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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy

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Silicone Wedding Bands for an Active Life Style


Who needs gold, platinum, tungsten, titanium or steel, when you have silicone.


A silicone wedding ring almost sounds like a joke at first… I mean, for a wedding ring?

But the truth is, yes, it’s not only a real thing, but it’s actually quite popular.

Who are they made for?

They are made for the individual that’s active; men or women, it’s all the same. These bands are excellent because they give. They move, they flex, twist and pull with your hands and fingers. They are durable as well. Being light weight and soft, you’ll feel like you’re not even wearing a ring (bonus).

Unlike metal bands that dig into your skin, get caught, pinch, bend and break, these active lifestyle rings go where you go.

Where can you wear them?

Everywhere! Wear them paddling, rock climbing, weight lifting, swimming, any kind of sports, hiking, repelling, scaling, diving, running, snorkeling, gardening, spelunking, you name it, they allow you to play and never take them off.

Can’t wear a ring to work?

A lot of occupations won’t allow a “metal” ring on the job. That’s where silicone excels. Seriously!

They’re ideal for the gym, perfect for mechanics, military, pilots, electricians, construction workers, fire fighters, athletes, campers…. anyone who has a physically demanding job. A normal ring would get in the way…. But not silicone.

Silicone rings are fun, comfortable and they fit like a glove.

It’s not shocking…

Made of 100% premium silicone, they are non-conductive, safe, and can be worn around high-voltage equipment.

If you work with your hands, you need a ring like this.

No more going without a wedding band (looking “single“). No more removing your ring while you work out (or getting it lost).

These bands are tough, medical grade material that is fully capable of withstanding punishment. They’re FDA approved, hypoallergenic, food grade silicone that’s waterproof, non-porous, and quality guaranteed with a full one year warranty.

You’ll love it!

They look stylish, young, hip, modern and cool.

They come in many different colors (orange, white, black, gray, pink, purple, blue, green, teal) and are super easy to clean.

And the really, really awesome thing about them:

The breaking point.

If you do get them caught, you won’t have to worry about it ripping your finger off, because these bands are designed to break away after passing the 172N pressure point (tensile strength – 40lbs), so there’s no danger for you or your finger.

(And if you break it, who cares, it’s inexpensive to replace. – Usually under $20!!!)

These bands will stretch with your finger and not cut off your circulation either. They’re perfect not only for active people, but if you’re pregnant, have diabetes, or your finger swells during the day. You’ll have no problems wearing a ring like this.

It won’t get stuck.

It really is that superb.

So live the life you dream of, and still wear your wedding ring.

(As one customer said “My wife wants me to always wear a wedding ring, which is understandable because I am fairly attractive…”


Enough said.

Why go without?

You can order these wonderful bands in ring sizes 8-16 (for the most part), and they do vary in MM sizes as well.

You’ll find bands with pin stripes (two-tone), bands with camouflage (which I love), celtic designs, and even some with rhinestones set in the ring.

How cool is that?

Take a peek at some of the amazing styles selling on Amazon today:

Where to Buy Silicone Wedding Bands Styles Designs and Colors

Order a band, or two, or three… They’re pretty cheap.

Buy a ring and jump into life today.

Get off the couch… Let’s go outside.

Cheers! :)

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