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Mens Engagement Rings

Congrats to Ed Sheeran for getting an engagement ring from Cherry Seaborn

Wait, WHAT?

A man getting an engagement ring???

Times have definitely changed, and the modern era is paving a new path. Engagement rings for men is kind of like a promise ring, but stronger.

Fully Committed!

Ed was quoted as saying “I never saw why men didn’t wear engagement rings. It’s the same commitment either way. Cherry made it for me herself out of silver clay. I really like it, I haven’t told anyone that, either.”

How Cool!

Ed makes it cool (because he’s a cool cat) And I’m assuming that “silver clay” is probably silver colored “polymer clay, which many DIY Etsy artists use to create all kinds of jewelry, pendants, rings… It’s pretty endless what you can mold.

(Get your own polymer clay jewelry kit HERE!)

Worn on the same hand as the wedding band (the 4th finger of the left hand), it begs the ultimate question:

What’s a Man’s Engagement Ring?

Well, to be truthful, it’s just a common wedding band. Short and sweet. There is nothing magical or different about it. It’s a common band that you can find in any jewelry store or online (like Amazon here, selling from $1 and up).

What makes it different is your approach. Your attitude about the ring. Your desire to make your commitment known (take you off the market).

Take a peek at some of the coolest wedding bands below:

Mens Engagement Rings

But there are a few tips that I can give you to make your engagement ring something special

1) Try something different

Don’t be afraid to wear a new metal (tungsten, titanium, rose gold, steel…), a different color (blue, red, black…), or one that glows-in-the-dark (like these ultra-hip mood rings here). How about ceramic? Wood? Even silicone rubber rings (as shown below)?

Mens Silicone Engagement Rings

2) Get Matching Couples Rings

These are a very modern and fun way to go (p.s. you can also get matching pendants too). Matching bands, his and hers (or hers & hers, his & his), that really stand out in a crowd and get noticed.

Matching Couples His Hers Wedding Bands

3) Buy a Silicone and Tungsten Ring Set

These sets are awesome. It’s a two-fer. You get both a silicone ring, and a tungsten ring as well. You can wear one for the engagement, one for the wedding, or just swap them out as many physically active people do. It’s a wonderful combo jewelry set to own. And, they make three different versions:

Mens Silicone And Wedding Ring Set

4) Buy One Ring, Buy Two!

Some people buy an engagement ring that gets used for the engagement. Then this same ring gets used as the wedding band after the ceremony. But nothing says you can’t have two rings. Buy a unique engagement ring that you can switch over to your other hand once you change your Facebook status. Two rings are twice as visible, and twice as nice.

5) Keep the Engagement Ring as a Back up

You can also put the engagement ring aside, and use it as a backup in case you lose your wedding band (you’d be surprised how often that happens). That way, you’ll never be without a ring (unless you leave that one on the sink in the airport bathroom)…

6) Buy 2 Thinner Bands

Wear BOTH rings together; the engagement ring and the wedding band. And you can do this if you buy the rings thin enough to stack (stacking rings are widely popular right now). Stick with 3mm or 4mm each (which becomes 6mm and 8mm once put together). You can mix and match colors, metals, designs… It’s a great way to truly be different (And you can also get them soldered together as one after the wedding).

Mens 3 4mm Wedding Bands

You can also changes things up with a 5mm or 6mm wedding band, and a 1mm wedding band too. Nothing says the rings have to be the same width.

7) Get Custom Engraved Bands

Get personal. Get yourself rings that have your names, wedding date, anniversary date, pet names, symbols, anything you desire, etched into the band (inside or outside). You can also check into getting your own heartbeat rhythm carved in the metal, or having your own fingerprints made (see below). It’s as individual as you can get.

Custom Wedding Engraved Rings

8) Leave an Imprint

You can also leave a huge imprint on your man… They’re “Imprint Rings“, and they actually do leave an impression on his finger. For they make rings that have protruding letters inside the shank of the ring. And when worn, these actually leave an impression on the skin. So if he removes his band, for any reason, people will be able to see and read whatever the imprint was. And you can have a custom ring made with words like: Engaged, Taken, Married, or put Symbols on it, like the heart shown on the imprint ring below…)

Rings That Leave An Imprint On The Finger

Or just be like Cherry, and make a ring yourself.

And that’s how you give a man an engagement ring…

And that’s what makes Ed sing.


Check out ALL the men’s engagement/wedding rings HERE!

Cheers! :)

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  1. I like you blog, I’m already a follower. I think chains and bracelets are cool and all but one accessory that is cooler are the rings. Whether you’re a man or a women a ring on your finger really makes you shine.

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