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How to Become a Jewelry Salesperson

Selling jewelry is a fascinating career.

Many people are curious and interested in getting into the business.

And let me tell you…

I highly recommend it!

Working with some of the smallest and wealthiest items in the world is very, very cool.


So what can one expect from working at a jewelry store? Is selling jewelry right for you?

Here are my insights…

P.S. You can also read my awesome jewelry salesperson training guide HERE.

I’m going to show you what it takes to sell diamonds and jewelry as a professional, plus much more.

There’s a lot that goes into selling jewelry, things that you may not realize.

First off…

Working in a jewelry store is not for everyone.

Especially since you’re working with millions of dollars worth of inventory. It’s a lot of pressure.

Jewelry can be a tough field to understand, and an even tougher field to break into. Most have no idea where to begin…

So how do you get into the field?

The quickest way into the field, is to know someone.

If you know someone in the industry (that can vouch for you), that helps get your foot in the door. It’s not an easy first step. Because jewelry salespeople must get background checks and security checks to be able to work with such small expensive items. Stores look for the cream of the crop.

Responsible and trustworthy people are a must.

Your credentials and references must be solid (so if you have a shady background, forget it).

And above all else…

Sales experience is a plus (although not necessary).

But, if you love jewelry and buy a lot of jewelry, then your foot’s already in the door. People that adore jewelry are going to be able to sell jewelry with ease.

Selling jewelry is enthusiasm and passion all rolled into one. It’s a gift from the heart. People show their love and affection by giving jewelry as a present. That’s why engagement ring sales soar. Selling the romance, the beauty of the diamond, the sparkle and sizzle can really pay off big time.

So what is the first step to getting into the industry?

Your first step is to do your homework.

The top 3 things that you’ll have to have a basic knowledge of walking in the door are…


(More importantly, an understanding of the 4 C’s!) And… You can even read my 4C’s in 4 minutes which will help educate you greatly.


(Knowing which gemstone or birthstone goes with each month is usually enough to start.)


(Having a basic understanding of the different types of metals like: gold, 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, white gold, rose gold, platinum, titanium, steel, silver, things like that.)

Knowing some basic facts about jewelry and gems will keep you from looking foolish in front of a customer.

Plus, you won’t have to stop every 2 seconds and ask questions.

That can be annoying!

So when someone asks what the gold content of a ring is, you should know the answer.

Study up:

Diamonds, gems and metals are the top 3 things that will help you get your foot in the door. Just knowing some basics about those topics will make you stand out in an interview. It will show the manager or owner that you have a passion for jewelry and a passion for learning as well. That alone will usually get you hiree.

You don’t need any other education.

No training needed. Just be reliable and learn. And if you have sales experience, all the better.

But, learning how to sell, is a whole different story.

You see, you can either sell, or you can’t.

It’s as simple as that. To some, it comes naturally. Others have to struggle with it and it just never seems smooth or sincere. Good salespeople learn to be assertive, but not pushy. They learn to lead the conversation, but not scare people off. And most importantly, besides being a good talker, and a great listener, they have to close the sale.

You must close the sale!

Closing the sale is what takes talent and dedication.

You can’t give up. People will say no over and over again (at least 8 times is normal). It’s your job to get them to say yes. Overcoming objections comes with practice, training, and knowledge. The more you know about diamonds, gold, jewelry, guarantees, policies and financing, the better.


You betcha… Whether it be 90 days same as cash, 12 months interest free, or even just a layaway plan, you have to find the best solution that works for your customer. It goes hand in hand with sales.

But before you get the sale

You have to overcome the biggest obstacle:


Price is the biggie.

The price of jewelry is a tough thing to overcome, because people have to justify it. Jewelry is an expensive purchase and money is tight for everyone. You have to learn to build the merchandise up so it’s worth the price they pay.

Can you justify it?

If you can’t justify spending $6,000 on a diamond engagement ring, then you’ll have a very hard time convincing someone else of doing the same. You have to believe in it.

Knowledge helps you over that hump.

Study the art of selling. Buy books on the topic.

Study jewelry. Learn everything there is about diamonds. It’ll pay off in the long run.

To be successful…

Diamonds are the backbone of the jewelry industry. In order to be successful as a jewelry salesperson, you have to be successful at selling diamonds. And not just any diamonds, but big diamonds.

Big diamond sales are where you’re going to make all your money. Especially if you work by commission.

Which brings up another huge benefit…


Most jewelry stores today pay jewelry sales people anywhere from 1/2 a percent to 3 or 4 percent commission on diamond sales per month. That adds up. It can easily put an extra $300 – $400 in your pocket each month.

