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Whats a Promise Ring?

What Exactly is a Promise Ring?

You hear people talk about them, but do you really know what they are?

Lots of young couples are interested in these so called Promise Rings.

Some people even call them Friendship Rings.

But they all mean about the same thing…

A Promise!

Promise Rings are a Sign of Commitment between 2 people… Usually young people that can’t afford a Real Engagement Ring. These Promise Rings are basically saying “I Promise to be United and Committed to you!” Whether it be in Lust, Love or just a Very Strong Friendship.

It’s a Bond!

Normally the Ring holds a Diamond Solitaire. (see picture) A Small Single Diamond on a White Gold or Yellow Gold Band. It’s a Mini-Me Engagement Ring. A Small Token of Love. Now it may be just Crazy Infatuation, but that Diamond is a Serious Connection between 2 people. That’s as Real as any Engagement Ring is.

Is that a Diamond?

Most Promise Rings hold a Very Tiny Diamond. Normally just a Couple of Points, .03-.10, but after all, it’s not the Size that matters here, it’s the Meaning.

Just the Fact that it’s a Real Diamond is enough! It really doesn’t matter if you need a Magnifying Glass or Jeweler’s Loupe to see it!

Promise Ring Prices

Now prices on these Promise Rings or Friendship Rings may vary, but I would suggest spending no more than $150!

Even though I have seen some spend up to $400 for them. It just depends on the Size of the Diamond you get and the Quality.

But keep in mind, a Diamond that Small is Hard to see. Which means, it’ll be even Harder to Tell the Difference between High Quality and Low Quality. Tiny Flaws are going to be pretty much Invisible.

Even with a Microscope it’s still hard to see any Inclusions or Imperfections in Diamonds that Small.

Quality is NOT an Issue!

So as far as Quality goes, I don’t think it’s a big issue here. Just get something that looks Beautiful and you’ll be fine. (For an Engagement Ring, that’s a whole other story!)

All in all, don’t spend an Arm and a Leg. Get something Nice and Cute. It’s the Perfect way to Strengthen a Relationship. And that’s a Promise you can keep!

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