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Earring backs are such a shame…

A cheap shame.

People spend big bucks for diamond stud earrings, then 2 weeks later they lose them.

Why? Because of those cheap crappy earring backs that jewelers put on them.

You know the kind; the friction ones that push on and pull off? What a waste (I’m sure you’ve also had your earring backs go on sideways like the yellow gold ones in the picture). Cheap backs that won’t do you a bit of good. You might as well toss your earrings out in the yard right now. Because with those backs, they’re history!

Friction backs:

friction earring backs actually come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Anywhere from small, which are cheap and weak, to large, which are heavier and stronger. The small lightweight earring backs should be renamed “Going to lose me!” The medium ones; “Going to last 6 months!” And the heavy ones; “Going to try to stick around!

Normal friction push-on backs are the cheapest backs known to man. That’s why most jewelers and earring vendors push them… The heavier friction backs on the other hand, do work really well. They can actually last for years. I have a diamond earring stud with a heavy push-on back that I’ve had for 17 years now and I’ve only had to replace the back once.

Why do earring backs need to be replaced?

Because the metal posts and backs wear down over time. They lose their tension. Soon your earrings will droop, dangle, and drop down the drain. I would advise getting your earrings checked regularly at a jewelry store just to make sure they’re tight and secure.

Most people should do one thing once they buy a brand new pair of earrings… Switch the earring backs immediately.

Get durable ones put on. Especially if they are expensive earrings. A lot of people choose screw backs. Screw-back earrings are like a nut and bolt. The earring back actually screws down a threaded post. A Lot of women swear by these. I would think it would drive me nuts, because the earring backs would rotate and loosen by themselves. You’d always have to keep tightening them… Plus real screw-back earrings have a thicker post too that doesn’t feel so comfortable in the lobe. It’s thicker because it has threads running down the post.

And then there’s partial screw-back earrings:

Partial screw backs are a wimpy version of screw-back earrings.

These type of earring backs look like a normal earring back, but work a little different. The post is a normal sized post, which is thinner than a regular screw back, so it feels better in the ear.

The only part of the partial post that’s threaded is the top 25%.

How these work:

To work partial screw backs, you push the earring backs on the post like you would a regular friction back. Then to get them off, you actually have to unscrew them. These types of backs work great for some added protection. They are easier to operate and the full threads, and tend to keep the earrings in place. I still find that these type of backs always go on sideways though (like the lightweight friction back in the picture). Not good.

Better earring backs:

But there’s a better earring back than all of these. And these are locking backs. In my opinion, locking backs are the BEST earrings backs in the world. No lie. They are the safest, strongest and most secure earring backs money can buy. Locking backs are made by a bunch of different companies. They name these locking backs different things like: La Pousette & Protektor. Some may even call them Ear Nuts. Take a look at the pictures below:

Best Locking Earring Backs

Locking earring backs work because of tension. The first thing you’ll notice about locking backs is that the post has deep notches or grooves in it. That way the earring back will ‘SNAP‘ into place.

Special features of locking earring backs:

Taking a closer look at the locking back earring, you’ll see that the earrings have thin, little domed-shaped discs with a hole in it.

On that disc you’ll see two ribbed nubs that stick up. One on either side of the earring back.

When they’re pushed in you’ll see the hole in the center open up. Pushing these at the same time unlocks the earring back from the notched earring post. Those notches prevent the backs from sliding off the end. They hold it in place and unless you push both nubs at the same time, your earrings will never come off. That’s security.

You won’t lose them.

Plus what’s even better about these locking back earrings is the comfort level.

The domed discs feel nice and smooth on your lobes. And here’s an even better feature that many wouldn’t ever think about… If you are one of those people who has problems with your diamond studs drooping and pointing down, then by all means you need these types of locking backs. This is because you can push the flat discs all the way up the post and rest against the back of your ears. Doing this will hold your earrings snugly on your ears. It keeps them from drooping on the earlobe and looking down. Your earrings will be facing upwards and forward for everyone to see.

Are locking back earrings expensive?

Probably not any more than screw-back earrings. But the funny thing is, it’s a new technology that hasn’t been out long, so most people have never heard of them, or even know a better option exists.

Take my advice, if you have expensive diamond stud earrings and want to protect them and keep them in your ears and not in your vacuum, then buy locking back earrings today. I will say, they’re a little bit harder to hold and put on, it takes a bit of coordination to grasp the curved domed discs, but once you get used to them, you’ll love them and never regret it.

Your earrings will look better, fit better and stay in your ears where they belong. There you have it, the best earring backs money can buy… And that’s a post that won’t get lost.

If you wish to purchase locking backs for earrings, go HERE!


There’s a brand new back on the market now, that’s even BETTER


They’re called CHRYSMELA. And you can read all about them HERE!

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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

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  1. jeffrey Markoff // December 28, 2016 at 7:13 pm // Reply

    Cost of locking back earring clips gold or gold plated and silver please

  2. Aline Charlebois // April 9, 2022 at 11:49 am // Reply

    I have purchased the locking back dome earrings and unfortunately if you have arthritis these are very difficult to put on. There has got to be something better.

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