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All the different Diamond Shapes

The shape of a diamond is the face up outline of a polished diamond.

Most people refer to this as the cut of the stone, and most just see cut as simple shapes like: round, square, oval, rectangle, heart, tear drop

The interesting thing about diamond shapes that many do not know is the fact that diamonds can be cut into any shape in the world. You can cut a diamond in the shape of a star, Mickey Mouse or even the Statue of Liberty.

Granted, the Statue of Liberty would look funny on an engagement ring, hence people often stick to the top 9 cuts of diamond for rings and wedding sets.

They are:

  • Brilliant Cut (Round)
  • Princess Cut (Square)
  • Marquise Cut
  • Pear Cut (Tear Drop)
  • Emerald Cut
  • Radiant Cut
  • Heart Cut
  • Oval Cut
  • Trilliant Cut
  • Baguette Cut
  • Tapered Baguette Cut
  • Single Cut (Melee)

P.S. The last couple cuts of diamond are used as accent stones in engagement rings and wedding sets.

So now, let’s take a closer look at all these popular shapes of diamonds so you can become more familiar with them.

Brilliant Cut Princess Cut Marquise Cut
Pear Shape Emerald Cut Radiant Cut
Heart Shape Oval Cut Trilliant Cut
Baguette Cut Tapered Baguette Cut Single Cut

Brilliant Cut Diamond:

The brilliant cut diamond (or standard cut diamond) is the most popular cut of diamond ever. This traditional round diamond began in the early 1700’s and transformed from a diamond point, all the way to a beautiful diamond with 58 facets. These 58 facets all work together to achieve perfection in brilliance, fire and scintillation.

The facets of a round brilliant cut diamond are:

  • 1 – Table
  • 8 – Bezel Facets
  • 16 – Lower Girdle Facets
  • 8 – Pavilion Main Facets
  • 8 – Star Facets
  • 16 Upper Girdle Facets
  • 1 – Culet (optional)

Check out these round brilliant cut diamonds here.

Princess Cut Diamond:

The princess cut diamond is a superb cut of diamond that generally has 50-58 facets. Some princess cuts are square, but most are longer on one side and more rectangular in shape.

Princess cuts are awesome diamonds because they look so much bigger than they really are. This is due to the 90 degree corners. They really make a diamond look large. The princess cut stands out in a crowd with a combination of a brilliant cut diamond and the 4 pointed star in the center of the stone. Princess cuts are stunning and have surpassed every other square or rectangular cut of diamond in popularity.

Check out these princess cut diamonds here.

Marquise Cut Diamond:

Marquise cut diamonds is the shape for the suit of diamonds on a deck of cards. Marquise tend to look like boats or football shapes with their curved centers and pointed ends. Marquise look great when the measurements are 2:1. That’s twice as long as they are wide. This gives you that nice long look that flows with the length of your finger.

Marquise diamonds are known for their distinct bow-tie effect that shows up in the center of the diamond, due to the ends of the stone being narrower than the center and letting in more light. The bow-tie is a good thing to have, as long as it’s not too dark or distracting.

Marquise are great diamonds, but the sharp points tend to get caught on things (pantyhose) and may cause scratching or damage. Proceed with caution.

Check out these marquise cut diamonds here.

Pear Cut Diamond:

The pear cut (also known as tear drop) is a pendeloque cut diamond that’s a combination of both a round brilliant cut diamond and a marquise cut diamond; rounded on one end, pointed at the other.

The tip of the pear diamond should point down your fingertips, and the best way to protect that point (same with any diamond that comes to a point) is with v-tipped prongs (where the point is covered on both sides with flat metal tips).

Check out these pear cut diamonds here.

Emerald Cut Diamond:

The emerald cut diamond is a classic step cut rectangular diamond (if it’s square, it’s called a square emerald cut). This cut of diamond doesn’t have the brilliance or sparkle of a brilliant cut diamond. Which also means, it can’t hide the flaws and imperfections like the other diamonds can.

So with an emerald cut, you’ll more than likely need to get a clarity grade of at least VS in order for the diamond to look clean and face up well to the bare eye.

Check out these emerald cut diamonds here.

Radiant Cut Diamond:

The radiant cut diamond is a proprietary name for a cushion cut diamond that has 70 facets. It’s a beautiful rectangular shaped diamond that is rare to find, but equally as impressive as the princess cut diamond in both brilliance and sparkle.

Check out these radiant cut diamonds here.

Heart Shaped Diamond:

The heart shaped diamond (called heart brilliant cut) has 58 facets on it with a shield shaped culet (bottom point of the diamond).

Heart shapes are a beautiful cut of diamond, but people either love it or hate it. Some think it’s cheesy, others adore it.

Heart cut diamonds look best with the point or tip facing down the finger.

Check out these heart cut diamonds here.

Oval Cut Diamond:

The oval cut diamond is cut like a brilliant cut diamond just elongated and oval in shape.

With 57 facets, the oval cut is truly a wonderful stone because the diamond always looks big and gives the diamond that long look that women like.

Check out these oval cut diamonds here.

Trilliant Cut Diamond:

The trilliant cut or trillion cut diamond is actually a trielle cut (triangular in shape) diamond with 50 facets on them.

Trilliant cuts were very popular in the 90’s, but have died down in popularity since then and may be hard to find.

Trilliant cut diamonds look large for their carat weight because of it’s 3 pointed tips, but those tips tend to get sharp and quite dangerous.

Trilliant cuts also pose a problem for jewelers and goldsmiths. The shape makes them difficult to set and you need just the right type of mounting to make the trilliant cut look good and work.

