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The Best Medical Alert Bracelet You Can Buy

Having problems with medic alert jewelry?

Can’t find any you like?

Don’t know where to buy them?

Well don’t worry, a lot of people have issues with medical alert… You’re not alone!

The most common jewelry available for alerting paramedics are medic alert bracelets.

They are the number one seller. But sadly, most of these bracelets are cheaply made and don’t hold up. They turn your arm colors, the gold-plating wears off, the charm tarnishes, the clasp breaks, it falls off your wrist… It’s just horrible.

Not to mention that the styles are old, big and clunky.

Who wants to wear those?

Women always ask me “Don’t they make pretty medical alert bracelets?” Customers want a bracelet that’s not only functional, but beautiful at the same time. They want something that looks like real jewelry and NOT costume jewelry.

Well let me tell you…

They do make wonderful medic alert jewelry.

So if you’re tired of losing your bracelet because of that cheap, junky clasp… If you’re tired of having a black and green stained wrist… If you’re tired of wearing an ugly piece of jewelry that you’re ashamed to wear… then listen up…

You need to buy gold!

That’s right. You need to buy 14kt gold to be exact (A lot of people are allergic to 10kt gold). It’s as easy as that.

In fact, if you already own a nice link bracelet of 14kt gold, then you’re in luck, because it won’t be nearly as bad or expensive as you’re probably thinking. If you have a 14kt bracelet that you love and wear already, then all you have to do is buy the gold medic alert charm.

Almost any jeweler will sell medic alert charms (You’ll probably have to order them in 14kt gold though, since most won’t stock the real ones). Just look in their gold charm book and I’m sure you’ll find some (The neat thing about purchasing a medic alert charm is that you can always wear it around your neck if you don’t like bracelets).

Get the symbol:

14kt gold medic alert charms should have the medic alert symbol on one side engraved with red enamel (see picture).

The other side will be flat and smooth so you can engrave it.

The amount of text you need engraved will determine the actual size of the charm you need. Make sure you know what you want it to say before you purchase a charm. You’ll need to know if it’ll fit. Keep in mind, text sizes and engraving machines will vary from jewelry store to jewelry store. So check it out ahead of time.

Block letters please:

The text itself should be done in block lettering (not script). Block letters are the easiest to read in a hurry. During an emergency you don’t want people trying to decipher what your condition is. “Does that say ‘Insulin’ or ‘Onion’?”

And while ordering the charm, be leery of the thickness of the gold charm. Some charms are paper-thin. Those are a waste, skip them.

You should get something heavier and more substantial to wear for everyday. 1 MM or thicker will be a nice, durable charm. With a thicker charm, you can actually engrave the text deep so it’ll last a lifetime and not wear off.

Note: thin charms will bend and warp during the engraving process. Make sure you get the engraving as deep as possible. Faint letters will be hard to read with constant wear and tear and scratches will make it almost unreadable. Buy a quality charm and you won’t regret it.

It could even save your life… Don’t skimp!

Once you get the charm, have it soldered onto your bracelet with a jump ring (see picture). Make sure they solder the jump ring closed to ensure the charm will remain on your bracelet forever and won’t fall off. Don’t use jump rings that look like the spiral rings your keys go on… Those spiral rings are easy to pull apart and won’t last. Avoid them at all cost.

The best type of bracelets?

The best type of bracelet to use (if you don’t have one), is a curb link bracelet (see picture). Curb links are wonderful link bracelets that are fashionable, durable and the best thing about them: They won’t get caught on your clothes or kink. curb links make perfect medic alert bracelets. If you don’t have a curb link, go out and buy one today.

The clasp matters:

Now that you have the charm and bracelet, don’t forget the clasp! The right clasp is extremely important for protecting your valuables. The safest and easiest clasp to wear and use is the lobster claw (see picture again).

Metal color:

As far as the color of the gold you should get… I suggest buying yellow gold vs white gold. Yellow gold stands out more than white gold and will get noticed. The yellow shimmer will catch the medics eyes when they’re checking your wrist. If it doesn’t get seen, it won’t do its job.

If you’re still deciding what type of jewelry to purchase, whether to buy a medical alert pendant, bracelet, or some other medic alert jewelry…

Buy the bracelet.

I would recommend a bracelet over any other style for a couple of reasons… Medics always look for a medical alert bracelet. It’s the most common. That’s what most people get, and that’s where most people put them. If I had one, that’s where I would wear one too. In a pinch, every second counts.

Spending a little extra cash on a piece of fine jewelry that not only looks good, but can save your life, is not only worth every penny, but it’s absolutely priceless too!

Check out Amazon’s great deals on medic alert jewelry HERE.

Cheers! :)

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