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Gemstones as an Engagement Ring

It doesn’t happen that often, but every now and then I have Ladies asking me about wearing a Gemstone as their Engagement Ring.

Now some Women are only thinking about using Gemstones as the side stones, but there are others who actually want to use a Gemstone as their Center Stone!

Center Stone Gem?

Their Engagement Ring would be a beautiful Colored Stone Ring. (See Picture!) (Guys are happy with this, because they don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get engaged!)

But the real question is:

Do Gems make Great Engagement Rings?

Is there any reason why you have to get a Diamond? What’s the deal? Let’s find out…

First of all, since Diamonds are the norm, we’ll take a quick look at them. Diamonds are the ultimate, because they DO last forever. They are extremely durable. And they do stand for Eternity, Purity & Love! They are the perfect stone for any Engagement Ring. (They make a strong case!) But then…

What about Gemstones?

Won’t Gems work as well?

Gemstones are not as durable as most would think. Some gems are better than others, like Sapphires and Rubies! Some are not, like Emeralds and Tanzanites! So when one considers a Gemstone as a Solitaire or Engagement Ring, Durability is top of the list. (Among other things!)

Gemstones Crack

If the Gemstone isn’t durable, it’ll Chip, Crack, Dull up, and Show Scratches. The edges of your Stone will Round Off and lose its Beautiful, Crisp Clean, Knife-Edge. The Girdles will Chip and Crack. The Stone may even bust totally out of the Mounting.

Gems Lose Color

Not to mention the fact that Gems could even lose Color. Why? Because a lot of Gemstones have been heat-treated to enhance Color. Stones like that will fade over time. Plus, it may be hard to clean it as well because some Gemstones can’t even be put in Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners! That’s something to think about!

I’ve even had people inquire about Softer Gemstones like Amethyst, Citrine and Aquamarine.

Here’s my Advice:

Don’t do it! Gemstones are weak and over the course of a lifetime, they just won’t last!

Sapphire and Rubies

If you simply must have a Gemstone instead of a Diamond, then there are only two Gemstones that I’d recommend: Sapphire or Ruby!

Sapphire and Ruby are the next most durable Gemstones underneath a Diamond. They are a 9 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness! Diamond is a 10, but it’s actually 10 times more durable than Ruby or Sapphire! That’s quite a difference!

Rubies and Sapphires are Precious Stones that are Stunning, and more than likely, WILL last you a lifetime. Granted, they will show signs of wear and tear like I described earlier… (Everything other than a Diamond will!) But just not as quickly as the rest of the Gemstone bunch.

Diamonds on the other hand, will look brand new forever. (P.S. Diamonds are also a Gemstone. Some people tend to forget this!)

I’ve seen some folks put a Sapphire in an Engagement ring as the center stone, and I’ll have to admit, it looked awesome! The Lady then added Diamonds in the Wedding Band and it created a wonderful Gemstone and Diamond Wedding Set!

Do what you like!

If you really want to put a Gemstone in, then do it! Who cares what Tradition says? Who says you can’t wear a Gemstone as your Solitaire? I say wear it and be proud of it. As long as you know, that it’s not as durable as a Diamond, and it may Chip or Crack, (But so can Diamonds!) and you may have to replace it at some point in your life… If that’s that you want, go for it!

Gemstones add Drama, Color and Pizzazz to any Ring! The only downfall is the fact that they’re vulnerable. It would be a sad day to bust your Emerald and have to buy a new one. Which brings me to my next great point…

Make sure you get it Insured!

If it breaks, you’re covered!

Granted, it’s still a much better decision to get a Diamond as the center Solitaire, and get your lovely little Gemstones as the side stones, but it’s your Ring. Just give it a lot of thought first!

Gemstones add the color and impact that a lot of people desire. If it was me, I’d desire peace of mind that it would last a lifetime. But it’s your choice! If you choose Watermelon Tourmaline as your Gemstone, then Cherish and Enjoy it… It may not last long!

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