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SI1 Clarity Diamonds

SI1 Clarity is by far one of the best Clarity Grades there is to purchase.

In fact, SI1 is the most popular Clarity Grade sold in Jewelry Stores today.

SI1 is not the Best Clarity there is, nor is it the lowest. SI1 sits somewhere in between and the results are awesome!

On the Diamond Clarity Chart as devised by GIA, SI falls below VS, VVS, IF and Flawless Clarity.

If you look at the chart below you’ll see there is only one Clarity Grade lower, and that’s I Clarity (but I Clarity does make up half of the market).

SI Diamond Clarity Chart

SI1 Clarity Diamonds

SI1 Clarity means that there are some small noticeable Inclusions in the Diamond that are easy to see under 10x (ten-powered) magnification (Microscope or Jewelers Loupe).

These Inclusions can be Cracks, Clouds, Carbon Spots, Fractures, Lines or Pinpoints to name a few. But they are all microscopic in an SI1 Clarity Diamond. You won’t see these flaws with the naked eye (unaided), unless you have unbelievable eyesight (bionic).

Take a closer look at the SI1 Clarity Range…

SI1 Clarity Chart

SI1 Clarity is an excellent quality to buy because the flaws are not obvious or distracting to the beauty of the stone. Plus, the Inclusions won’t get in the way of light passing through the stone, so they won’t hinder sparkle.

You could put an SI1 Clarity Diamond side by side with a VS1 Diamond, or even a VVS1 Clarity Diamond, and you would never know the difference (unless you microscoped them).

Compare SI1 to VS1 and VVS1

Not only do SI1 Clarity Diamonds face up well, but they are also much more affordable than the higher Clarity Diamonds.

Compare SI1 to VS1 and VVS1 Clarity

SI1 Clarity is a wonderful combination of getting a great looking Diamond and getting a great price as well.

SI1 Clarity is the first Clarity Grade of Diamond there is that all the Inclusions get microscopic (invisible to the naked eye).

SI2 Clarity

When you get into SI2 Clarity (the bottom portion of the SI Clarity Range), you get into Diamonds where the flaws get big enough you can actually see them just by looking at the Diamond.

SI2 Clarity Chart

In an SI2 Diamond, you may have to look at the Diamond hard enough and more than likely, you’ll have to look at the Diamond from the side to see the flaws. But, SI2 is still not a bad quality. I will say that every SI2 Clarity Diamond should be scrutinized individually and well.

SI2 Clarity, or any of the I Clarity Grades (I1, I2 and I3) will all have eye-visible Inclusions in them. And most of them will be very huge and very obvious. Look at the I Clarity Chart below…

I1 Clarity Diamonds

But then again, these Inclusions and Flaws in low grade Diamonds is what makes them cheaper. You get what you pay for!

Buy SI1 Clarity

I always stress buying SI1 or higher when choosing a Diamond for an Engagement Ring or Wedding Set. You should also buy these Diamonds loose as well. That way you can scope the Diamond from all sides and see what you’re really buying.

Women know Diamonds and they know Diamond Clarity. They can spot a low quality Diamond filled with Inclusions pretty quickly. This is not something you want to get your bride to be. Women don’t want their Dream Ring to be marred with Black Spots! It doesn’t pan out well…

SI1 gets you into an excellent quality that you won’t, and she won’t regret!

You could go much higher in Clarity, like a VS2 or VVS2, but they’ll all look the same. So why spend more money on something you can’t see unless you scope it? Put your money into a bigger Carat Weight or even a bigger Color, like Colorless! :) That’s something you CAN see!

Inclusions will get much smaller in an SI1 than an SI2. It’s a real eye opener. Compare an SI1 Clarity Diamond to an SI2 Clarity Diamond below…

SI Clarity Diamond Plots

In an SI1, the flaws are smaller and more off to the side of the stone (underneath the Facets). In an SI2, the Inclusions are larger, increased and many fall more towards the center of the stone where they may be seen straight down in the Diamond.

Buy Certified Diamonds

I advise wholeheartedly to buy Certified Diamonds. In fact, I would cringe if you didn’t…

Look at a Diamond Certificate with SI1 Clarity below…

Certified SI1 Diamond

Just for kicks, compare a Certified SI1 Clarity Diamond up against an SI1 Clarity Diamond that ISN’T Certified and see the difference yourself. It’s crazy! There is a difference. Gem Labs that grade stones are more strict than Jewelers that grade the stones themselves. Plus, some Jewelers may Bump the Grade of the stone up a notch, so you could be buying an I1 Clarity Diamond instead and paying for an SI. NOT GOOD!

If a Jeweler grades the stone, you’ll have no proof as to the real Clarity. So always buy a loose Diamond and always buy a Certified Diamond (I prefer GIA). That way, you’ll never have your fiancee look down at her hand and say “Is that a Black Spot?

Buy SI1 and all she’ll see is beauty!

No Flaws!

No Inclusions!

Every Imperfection is hidden!

Plus you save money! :) WIN-WIN!

Slightly Included? Sure… As long as it’s SI1!

SI2 is Questionable!

And if you run into an SI3, well, SI3 just doesn’t exist (at least to GIA). I would stray away from SI3’s. See image below…

SI Clarity Diamonds

Stay away from SI3 until GIA accepts it as an official Clarity Grade. Until then, SI1 is the goal. SI1 or higher. The real question is: How much higher do you want to go? Or better yet… How much more money do you really want to spend? That’s the real issue. Because the sky’s the limit.

Compare prices to a 1.00 Carat, Brilliant Cut Diamond with F Color and an Ideal Cut…

1.00, SI1, F, IDEAL, GIA $7,627
1.00, VS1, F, IDEAL, GIA $10,438
1.00, VVS1, F, IDEAL, GIA $13,089

See, it’s not that bad when you compare SI1 to the big boys. Especially since she’s going to wear this for the rest of her life (They do say spend 2 month’s salary!).

No matter what, for an Engagement Ring, just make sure that the Inclusions are Invisible (only seen under a microscope). Look at the Diamond under a scope and then also look at it really well with your naked eye.

If you spot flaws, it’s NOT an SI1.

Because it you can spot the flaws, so will she!

And trust me, all you want to see are the Sparkles! :)

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