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Should You Buy Your Baby Jewelry?

Parents are always so Proud of their little Bundles of Joy.

They Bring their Cute Little Critters into the Jewelry Store to Adorn them with Trinkets of Gold and Diamonds.

But there are some things to Consider before making that Cute Baby Jewelry Purchase!

Babies Skin is Sensitive!

But you knew that!

Babies tend to get Rashes a lot. I would keep a Sharp Eye out for the Type of Gold you Buy for your Baby. I wouldn’t get anything less than 14kt Gold.


Because of Allergies!

10kt looks the same as 14k, is Cheaper, but it also has less Gold Content.

A lot of people are Allergic to 10kt Gold because of the Alloys mixed in with the Gold. Those Alloys, like Nickel, cause Skin Irritations and Rashes. So you Should Stick with 14kt Gold and then you won’t have to Worry about those Irritating Issues with your Baby’s Delicate Skin (For if your Baby Develops an Allergy to the Nickel, they’ll have it for LIFE! – “Thanks MOM!“)

Watch out for Dangly Chains!

Be Ultra Cautious about Buying any types of Chains or Pendants or Bracelets for your Baby. Chains and Dangly things can easily get Tangled on Objects, Wrapped around Necks or even Swallowed.

If you must Purchase a Chain for your Baby, wait until the Child is old enough to Enjoy it and Wear it. Take No Chances Here! Pendants will get Chewed on and Charms or Lockets can Block Air Passageways (P.S. They can Also Develop Nickel Allergies by Chewing on the Metal). It’s Not Worth it!

Baby Rings

Baby Rings can be so Cute and Adorable. But Rings are generally very Thin and very Malleable. Babies’ Rings can usually be Squished between Two Fingers. That Ring may look Pretty on, but not if it Cuts off the Baby’s Circulation!

Also make sure you get the Correct Ring Size. You don’t want to get the Ring too Tight, but you also don’t want it Slipping off and getting Choked on.

The Best Baby Jewelry?

The Best Jewelry you can buy your Baby is a Beautiful Pair of Earrings (Sorry Guys – Boy Babies normally don’t get Spoiled with Jewelry!).

Little girls can find a Wide Assortment of Adorable Earring Studs. 14kt Gold that sits close to the Ears work the Best. Sparkly Diamonds or Cubic Zirconia look Wonderful. Tiny Pearls, Teddy Bears, Flowers, all kinds of Fun Gemstones work well too. (see picture for examples)

Thinner Posts!

One thing you’ll notice about Baby Earrings… the Posts are Thinner than normal “Adult” Earring Posts. Plus these Posts are often Threaded so the Earrings will Stay on your Child and not in her Mouth! (The Threaded Post in the Picture is Enlarged to Show Detail)

If you must put Jewelry on your Precious Baby, I would Recommend Earrings or a Ring. They are the Safest of the Bunch, and have the most Variety to Choose from. No matter what, lots of Mothers still let their Baby wear Pendants and Bracelets, but with an Alert Eye of course, and usually for a Limited Amount of time. Usually for a Photo Opportunity, Church, or a Visit with the Easter Bunny!

Save it for later!

One more thing a lot of Mothers will do with their Baby’s Rings… they will Buy a Chain for themselves and wear the Baby’s Ring like a Charm or Pendant around their own Neck. It looks Wonderful and it’s a Great Safe Way to hold that Keepsake close to your very own Heartbeat!

Buy some Great Children’s Baby Jewelry HERE on Amazon!

Cheers! :)

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