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Tiffany Style Diamond Engagement Ring

Customers often ask me:

What’s the best mounting to show off a diamond?

My friends, there is only one (regardless if you have a brilliant cut diamond, heart shaped, pear shaped, marquise cut, princess cut, cushion cut, or oval), and that is the classic Tiffany style engagement ring.

When you think about an engagement ring, usually only one style come to mind; a plain, straight, half-domed, 2-3mm, 14k gold (yellow or white) or platinum ring.

This stylish band cannot be beat!

Tiffany Diamond Engagement Rings

The Tiffany ring begins

Tiffany & Co. actually designed and incorporated this style of band decades ago, and it’s been the biggest hit ever since.

Jewelry stores all across the country have replicated this ring and nothing shows a diamond off better. It’s the ultimate masterpiece to hold the ultimate gem.

Tiffany ring MM sizes

A normal Tiffany style band is 2-2.5 mm in width. But you can also get these styles in even wider bands like 3, 4 or 5 mm in width, and even comfort-fit bands which are heavy, durable bands that are rounded on the inside (meant to feel better, but I don’t care for them – they hurt your fingers when you shake hands).

Wide band Tiffany rings and cathedral style mountings (thicker bands that raise up on the side) go hand in hand with a diamond solitaire as well. They are all spin-offs of the original and suit a diamond perfectly. See image below of comfort fit bands, wide cathedrals and tapered bands below…

Wide Tiffany Comfort Fit Engagement Rings

The one thing that I really love about the Tiffany engagement ring is how clean the ring looks. There is nothing distracting or gaudy about it. Just a simple band with a 4 or 6 prong head.

It makes the diamond stand out and say “Hello! Look at me!

Wraps, inserts and jackets

All the wraps, inserts and jackets that you find on the market are made for one ring and one ring only… The Tiffany style ring. Wraps and jackets are the same thing, they all wrap around the diamond solitaire and act like a wedding band (which goes on your finger first and sits closest to the heart). Inserts fit on one side of the solitaire.

Diamond Wraps, Jackets and Inserts

Wedding bands

The Tiffany style band is also the perfect ring to fit flush up against any wedding band (plain, engraved or etched), anniversary band or eternity band (where the diamonds go all the way around the ring).

Wedding Bands, Anniversary Bands, Eternity Rings

The flat edge of the Tiffany ring works with everything!

It’s the perfect ring and makes the perfect combination with about design or any taste.

The Tiffany ring is clean, simple, classy, elegant… It just never goes out of style.


It’s the cheapest ring there is!

It’s true. No other engagement ring beats the price of a Tiffany style ring. A normal price range runs between $250 – $600 and up, depending on the metal of choice and thickness of the band. The most popular metal to wear is 14k gold, whether it be yellow gold or white gold (popular mainly because of price), but you’ll often find better quality diamonds set in 18k gold. 18k is rich and high quality gold content. And then of course you have the ever famous but very expensive platinum.

James Allen has some great deals on Tiffany style rings, and platinum Tiffany rings as well! :)

The #1 engagement ring

The Tiffany style ring is so wildly popular and perfect, it quickly became the default ring for any diamond engagement ring.

Just about any jewelry store that sells engagement rings will have their diamonds pre-set into these wonderful mountings. Showcase after showcase of diamond solitaires glisten in the light, and the most popular cut of diamond found is the round brilliant cut diamond. Princess cuts (square cuts of stone) are not far behind. Tiffany shows them all off to their full potential. You can’t get better than that. :)

The best engagement ring to buy

The Tiffany ring is always the ring that I love to show and sell. Why? Because everyone dreams of the solitaire diamond ring (and the bigger the carat weight the better). These bands look good on anyone’s finger, whether you have tiny fingers or healthy fingers. They look good with any finger and any carat weight you buy: 1/3 carat, 1/2 carat, 3/4 carat, 1 carat (the dream diamond carat weight)… or bigger (1.50 carats and 2.00 carats are to die for). Every size looks great in this simple, classy ring.

Look at all the different diamond carat weights below that are set in Tiffany engagement rings…

Diamond Carat Weights in Tiffany Rings

Anything 75 points (.75 CT) or larger looks big! :)

Buy the Tiffany style ring

All the guys that are shopping for an engagement ring and don’t know what style of band their fiancee would like, here’s some advice: buy a loose certified GIA Diamond (microscope or loupe the stone first so it meets your quality and standards), then have it set in a plain 2.5mm band (14k white gold is my favorite – it really makes the stone POP!).

