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Wish Pearl Necklace Kit Review

I decided to pick up this Wish Pearl (make a necklace) pendant kit because it looked cool, fun and it was only $19.00. That’s not bad considering it’s a real cultured pearl.

With this kit, you actually get to pull your pearl right out of a mollusk (oyster). Because of this, size and color of the pearl will vary.

They give you a can filled with liquid and the mollusk. That in itself is neat to look at.

What I really liked about this kit is the fact that you don’t know what you’re getting. It’s a surprise… like Cracker Jacks! :)

Take a look at different Wish Pearl Kits from Amazon. :)

Wish Pearl Box

The box says “A Wish Waiting to Come True.” The side of the box shows different colored pearls that could be found inside the mollusk: White, Cream, Peach, Gold, Lavender. Plus, all the colors have special meaning, like: Wisdom, Success, Health, Wealth and Love.

The back of the box states in the letter of authenticity, that it takes anywhere from 3-5 years to grow the pearl, and the pearl can be anywhere from 4 to 9mm wide.

Pretty impressive.

The box also says “No two pearls are alike.” :)

It shows that you can create a pearl necklace in just 4 easy steps. I can’t wait…

The Kit Includes:

The pearl kit includes the mollusk in a can. The 18″ sterling silver plated pendant cage and chain. A spatula. A small sheet of easy to follow instructions and safety guidelines. A plastic baggie. And a small wish pearl booklet.


The booklet is fun all by itself. It talks about the different colors of pearls and their meanings. Read more: Pearl color meanings.

It also talks about pearl wisdom with different cultures; Dravidians, Hindu, Chinese, Israelites, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Christians and Royalty. Pretty cool stuff.

Safety Warnings

The safety sheet says:

  • Don’t eat. lol
  • The mollusk is NOT edible
  • Don’t drink the liquid (contains 39% alcohol)
  • Avoid eye contact.

In other words: It’s not food or eye-drops… It’s a necklace, SILLY! :)

Let’s open a can of…

You open the can just like a can of Pringles.

I was expecting a horrible fishy smell to overpower me, but actually I didn’t smell a thing (I didn’t put my nose that close to it…)

The lid is sharp, so be careful. Throw it away when you pull it off.

Opening Wish Pearl Mollusk Can

The instructions tell you to drain the liquid out, but don’t discard. The mollusk may have naturally opened and the pearl may be in the liquid.

I looked. Mine was just liquid. I dumped it down the drain.

Rinse the mollusk off

I ran the mollusk under tap water carefully. It was so cool… Like a seashell on the beach. The markings and color were incredible.

The Wish Pearl Mollusk

I didn’t know whether the mollusk was alive or dead, so I tried not to stick my fingers in the shell. :)

The shell is delicate and dangerous. The edges can get quite sharp. Be cautious.

Bag it!

Once the mollusk is rinsed off, stick it in the plastic baggie that they give you. This helps protect your fingers and keeps all the pieces of the mollusk shell together.

Press the mollusk against the counter to crack open the shell. I didn’t have to work mine much since it was partially opened already.

Grab the spatula

Included in the kit is a little plastic spatula (see picture above). Grab it and push it into the gap. Pry the mollusk open.

Here’s my opened mollusk:

Wish Pearl Mollusk Cracked Open

It looked so cool and creepy at the same time. I loved it. I’ve never seen the inside of a mollusk before and I found it fascinating. It was like something straight out of a horror movie.

Finding the pearl:

Somewhere inside the mollusk’s guts lies the pearl.

I dug around in the goop with the spatula for a minute or two before I found it.

I was thinking that maybe there wasn’t one in it, but then I felt a hard bump.


Finding The Pearl In The Mollusk

I tried to push the pearl out with the spatula. No go. It only rolled around inside the insides. :) I grabbed a knife and like a surgeon, spatula in one hand, knife in the other, I cut a small sliver and pushed the pearl free (don’t slice the pearl surface).

Finally it emerged from the mollusk. How cool. I was smiling from ear to ear (the open mollusk actually looks like ears doesn’t it?).

The Mollusk Wish Pearl

My pearl was a beautiful cream color (which stands for success) and measured about 6mm.

I was happy.

Now all that was left was to rinse the pearl off, dry it, and make my pearl pendant.

Making the pendant:

Grab the pendant from the wish pearl box. Remove the sterling silver plated chain from the loop before you do anything. You can’t open the pendant while the chain is still on.

Grab the tab (shown below) in the center of the loop and open the pendant. The pendant unhinges like the picture shows.

Making The Wish Pearl Necklace

I put the pearl in, snapped it closed, put the chain back through the loop and VOILA

The necklace is finished!

Wish Pearl Necklace

The sterling silver plated chain is 18″ long. The pendant measures 22mm high by 12mm wide. Not too big, not too small. Just perfect.

It really turned out quite beautiful. I’m very pleased with the whole process.

Make a wish:

I have to say that this kit really was fun. I enjoyed it a lot. Everything was so cool.

I’ve been selling pearls for over 20 years and I have never seen a pearl come out of a shell before. Let alone, being able to remove one myself.

It’s worth every penny. The experience is priceless. Adults will love it. Kids will absolutely adore it.

I’m happy I picked this up. For a couple of bucks you get a pearl pendant that you make yourself.

Now all I have to do is to wait for my wish to come true. :)

The Wish Pearl Pendant Kit makes the perfect gift for Graduation, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries or any special occasion.

Who wouldn’t want to make a wish?

Check out Amazon for your next Wish Pearl Purchase. They sell a great variety. Something for everyone.

Cheers! :)

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  1. I bought the same exact pearl kit in a gift shop next door to my hotel in Kissimmee, FL. The packaging of the mollusk in a can was exactly the same as the one in this article. And, the pendant was exactly the same as well. My pearl was even the same color as the one in this article, like a peachy cream color. However there were 2 differences. Mine was called a Love Pearl instead of a Wish Pearl but the kit was exactly the same. But more profoundly different was the price. My Love Pearl was only $6.95 for the whole kit. At first I thought that the price must be a mistake because these kits really are quite cool like this article states. So cool in fact, that I bought several as gifts. The $6.95 price was no mistake! All of my gift recipients were fascinated & thrilled to own this tiny treasure! I actually wish I had bought a lot more, and I’m sorry I didn’t. These kits ARE a bargain at $19.99…but at $6.95, they are a steal.

  2. You did it like a surgeon, I ripped the guts out. Anyways, I find this a exceedingly entertaining product.

  3. I just unwrapped mine today and it was exciting following the directions, not knowing what to expect. Removing the Pearl from the shell and putting in the pendant was pretty exciting too. It also had a nice message card that one can put on a table. Absolutely beautiful. Most exciting birthday gift I’ve ever received.

  4. We are leaving va beach in morning. It is late now my daughter bought one of these for my 10 year old granddaughter, a mermaid necklace. She had fun opening it up but when we put pearl in the necklace, the pearl wouldn’t fit…disappointing. She was excited. We can’t get back to the store we got it from. Does anyone know who to contact ???

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