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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Diamond Engagement Ring Wraps Inserts and Jackets

Wraps, jackets and what?

Wraps, jackets and inserts are all names for different styles of wedding rings.

These rings are specifically made to fit up against a diamond solitaire ring, like the Tiffany style engagement ring (pictured below).

Wraps and jackets are the same thing. Jewelers call them one name or the other, but it’s the same style of band. A wrap, guard, or a jacket is basically a ring that wraps around your engagement ring or ‘jackets‘ the solitaire diamond.

Many different styles:

These rings come in many great styles like plain gold, accented with diamonds or gemstones, two-tone versions… (see some cool wrap, guard, insert, jackets here). There’s a wide variety that is sure to please everyone. It all comes down to preference and opinion.

I think that something simple is the best way to go. A simple wrap doesn’t take away from the solitaire and that’s a good thing. You want your diamond to remain the centerpiece, the focal point.

Stay away from wraps that are large and gaudy. They may overpower your diamond, lose it in the setting, and make it look small and insignificant. A simple, classy and elegant wrap is always a wise choice.

Channel setting:

Solitaire Wrap!I love channel set diamonds the most, especially channel set baguettes (baguette cut diamonds are long, skinny cuts of diamonds, see left). They are the perfect look. But then again, anything with channels works well in my book. Channel setting (no prongs) creates a low profile that won’t get caught on clothing and sweaters and gives your rings a nice, clean appearance.

Some people also have gemstones in the wrap. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are among the best gems to use because they are durable and hold up well. They also look different and add color to your set which tends to stand out well and get noticed.

Two-tone mountings:

Two-tone mountings (both yellow gold and white gold – like the rings in the pictures) are wonderful. You can wear them with any type of jewelry and any color of gold or metal. They are stylish, trendy and fashionable.

Jackets and wraps come in so many different styles and designs; thousands of them. Some are balanced with the same amount of stones on each side. Some are only wrapped half way around one side. Some are just plain gold with no stones. They are all pretty popular. One of my favorites is the trilliant wrap (or trillion wrap). It’s a wrap that has two triangular shaped diamonds, one on either side of the center stone. It’s wonderful for a marquise diamond. Works perfect. It looks like one big blur of diamond. Very stunning.


Diamond inserts are a whole different style of ring. Inserts are actually 2 rings held together by gold bars on the bottom of the ring (see picture at top of page). A Tiffany style ring slides down in between these rings to form one big look. They help hold your engagement ring in place.

The bad thing about inserts is that most of them look huge and gaudy. They also fit wider across the finger and some women nay find them uncomfortable. I’ve never liked inserts very much myself because I think they detract from the main stone. But a lot of women love them, and love how they look with longer shaped diamonds (like the marquise cut or pear cut diamond). No matter what, you’ll have to try them on and see for yourself.

Be careful of the prongs:

Prongs snag everything!

So be careful when purchasing wraps or jackets that have lots of diamonds and lots of prongs. They will catch, snag and break off easily. And if you break a prong off, chances are, you’ll lose your stone as well. That’s why I recommend channel set diamonds so much. They look great, work good, are durable, and will save you money in the long run because you won’t have to get the prongs retipped. Bonus!

How to wear a wrap:

When you wear wraps or jackets, wear the wrap closest to your hand (which is closest to your heart). The wrap is considered the wedding band and goes on the finger first.

And speaking of weddings… I advise getting these rings soldered before the wedding. That way you’re not fooling around at the altar trying to hook or insert these rings together. Some rings are simple to hook, but others fold over the solitaire like a puzzle and lock into place. Not something you want to find out with sweaty, nervous hands and a thousand eyes watching you.

Whatever your style, whatever you decide, it really comes down to your taste, your personality, the size of your diamond and the shape of your diamond. They all play an important role in choosing the perfect wrap. Try them on, have fun with them, see what works best with your stone.

You can’t go wrong:

With wraps, guards, jackets, inserts, diamonds, gold, gemstones or two-tone mountings, you really can’t go wrong.

They all create a brand new look for your solitaire.

And with that, I’ll call this a wrap. :)

Get your wraps, guards, inserts, and jackets here.

Cheers! :)

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