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Fake Tiffany Knock Offs

When people think of Jewelry, there’s one name that comes to mind…


Tiffany Jewelers has got to be the best well-known Jewelry Store on the face of the Earth.

They’ve led the industry in fresh trends and innovative designs since 1845. They are the ultimate Jewelry Store!

But that also inspires and creates tons of Knock-Offs and Look-a-Likes. Other Jewelers compete for the customer’s buck with Cheap Fakes and Frauds that resemble the real thing.

It’s not a surprise. It happens to all the big designer companies World wide. It’s just a fact of life.

Is the Tiffany Ring Real?

How are you to know if the Ring you’re buying is a Real Tiffany Ring or a Cheap Knock-Off? The seller says “It’s Real!” Should you trust them? How can you tell Genuine from a Fake? Let’s take a look…

The Tiffany 1837 Ring

One of the most famous Tiffany Rings is their “Tiffany 1837 Ring“. (See Picture) This ring is instantly Recognizable and very Distinct! It’s Clean, it’s Classy, it’s Simplistic, it’s a Work of Art! I love this Ring…

So I didn’t hesitate when I spotted their eye-catching Blue-Green Bags, Boxes and Sterling Silver Rings at a Flea Market in Maui. WOW! The first thing I thought of when I saw them was Tiffany! Their Trademarked Colors, Bags and Boxes are well known.

Tiffany in Hawaii?


I had to take a closer peek. The first Ring I saw is their famous 1837 Tiffany & Co Ring. (Listed as a Timeless Tiffany Favorite!) At first glance, it does look like Tiffany… Hmmm!

A lot of people are looking at them and buying them. Green Bags are flying off the shelves. Do these people not know these are Fake? Do they even care? They may be thinking to themselves “No one will ever know the difference!” But I assure you, they will!

Everything is Different!

In just a couple of seconds I spotted lots of differences between a Fake 1837 Rip-Off and a Real 1837 Tiffany Ring. Here they are:

  • The Font is different than the real Font used.
  • The Font Lines and edges are blotchy, blurry and not perfectly, crisp and clean.
  • The Spacing of the letters is different.
  • The engraving is uneven and not deep enough.
  • The 925 Stamp was thinner and wider.
  • The raised Stamp Section 925 was fat and blurry.
  • The Numbers were a different Font.
  • The Curve and Dip was more pronounced.
  • It had a 925 stamp inside the Ring. (Real doesn’t!)
  • There was no space between Tiffany &Co
  • There was no spaces between the inside lettering either. (It was all one word!)
  • The Font inside the ring was bigger and wider.
  • The entire Ring was at least 1mm Thicker.
  • The edges of the Ring were flat. (Not slightly curved.)
  • The inside read “©1997TiffanyAndCo.925” instead of “©1997 Tiffany Co.”
  • The Bag was more of a Green Color vs Blue-Green. (See image below)
  • The Price was insane!

Fake Tiffany Ring

So while the real Ring sells for $150 at Tiffany.com, the fake one sold for only $15.

Here’s the bottom line:

These Fake Knock-Offs won’t fool anyone. They won’t last as long. They’ll look like junk in just a couple of months. Their shine will fade in a heart-beat. The Rich Luster and Patina (Surface Shine) from Tiffany’s Sterling Silver Rings and Jewelry is priceless and beautiful! There is no comparison.

But HOW do you know for sure?

There’s only one true way of knowing if the Tiffany Jewelry you bought is “Real” or “Fake“. Buy it from Tiffany! They’re the only ones that sell true Tiffany Jewelry.

All the others are Imposters, Imitations, Cheap, Fake, Fraud, and Rip-Offs!

Fake Tiffany Jewelry

If you want a ring that’s well built and finely crafted. Where the lettering is crisp and perfect and the Trademark is real.

Buy it from Tiffany & Co.

And the next time you’re on Vacation and you see that street vendor pushing Tiffany Rings…

Just walk away!

You ain’t no fool!

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