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What are Anniversary Rings?

What is an Anniversary Band?

Well, it’s Basically a Ring that you Buy your Better Half to Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary with.

You can Buy a Ring for ANY Anniversary as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 17th or 25th.

Big Years?

No, it doesn’t need to be one of those “BIG” Years to Count either. It just Depends on the Particular Year that you Decide you want to Buy her Another Ring! That’s all!

What exactly makes an Anniversary Ring?

Is it the Style? The Look?

The Amount of Diamonds?

The Metal?

I would have to say all of the above, and none of the above…

Anniversary Rings can really be anything you want them to be. 14kt Yellow Gold, White Gold, Platinum? Absolutely! Any Metal works Fine except for Silver, which is too Soft to Hold Diamonds (That’s why many Silver Rings have CZ’s in them).

Many of you know there are Standard Types of Anniversary Bands on the Market. The Most Popular Rings are: Channel Set Rings, and the Past-Present-Future 3 Diamond Ring (Pictured above).

They Both Make Great Anniversary Bands!

And then you have Diamond Cluster Rings (Some Look Like Raised Pyramids), the new Everlon Love Knot Diamond Ring Works Excellent as well, Marquise Bands, Pave Set Diamonds, Two-Tone Rings, the Styles are Endless. Any Ring or Band can be used as an Anniversary Ring. Take a look at some Examples below…

Anniversary Bands!

You see, it all comes down to Preference

The only Golden Rule that I know of, is that it Needs to Contain Diamonds!

Diamonds Stand for the Endurance of Love. (Say I Do Again!)

Diamonds Work Perfect for any type of Ring, Promise Ring, Wedding, Bridal, Eternity Ring or Anniversary.

The type of Ring you choose is all based upon your Likes and Dislikes, as well as your Partners. If it doesn’t Fit into the Conventional Style… Who Cares?

If you like it, get it!

When you’re out Shopping for Anniversary Rings, Here are a Couple of Tips for you:

Watch the Prong Count!

Anniversary Bands are Notorious for containing lots of Diamonds and lots of Prongs. The more Prongs you have, the more Problems you’ll have later. Prongs Snag, Bend, Break off, Wear Down and will Cost you a Ton of Money. The Fewer the Diamonds and Fewer the Prongs, the Better.

Also, try not to get an Anniversary Ring that Overpowers your Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring either. Your Bridal Set should always be the Focal Point.

Where will it be Worn?

If you get an Anniversary Ring, the first thing you’ll have to Decide is what Finger you are going to Wear it on. That will also Help you Decide the Style to Buy. Some Ladies will put it in Front of their Wedding Set. Great! Just make sure it Fits Flush against your other Rings without Gaps.

Many Ladies prefer to Wear it on the Right Hand as well.

I usually Advise this because it will Not Limit the type of Band you get. Every Ring is Different, you’ll just have to try them on to see where they look Best.

Now as far as the Amount of Diamonds go… it doesn’t matter!

Nor does it matter what Carat Weight they are. Just Strive to get something that you like and something that you’ll Enjoy…

Because you may be Wearing this Anniversary Ring for a Long, Long Time.

Guys usually only Buy one of these!

Better make it a Good one!

Amazon has some Awesome Anniversary Rings here!

Cheers! :)

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