And then, if for any reason she wants a different style of ring, like something with a pave mounting, halo mountings, or the classic solitaire mounting. You can always have it switched out later if she wants something different (she will need to get it sized anyway).

And speaking of sizing…

What’s the correct ring size?

If you don’t know the exact size of her wedding ring finger (note the fingers on your left hand are not the same size as the fingers on your right), leave it the size that it comes in and have it sized later, after she gets it. Plus, this way she can decide if she wants to keep it in the classic mounting or put it into something different (expensive :)

Leaving it in the default size is perfect because guessing never works. You may get close, but close is never good enough. Especially since you’ll normally pay for resizing the ring. Jewelers often give you the first size for free (some don’t even do that), but anything after that would be additional fees.

So leave it the default ring size (saves you money), and take it from there.

Tips for the perfect ring

Great tips to get the best look and the best results:

1) 4 prong heads

Have your diamond set in 4 prong heads versus 6 prongs. 4 Prongs show off the stone better, and makes it easier to clean underneath the diamond. Plus, it doesn’t get gaudy and cover up too much of the stone.

2) Size the ring correctly

Make sure the ring is sized correctly. If the ring is too big it will spin on her fingers. A wider band tends to fit snugger and grab your skin better. But a thin band (2.5mm) will often spin around if it’s a tad bit too loose. Size the ring so it fits snugly over the knuckle, but fits perfectly once you get it over. :) This will keep your ring in place and keep your diamond from tilting to and fro.

3) Set the diamond at the right height

Make sure you set the diamond at the appropriate height in the mounting (the right sized head). A diamond of 1.00 carat or smaller can easily be held in a standard sized head. The standard size will sit the stone up high (this also allows wraps, inserts and jackets to fit up against it). But, if you’re buying bigger carat weights like 1.50 carat or 2.00 carats or larger, you may want to have them set the stone down in a low profile head or even have them set the stone into a basket head (wire frame).

The larger the diamond, the more top heavy the ring becomes. The heavier it becomes, the more the ring will flop around and potentially cause damage to the mounting or diamond (plus you’ll always be playing with your ring, straightening the diamond – this will drive you mad).

Setting the stone in a lower head or basket helps keep the diamond from leaning sideways. If it’s sideways and you hit it you could do damage to the prongs or even chip the girdle.

4) Clean your diamond often!

Clean your diamond at least once a week with a soft toothbrush. Dab at it with a combination of hot water (7 parts), Ammonia (1 part) and a dash of dish soap (like Dawn). This is the best home-made (and FREE) jewelry cleaner there is! :) Clean your diamond in this solution (make sure that the water is hot, but not boiling – this is the key to a dazzling diamond) and your diamond will sparkle like crazy and look as beautiful as the day you bought it.

Stay away from bleach!

Keep your rings away from bleach. Bleach won’t hurt your diamond, but it will kill your gold and pit the metal. It wears down the integrity and structure of the ring and prongs… You could lose your stone!

Say “NO” to Bleach! So on laundry day, do me a favor and take your rings off!

The bottom line

The Tiffany style ring really is the best ring in the world for an engagement ring.

It will make your diamond look like a million bucks. It’ll show it off like a true piece of art. You can’t go wrong with a classic like this.

Plus… It’s inexpensive!!!

All in all, if you want the perfect ring to propose in, one that will light up her eyes and her smile, set your diamond in a Tiffany style ring. You won’t regret it!

See some great deals on Tiffany style engagement rings HERE!

It’s the perfect ring, for a perfect day, and the perfect way to say “I DO“.

Cheers! :)

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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Jewelry Steam Cleaner
Complete Jewelry Cleaner Kit Diamond Dazzle Stick
Gold Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths Jewelry Making Supplies Kit
Gold Acid Test Kit Watch Tool Repair Kit
Ring Adjusters EMT Emergency Ring Cutter
10x Jewelers Loupe Jewelers Microscope


  1. Since engagement/wedding rings are worn on the left hand (at least in this country) ring finger, I’m a little curious as how wearing a comfort fit ring (or rings) could hurt your hand while shaking hands, when that is always done with right hands?

    • If you are left handed, or shake someone’s hand who is left handed, you’re forced to shake with that hand. Plus, sometimes if people are holding something and you shake hands, they use the opposite. So it happens. Even picking up an object (like a case of soda) can cause your fingers to smush together and hurt with comfort fit bands… Especially women’s tiny fingers. Nothing but bone. Most don’t get comfort fit. My two cents. :) -Richard

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