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1 Cent Wedding Bands

A Penny Saved…

Can actually buy you a wedding band.

Fancy that!

It’s men’s wedding rings that are literally just 1¢. 1 Penny. 1 Cent…


Okay, you do have to pay a small shipping charge, but still it’s a penny. Things don’t get cheaper than that.

And these are the exact same types of rings that you can find in jewelry stores selling for $50-$100.

The Same Rings!

Take a peek…

Cheap Wedding Bands for 1 Penny

See what I mean…

The rings really are the same. And even with shipping charges of up to ten bucks… It’s still ULTRA-CHEAP!

You can’t beat that!

A few bucks for a well crafted men’s band made out of Stainless Steel, Tungsten, Ceramic, Titanium and more…

They’re Perfect!

Men love all these durable, stylish bands for the ring finger, or ANY FINGER! (Wear one on your thumb!) They work for any purpose, any personality, and now… ANY PRICE RANGE! They’re creative, classy, charming, and one cent!


See all the very cool wedding bands here at Amazon!

Cheers! :)

2 Comments on 1 CENT WEDDING BANDS

  1. Outstanding! A great idea for couples on a tight budget, especially if you can find bands you both like, and come in the right sizes. Then, you’ve got durable bands for BOTH of you, especially in the case of folks with minimal style requirements, who want straight-up, no nonsense, no-stone type bands.

    Two things – be absolutely positive of your size before ordering, as these “alternative metal” rings cannot be sized.

    And secondly, anything that says it’s “plated,” or “coated” with another color, such as yellow, rose, or black, is likely going to lose that color coating eventually. Then you end up with whatever base color is underneath. If you want to be safe, stick with something that remains the color of the original metal, such as stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, etc. Doesnt apply of course to ceramic or anodized bands. Those are permanent coloration.

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