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Free Plastic Ring Sizers and Finger Sizing Tools

There are plenty of ways to size your finger so you know what your correct ring size is.

The BEST way is to simply swing into your local Jewelry Store and have them professionally size it.

It just takes a minute or two. Jewelers generally have Multiple Finger Sizers in different widths and thicknesses based upon the type and style of ring you purchase (Thin, Tapered, Domed…).

But if you can’t get into a Jeweler, or you’re ordering a Ring Online, then what?

What alternatives are there?

Size your Finger yourself!

Many Stores online have printable PDF sheets that you can download, print and use to gain accurate measurements.

Like mine for example, I have a sizer and it’s FREE! My sizer chart has multiple ways to size your finger and it’s the most ACCURATE paper sizer chart there is.

Take a peek…
Free Ring Size Chart

But did you know that there are better sizers and solutions?

Plastic Ring Sizers!

Plastic Finger Sizers make sizing your finger a breeze!

You simply wrap the device around your ringer, slide the end of the sizer through the open slot and pull it snug on your ring finger (don’t cut off your circulation).

Where the ruler falls in the slot will tell you what your accurate ring size is.

Like the guide below shows you my finger size is a size 8.

How To Use A Plastic Ring Sizer

Using a Finger Sizer like this can allow you to order a ring online and correctly have it fitted when it arrives! That’s sweet!

Keep in mind a couple of things:

  • If the ring you’re buying is Wide, order 1/2 size larger
  • If the ring is Tapered (wide at the top and narrow on the bottom), order 1/4 size larger
  • If the ring is Thin, or Top-Heavy (like a Large Diamond Solitaire), then keep the sizer snug and order what it says without enlarging

If in doubt, head to the Jeweler and have them size it just to be sure!

P.S. There are other types of Ring Sizers as well. Like Carved Creations has a Cardboard Cutout that you can order for free (it comes in their brochure). You just pop the holes out and slip your finger through. Take a look…

Carved Creations Ring Sizer

I will say though, in my experience, these types of sizers are not so accurate, nor efficient to use. It’s hard to slip that cardboard onto your finger. It just doesn’t work too well…

I would advise sticking with the Plastic bendable finger sizers instead!

Where do you get Plastic Ring Finger Sizers?

Plenty of Jewelers online give them away for FREE (After all, they are striving for your business)! All you have to do is fill out their form (usually asking your name and shipping address) and they’ll send it right out… no questions asked!

Easy as That!

Here’s an example… James Allen has a FREE Plastic Finger Sizer that you can order that looks like this…

Free James Allen Plastic Ring Sizer

Blue Nile Has One Too…

Blue Nile used to have the same type of Plastic Ring Sizer. I know, I ordered one…

Free Blue Nile Plastic Ring Sizer

But it seems, after going to their page to link to, they have changed the type of sizers that they use. It appears to be a cut-out sizer instead, and it does look like it’s plastic, but it’s too hard to tell from the little picture. No matter, it’s FREE and available with some simple info…

Free Blue Nile Ring Sizer

30 Free Finger Sizers (by Mail)

Here’s a list of Free Plastic Ring Sizers that I found online with different Jewelers. Enjoy!

Do Note:

Some of these Jewelers may not send out free sizers anymore, or they may not even be in business. Plus, some may only offer these Free Sizers for US citizens or AU residents, depending on where you live. I did a Google Search to locate all the free places I could find. Surely, there’s certainly enough places to get a free sizer or two. :)

AND Also Note…

If you measure your finger and get the size WRONG, the company you ordered it from will probably re-size the ring, but it generally WON’T BE FREE! There will usually be a re-size fee.

That’s why I say, if you have any doubts as to the size of your finger, don’t order it yet. Swing into your local Jewelry Store and get their advice and sizing.

Plastic Ring Sizers work great and are normally free of charge, but if you have to pay to get your ring sized a second time, then it’s not such a good deal!

What is a Good Deal?

If you want a good deal. Check out my Diamond Crash Course. Not only will it teach you all about Diamonds and what to order, but you can also purchase the Package Deal which includes such things as a Polishing Cloth, Pocket Sized 4C’s Chart, and a Plastic Ring Sizer. As shown here…

Diamond Crash Course Plastic Ring Sizer

If you feel weird about requesting a Free Sizer from these Jewelers without buying anything, then don’t fret. You can also purchase these same Plastic Ring Sizer Gauges online at Amazon for just a couple of bucks!

That was easy! :)

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James Allen

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