So double check before you accept any job if they pay hourly, salary, commissions, vacations and the such. The best jewelry stores to work in are the stores that give you both hourly pay and commissions.

Commissions and bonuses at Christmas time are awesome (that could be an extra $3000 – $4000). You’ll love it.

When there’s money to be made by selling harder, and selling more, most people will strive to meet their goals. A little competition never hurt anyone.

If you don’t get commissions, you’re not going to work as hard.

You won’t push that extra mile. You’ll get lazy and comfortable in your selling and never amount to much. So always strive to do better and sell more. Take yourself to the next level.

So what do you have to do with the sale?
You have to learn to ask for it.

Be aggressive and ask for the sale. If you don’t ask for it, you’ll never get it.

You also have to learn to do what it takes to keep the customer in the store.

You can’t let them walk.

Once a customer leaves your store, chances are, you’ve lost the sale forever. Only a handful ever return.

This is because there’s too much competition. 20 other jewelry stores in the area are competing for the same sale. And if you give them the opportunity, they’ll not only match what you gave the customer… but beat it! It happens day in and day out.

In this industry, you only get one shot, one chance to make a lasting impression. You have to make it a good one.

What creates an impression?

Impressions can be made through things you don’t even know; your posture, your attitude, your hairstyle, your clothing, your speech… Your pace of talking.

Are you jittery? Anxious? Nervous? All these things come into play. You can’t be sloppy or unprofessional. Jewelry salespeople have a lot of pride.

Dress attire is expected.

Most salespeople are classy, after all, you are working with millions of dollars. Look like it.

It’s all about presentation.

Everything must work to form the perfect atmosphere for the customer. Relaxing customers and making them feel at home is the goal. Getting their guard down and breaking that wall and boundary is essential. You won’t get a sale if you don’t. It’s just a day in the life of a jewelry salesperson.

You have to overcome the “I’m just looking” line!

Listen and learn:

If you pay attention to the customer and listen to what they really mean (not always what they say), then half your battle is done. Treating customers with respect will bring them back to shop with you again and again.

Another thing you’ll have to learn…

Don’t prejudge.

You have to learn not to prejudge people when they walk in the door. Lots of salespeople make that simple mistake. I’ve seen a lot of toothless farmers come in that have thousands of dollars in their pockets. And if they come into the store, they’re coming in to buy.

Don’t let your opinions lose you a big deal.

So why would customers come back to shop with you?

What brings them back again?

Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, special events and of course you.

You bring them back.

Usually jewelry salespeople become loyal (as long as they don’t steal) and dedicated to the jewelry stores they work at. It’s not unusual for them to last 10 – 30 years in the industry.

Interestingly enough, customers are often as loyal as salespeople are.

As long as you cater to them, and take care of their needs, customers will keep ringing your cash register for an endless amount of years. It’s a trusting bond that you build with your clientele. It’s a relationship and a friendship that gets passed down from generation to generation.

Honesty is the best policy in this business.

People are so leery of jewelers to begin with. You can’t break a customer’s trust.

Be honest with them on everything.

If the jeweler accidentally breaks their stone, tell them.

If the tennis bracelet is really thin and cheap and won’t last long, tell them.

Customers appreciate honesty. Because in the long run, you not only want your customers to be happy with the jewelry they bought from you, but you want them to be happy with you as well.

All in all, learn about the merchandise, keep up on the latest trends and fashion, and here’s a good one…

Never slam the competition!

Being mean or nasty in this industry never pays. It will only drive customers away. Treat your customers like you want to be treated.

If you do your job well and take care of your customers, you won’t have to worry about being cut-throat or unscrupulous in any way. It’s just not worth it.

Jewelry, diamonds, gold and gems are highly prized items. Treat them as such. Work hard, learn your trade, get certified in diamonds and gemstones, and you’ll end up making a very decent living.

Jewelry is rewarding.

Jewelry is a rewarding career choice with lots of great benefits. Whether it be a big corporation or a little independent jeweler, in the mall, or a little strip mall, it doesn’t matter, all it takes is a passion and a desire and you’ll make a lot of money.

If you stay in the field long enough, you’re sure to move up the ranks into sales manager or management. Heck, a lot of people move on to owning a jewelry store one day.

What’s the pay?

Salespeople (on average) can make anywhere from minimum wage up to 30k or more a year.

Jewelry managers can make $30k to $100k and beyond.

If you add in commissions, bonuses, trips, contests, & incentives, not to mention medical and dental insurances, and 401K, you can quickly see why the jewelry store is a great industry to work in.

See you soon! ;)

Now go and read my awesome jewelry salesperson training guide.

Cheers! :)

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