Baguette Cut Diamond:

The baguette cut diamond got it’s french name from little sticks or rods. This cut of diamond is a step cut with only 13 facets on it.

Baguettes are often used as side stones (accent stones) in wedding sets and anniversary bands. Baguettes tend to look best when they are channel set in a mounting, and that also is the best way to protect them from chipping.

Baguette cut diamonds are beautiful, but you have to constantly clean them or else they’ll have no sparkle and look dull and dirty.

Tapered Baguette Cut Diamond:

Tapered baguettes are tapered step cuts with 13 facets on them just like the straight baguette cut diamonds.

They are normally found in engagement rings and wedding sets. They work good together when they are flipped end to end so they fit into channels (usually curved channels) like a puzzle.

Single Cut Diamonds:

Single cut diamonds are small diamonds generally under 20 points, with just a few facets on them (16 or 18 facets). When diamonds get this small, putting more facets on them just isn’t necessary.

Single cuts are widely used as side stones in all types of jewelry: engagement rings, wedding sets, gemstone rings, men’s rings, and even watches.

Learn more about single cut diamonds here.

Fancy Cut Diamonds:

Every cut of diamond on the market, other than the standard round brilliant cut, is known as a fancy cut diamond.

The round diamond (which is the most popular cut) is always cut from the parent rock (rough) first and then all the other fancy cuts are faceted with what is left.

Fancy cuts can be any shape or size and some shapes may surprise you.

There are literally thousands of fancy cut diamonds and many are trademarked and exclusive to large jewelry chains such as Helzberg’s Radiant Star diamond (145 facets), the Leo Diamond (Kay and Osterman’s 110 faceted diamond), and the Celebration Cut Diamond (102 facets) by Zales Jeweler.

Many diamonds have been around for centuries, others pop up every decade or so. No matter what, enjoy the different shapes, there is one for every mood and occasion. See what shapes interest you.

See all the different diamond shapes below:

There are some wonderful and unique cuts of diamond in the world; 100 plus.

These cuts only represent a small portion of the crazy shapes and cuts of diamond you may run across in your lifetime. The cuts go on and on…

The 100 images of diamond shapes below show you the top view (looking straight down into the diamond), not the side view or bottom view. But, after all, that is how the shapes get their name.

So enjoy them.

100 Diamond Shapes

Ariella Cut Diamond Asscher Cut Diamond Astree Cut Diamond
Baguette Cut Diamond Barion Cut Diamond Baroness Cut Diamond
Bead Cut Diamond Bevel Cut Diamond Boat Shaped Rose Cut Diamond
Brazilian Cut Diamond Brilliant Cut Diamond Bullet Cut Diamond
Butterfly Cut Diamond Cherry Blossom Cut Diamond Chiffre Cut Diamond
Context Cut Diamond Cross Rose Cut Diamond Crown Of Light Cut Diamond
Cushion Brilliant Cut Diamond Dahlia Cut Diamond Double Cut Brilliant Cut Diamond
Double Cut Diamond Double Cut Rose Cut Diamond Dragon Cut Diamond
Duchess Cut Diamond Dutch Rose Cut Diamond Emerald Cut Diamond
Empress Cut Diamond English Round Cut Brilliant Cut Diamond English Square Cut Brilliant Cut Diamond
Fan Shape Cut Diamond Fire Rose Cut Diamond Flame Cut Diamond
Genesistar Cut Diamond Grace Cut Diamond Half Dutch Rose Cut Diamond
Half Moon Brilliant Cut Diamond Heart And Flower Cut Diamond Heart Brilliant Cut Diamond
Hexagon Cut Diamond Infinity 88 Cut Diamond Jubilant Crown Cut Diamond
Jubilee Cut Diamond Jupiter Cut Diamond King Cut Diamond
Kite Cut Diamond Korloff Cut Diamond Lazare Cut Diamond
Leo Cut Diamond Lisbon Cut Diamond Lozenge Cut Diamond
Lucere Cut Diamond Lucky Leaf Cut Diamond Magna Cut Diamond
Maharaja Cut Diamond Marigold Cut Diamond Marquise Cut Diamond
Melee Cut Diamond Movado Cut Diamond Octagon Cut Diamond
Old European Cut Diamond Old Mine Cut Diamond Old Single Cut Diamond
Oval Cut Diamond Pampille Cut Diamond Pear Shaped Brilliant Cut Diamond
Pentagon Cut Diamond Portuguese Cut Diamond Princess Cut Diamond
Profile Cut Diamond Queen Cut Diamond Radiant Cut Diamond
Rhomboid Cut Diamond Rondelle Cut Diamond Rose Cut Diamond
Semi Navette Cut Diamond Shield Cut Diamond Single Cut Diamond
Six Faced Rose Cut Diamond Spiral Cut Diamond Square Antique Cut Diamond
Star Cut Diamond Star Facet Cut Diamond Star Of America Cut Diamond
Star Of The Shepherd Cut Diamond Step Cut Diamond Sunflower Cut Diamond
Swiss Cut Diamond Table Cut Diamond Tapered Baguette Cut Diamond
Tear Drop Shape Brilliant Cut Diamond Three Faced Rose Cut Diamond Trapeze Cut Diamond
Triangle Cut Diamond Trielle Cut Diamond Trilliant Cut Diamond
Tulip Cut Diamond Tycoon Cut Diamond Whistle Cut Diamond
Xtreme Cut Diamond Youngman Ideal Cut Diamond Zinnia Cut Diamond

See the full diamond shapes chart here.

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Cheers! :)

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