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Different Types Of Diamond Laser Inscriptions

Diamonds can be Inscribed or Engraved to say just about anything.

Most are known for having the Diamond Report number lasered right onto the edge of the stone (the Girdle).

Diamond Report Numbers link that specific Diamond to the Actual Laminated Diamond Report (or Certificate) that the Grading Company gives you.

Let’s take a look at some…


GIA is the Gemological Institute of America. They are the best in the business and you’ll find their laser inscribed Diamonds in just about every Jewelry Store there is.

Keep in mind, just because a Diamond comes with a Diamond Report, does not necessarily mean that the Diamond is also Laser Inscribed. The Jeweler has to ask for the Diamond to be Laser Inscribed when it’s sent in for Diamond Grading. GIA’s inscriptions start with the initials GIA, followed by an 8 digit set of numbers that corresponds to the report number listed on the actual report. Like so:

GIA 11720127

You may need a microscope to view these tiny little numbers (like 10x or 30x), but they should look something like this…

GIA Laser Inscribed Diamond


AGS is the American Gem Society. They engrave their Diamonds with 4 letters followed by 7 numbers like so…

AGSL 6001527

If you scope the Girdle of your Diamond (you may have to turn it a couple of times to locate it), you should see something similar to the image below…

AGS Laser Inscribed Diamond

Every set of numbers is different and unique and should match the set of numbers listed on the report. You should never see just a set of numbers without any initials showing what company put out the report.


EGL is the European Gemological Laboratory, and they engrave their Diamonds with something like this:

EGL US TE240277101

The US stands for USA, showing it was engraved at one of their US locations, like so…

EGL Laser Inscribed Diamond


IGI is the International Gemological Institute. They list their initials and a set of numbers on their certified stones like so:

IGI M1F55848

IGI Laser Inscribed Diamond

Natalie K

Natalie K is a big designer of Engagement Rings and they engrave their Diamonds similar to the inscription shown below…


Grab a 10x Jewelers Loupe or a Microscope and view these sharp and perfect engravings…

Natalie K Laser Inscribed Diamond


DCLA are wholesale Diamond Imports that independently certify Diamonds. They laser inscribe their stones like so:

DCLA 145279

One thing you should note about Inscriptions is the fact that they are very hard to see. Sometimes the mounting is covering up these tiny numbers and you may have to have the Jeweler rotate the stone in the head just to see the etchings.

DCLA Laser Inscribed Diamond

There are tons and tons of different Jewelers, Wholesalers, Diamond Cutters, Importers, Manufacturers and Message Inscriptions out there. Countless, as shown below in the examples

HRD Antwerp Certified 21436587109

NWT – 1682

CAN – 1762291

Marry Me

I Heart You

Forever Yours

The point is, you can get anything and everything engraved on the side of a Diamond. Some Jewelers allow you to put your own personal message there:

You Are My Pookie Bear!

The main reason for Laser Inscription is just to identify the stone with the actual Diamond Report.

This verifies that the Diamond you’re looking at, is in fact, the exact Diamond listed on the report.

It’s Peace of Mind! I highly recommend buying a stone that’s laser inscribed.

It Protects YOU and your INVESTMENT!

When you take your Diamond into a Jeweler to get your Ring Sized, Polished or Repaired, scope your Laser Inscription BEFORE you hand it off to them. Use their Microscope so you can both see the etching. And when you pick it back up again from the Jeweler, view the Inscription once again to verify that you’re getting your Diamond back.

It’s the easiest and quickest way to Prevent Diamond Switching!

You can get fancy with a message of love or forever yours, but the real purpose is to match your stone with your report.

What Reports do I Recommend?

Out of all the tons and tons of Diamond Reports that you can get, I mainly only recommend 2 of them: GIA and AGS!

These two are the top of the line and the best in the business. Their Reports are highly accurate and very strict. You can’t get better than them.

You can tell if the stone is Laser Inscribed just by looking at the actual Diamond Report. It will list right on the certificate if it’s been Laser Inscribed as shown below…

Laser Inscription On Diamond

Or, you could just ask the salesperson to see a “GIA Laser Inscribed Diamond“.

That was easy! :)

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