved like Hearts or Smiley Faces or cute little things like:


(I Love You!) But most engravers can’t engrave anything beyond Letters and Numbers. Some can’t even engrave Dashes, Hyphens or Punctuation! It all depends on the machine they use and the age of the machine.

If you run into a Jeweler that has one of those new Modern Laser Engraving machines, you’re in luck. Laser’s work wonders and can do just about any engraving! I highly recommend it!

Choice of Lettering?

And while you’re thinking about getting your ring engraved, let me say a few words about fonts and lettering styles. Jewelers usually have about 5 or 6 different styles of lettering for you to choose from.

They may look Fun and Cool, but I usually advise against them!

When you’re dealing with such small letters, you’re going to want it easy to read. Script letters and Fancy Fonts have lots of Curved Lines and Swirling Trails that make words hard to read. You don’t want anyone to wonder what it is you meant to say.

“Does that say Hello or Jello???”

Plus Fancy Fonts take up more space than the Classic Block Letters. Block Letters are BEST! I say, always go with the Classic Fonts, they are neat, clean and easy to read!

So whether you go with your Wedding Date, a Romantic Saying, an Inside Joke, Initials, Nicknames, Your Song, a Bible Verse, Wedding Vows or just a Declaration of Love… Keep it personal, keep it light, and keep it fun! It’ll be there forever!


And what ever you do, keep the engraving a secret!

Don’t tell the other person what it is that you’re getting engraved. Let them find out on your special day.

It’ll give your rings more meaning and it’ll add a little more excitement to Cherish and Adore!

That little message of unity is a bond and a promise that you can never break!

Enjoy yours!

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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Jewelry Steam Cleaner
Complete Jewelry Cleaner Kit Diamond Dazzle Stick
Gold Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths Jewelry Making Supplies Kit
Gold Acid Test Kit Watch Tool Repair Kit
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