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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy

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Gemstone Birthstone Meanings

Not only do the 12 Months of the Year have their own Birthstones, but did you know, they also have their own individual Meanings as well?

In fact, some Birthstones have not one, not two, but some up to 6, 7, 8 and even 11 Meanings?

That’s crazy!

Why so many meanings?

Because of Time and Centuries, Cultures and Countries all rolled up together as one! Gemstones and Birthstones have gone through quite a lot of Lore and Legend. Their Fascination and Beliefs have transcended generations and blurred the actual meanings to include other Insights and Intuitions.

For example, as time went by, Success boiled over into other areas, like: Marriage, Family, Fame & Passion! Eras made the Meanings take on different perspectives and perceptions!

The interpretations are still connected and linked, but now offer more broad, more open suggestions, and more accepting, modern meanings. (Doesn’t June say something about text messaging?)

So here you go, the Meanings of the Birthstones, Gemstones, Birthdays and Months! Some more, some less, but definitely covered! Jan. – Dec. The meanings start here!

Birthstone Meanings

January – Consistency, Endurance, Creativity, Patience, Perseverance, Good Health

February – Sincerity, Intuition, Motivation, Security, Peace of Mind, Sobriety

March – Courage, Creativity, Health, Perception, Hope, Beauty, Honesty, Loyalty, Friendliness, Love

April – Innocence, Eternity, Courage, Health, Purity, Invincibility, Good Fortune, Love, Strength

May – Love, Success, Happiness, Goodness, Faith, Courage, Foresight

June – Faith, Charity, Innocence, Health, Peace, Tranquility, Longevity, Prosperity, Purity, Wholesomeness

July – Nobility, Contentment, Love, Enthusiasm, Strength, Success, Devotion, Integrity, Harmony

August – Success, Peace, Married Happiness, Luck, Courage, Fame, Dignity, Protection, Passion, Family Happiness

September – Clear Thinking, Wisdom, Serenity, Purity, Truth, Faith, Love, Mercy, Victory, Foresight

October – Hope, Purity, Health, Innocence, Happiness, Truth, Friendship, Emotion

November – Courage, Fidelity, Wisdom, Strength, Serenity, Providence, Good Luck, Friendship

December – Success, Love, Luck, Fortune, Happiness, Prosperity, Piety, Courage, Harmony, Contentment

So there you have it. The Biggest, Best List on the internet for Birthstone Meanings!

Fortune Tellers

What you can do with all this Birthstone Meanings information is up to you. I know that Fortune Tellers and Mediums use these Meanings in their Tarot Card Readings and their Psychic Abilities! The opportunity to create ideas and stories from these Meanings may help you reveal secret desires and hidden talents? (Better Get out your Crystal Ball!)

For all we know, they may set you on a brand new adventure, and lead you to interesting paths and forks in the road??? You just never know!

People truly believe in these Meanings and what their Months represent. Some believe they are extremely accurate and dead on. Others could care less! Is October really Innocent?

Whether or not they show you the way, show you who you really are, or who you really should be, it’s all for you to decide. Doesn’t Invincibility sound like a Super Hero attribute? Lucky you!

So with that, I think I’ll take a little Creative license and close this blog with Happiness and Clear Thinking!

Now if only I could get a hold of that Fortune & Glory, I’d be all set!

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