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Colorless Pure White D-E-F Diamonds

Let me tell you about the best diamond colors in the whole wide world:

D-E-F colors.

D, E, and F colors are the 3 grades of colors in the colorless range.

The colorless range (pure white diamonds) make up the highest and best color category there is in diamonds.

The color chart starts with the letter D and goes all the way down the alphabet to the letter Z (light yellow)… “Light yellow” is putting it mildly.

Anything past M color is really yellow. See the GIA color grading chart below…

D E F Colorless Diamond Color Chart

D is the best of the best. Any diamond in the D-E-F range will be very white. They almost look like there’s a spot light on them. They are that bright.

I love colorless diamonds. They have absolutely no color in them whatsoever.

All you see is whiteness.

Most diamonds are not like this. Most of the diamonds on the market do have a slight yellow hue to them (near colorless range).

And what’s funny, most people don’t know this. Most people never get to compare a pure white diamond against a near colorless diamond (G-H-I-J), which are the popular colors sold in stores.

So with no comparisons, you don’t know what you’re missing.

This is a shame. Because there is a huge difference in appearance.

Pure white diamonds are breathtaking and vivid. The whiteness of the body tone seems to light up the facets and make them brighter. Especially if the diamond is cut well (excellent cut). They work together to produce the most brightest and whitest diamond possible.

Putting a great cut with a great color is a combo that can’t be beat.

The results are incredible.

Clarity is not a big issue when it comes to the beauty of a stone. As long as you buy a certified diamond (GIA) of SI1 clarity or higher, your stone will look stunning, clean, and you’ll never see any flaws with the eye. None of the flaws in an SI1 will block light or block sparkle. SI1 or higher clarity is the key.

Color though, color is one thing you can see with the unaided eye.

You can tell if a diamond is off-white, dark, gray, brown, or yellow. You can see this. You can put a pure white stone up against any of the other colors and visibly spot the difference.

It makes quite an impact when I show customers what a colorless diamond really looks like. You can almost hear their jaw hit the ground. It’s that apparent.

Once customers see pure white diamonds, they are sold! They want nothing else.

I’m the same way. Any diamond I buy, no matter what the size, or the price, has to be D, E or F.

That’s how much I love and adore their beauty. It’s a sight to behold.

Which color should you buy?

Anything in the colorless range is top notch and ideal. You won’t regret any of them.

D is the highest and rarest, but also commands the highest price. You won’t find a lot of these on the market (online with James Allen you’ll find tons).

Would I advise buying D? Sure, if you want the best and money is no option. But if it were me, I would rather purchase an E or an F and put the money into a larger carat weight or a better clarity.

E color is pure white and you won’t notice any color differences between a D and a E. E is the perfect color for a diamond. I recommend E hands down.

The color test.

Go into a local jewelry store and ask them to show you 2 diamonds (both being 1.00 carat and SI1 clarity), and both with an an excellent cuts as well (comparing apples to apples). The only difference between these 2 diamonds will be the color. One should be an E, the other should be an I (a common color sold).

This eye test is a great test. Everything is the same except for the color, and boy will there be a difference. You will be blown away!!!

E color will make you wear your sunglasses. It’s out of this world.

Here’s an example of an E colored diamond up against an I colored diamond.

E Color versus I Color Diamonds

If you have an pure white diamond in your engagement ring, and you put your diamond ring up against your girlfriend’s ring (which they all do), chances are good that your diamond will look brighter, whiter, and better. Hers will look darker, duller, and dingy (yellow hues do that). Plus, a whiter, brighter diamond will also look bigger! Bonus!

Why does color make it look bigger? Because of the brightness, sparkle, and purity. It’s a win-win situation. It makes the stone POP!

This is why I always push pure white colors, SI1 or higher, with an excellent cut grade (or the best; True Hearts), and of course, GIA certified… It must be certified!

I’m all about quality (should be after 30 years of this), and simply beautiful diamonds. People always want to know what I would buy. That’s it! That’s a jeweler’s recommendation. With diamonds like that, you won’t ever stop looking at them. You will fall in love with them and get lost in the sparkle.

What about F color?

F color is just as good… almost.

F color is pure white, and a tad cheaper. F color is at the bottom of the colorless range, right above the near colorless range. So sometimes an F color could look more like a G.

Compare F to G below:

F Color looks like a G Color Diamond

This color range can be true for any color you choose (which is why I prefer E color).

This is also why if you buy a diamond, you must buy GIA. They are very strict in their gradings and very accurate. When they say it’s an E color, you can be assured it’s an E.

With any other certificate company you may not get so lucky.

Check out the deals on pure white diamonds below (all SI1, certified with excellent cut grades). Diamonds and prices come from James Allen, the biggest online diamond jeweler. :)

You will pay more for diamonds with no color in them, but if you’re looking for a top quality, exceptional diamond, don’t skimp or get lost in buying the best clarity or carat weight. Put your money into colorless diamonds (because you don’t carry around a microscope or a 10x jeweler’s loupe, so you’ll never see the difference in the inclusions.

Color is where it’s at!

Color you can see, or should I say, no color is what you can’t see! :)

White is white. And bright. And beautiful!

Check out more pure white diamonds here at James Allen.

Cheers! :)

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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

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