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Whose Gemstones Birthstones Go in Mothers Rings?

Whose Gemstones?

Here’s the Funny Thing about Mother’s Rings

People never know what or whose Birthstones or Gemstones to put in them.

People know what Birthstones are (Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine…), but WHOSE Stones should you actually put in the Ring?

It’s always a Big Debate

Should you put in the Kid’s Birthstones, Parents, Grandparents?

What about the Step Sisters? Step Mothers? Aunts… The list goes on and on.

This is what I’m going to Clear up Today…

I like to Split these into 2 Separate Categories:

Mother’s Rings and Family Rings

Mother’s Rings

Mother’s Rings are the Most Common Type of Ring (Like these Mother’s Rings HERE!). They will Generally always carry just the Children’s Birthstones (To see all the Birthstones and Months Read: Birthstone Months)

Some people like to Arrange these Birthstones by Age, some by Gender, some by Color.

There is no Right or Wrong

Some Mothers use just one Birthstone if 2 Kids happen to be Born in the Same Month, others like to use Matching Gems.

No matter how it all works out, Mother’s Rings are Rings Full of all their Kid’s Birthstones or Gemstones for the Month they were Born in.

Usually it’s the Dad that takes the Kids Shopping and Helps them Pick out these Types of Rings for a Mother’s Day Present.

Family Rings

Family Rings are the Exact Same Type of Ring as a Mother’s Ring. The only Difference is what you call them. These Types of Rings are usually Bought by the Mothers and Incorporates More Family Member’s Birthstones in them.

Some include the Mom’s and Dad’s Birthstones along with the Kids. This makes it a Family Ring.

Some people like to Extend the Ring to include the Grandparents, Step Sisters, Aunts, Uncles and even the Nannys into the Ring. There really are No Limits to who you can include.

The point is, it’s your Special Ring and you can do whatever you want with it and include whoever you choose.

Things to consider

Keep in mind that the More Stones you Add, the more the Ring will Ultimately Cost.

And not only will the Ring Cost you More upfront, but it will also Cost you More in Maintenance and Repairs later. Things like Prong Tightenings, Retippings and Polishings can really get Expensive. The more Stones you have, the more Prongs you’ll have that can get Caught, Snag, Break off and Wear Down. Not to Mention the Fact that Rings with Tons of Prongs and Stones tend to look Gaudy and sightly and may not Match the rest of your Jewelry.

Buy the Warranty!

Make sure whatever Ring you decide on, that you also Purchase an Service Plan (If the Store has one) or some kind of Warranty on the Ring. That way Repairs can Covered at No Charge to you… or a Minimum Charge at that. Rings like this need these Types of Plans. Don’t Forget them. You’ll be Glad you Bought one.

Final Word

Less is Better!

Keep it Simple, Clean and it will usually look more Elegant and be Cheaper as well. You can’t go Wrong with that.

Mother’s Rings and Family Rings come in Thousands of Different Shapes, Styles and Metals. You can even get your Kid’s Names Engraved Right on the Ring (like in the picture above). And if you ask me what type of Gems to use, I always say use Genuine Faceted Stones. They look the Best and give you the Most Sparkle!

Read: Best Type of Mother’s Ring Gemstones

No matter what you use or what you do, Enjoy it.

You have to Wear it and Show it off. Whether it be just your Kid’s Stones or the Entire Family Tree

There are No Rules

Just Creativity! :)

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