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Finger Ring Sizer Chart

Looking for a way to size your finger, or see what size your ring is?

Especially when you order rings online, they always ask what size of ring you want, and if you don’t know, the ring you purchase won’t fit.

And chances are, it will then cost you money to size it locally at a jewelry store, or cost you money to ship it back to the company, size it, or order in a new one.

All because you didn’t know what size you were.

So, I’ve made it easy for you. I’ve created a ring sizer chart that shows 5 ways to figure out your ring size.

The PDF downloadable is FREE. Enjoy it. Print it out, use it, it works (as I’ve shown).

Let me go over the 5 ways of obtaining your finger size with this guide

1) Use my sizing tool:

Print the PDF out (not the images on this page), and cut out the sizing tool template at the top of the page. Cut a small slit in the diagram as shown. Wrap the paper snugly around your finger and through the slice (with the numbers facing out). Look at the numbers shown at the slit. That’s your ring size.

If the numbers fall on an 8, you wear an 8. If the numbers fall in the middle, as in 12.5, buy a 12 1/2 ring…

And if the sizing tool falls in between one of the markers, like 6 3/4, then buy the next size up… which is a 7.

It’s easy to use, and it’s the quickest way to size your finger if you have no other reference.

Download the sizing chart here.

Finger Sizing Tool

And just to show you how it works, I have wrapped the paper tool around my finger and slid the end through the slot. As you can see, my ring size is a 9.5.

Using Ring Sizer Tool

2) Use string to size your finger:

Very similar to the sizing tool, you wrap a piece of string (non-stretchy) snugly around your finger, and where it overlaps, you cut the string.

Now lay this string out on the PDF FILE you downloaded and printed.

See what size you are.

Size Your Finger With String

As I demonstrate in this next image, I have wrapped string around my finger, cut it, and laid it on my PDF guide. It is slightly longer than size 9 (so it’s a 9.5).

Using String To Size Finger

3) Ring sizing chart:

This is my favorite and the BEST way to tell what size your ring is. It’s simple, and EASY to use.

Just print out the downloadable PDF File (did I mention it’s FREE?), and lay a ring that already fits your finger (the same finger you’re buying a ring for), and see what size closest matches to your ring.

You go by the inside diameter of the ring, NOT the outside.

Lay it over the circles to see which template matches the inside width of your ring.

That tells you what size ring you have, and need.

Finger Sizer MM Chart for Rings

Just to show you how this works, I have printed out my chart, and laid my ring over the correctly fitting circle.

My tungsten ring, as you can see below, is a size 9.5. Everything works great.

Using Ring Sizing Chart

4) International ring sizes:

If you are buying a ring out of the country, and need to convert European ring sizes into US ring sizes, this is the chart to use.

It converts ring sizes from all across the globe to help you obtain your proper size.

It converts not only ring sizes in inches, and mm (millimetre), as well as the diameter size of the ring, but it also shows you International ring sizes in Australian, British, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Swiss, and of course, U.S.A.

This chart is small here (below), and may be hard to see, but print it out, and you’ll be able to use it in seconds.

International Ring Sizes Conversion Chart

5) Take your finger or ring to a jeweler:

Seriously. The most accurate way to tell your finger size or ring size, is to take your finger or ring into a jeweler and have them properly fit you.

They are pros at this. They do it every day.

It only takes a minute or two the next time you’re out to swing into the jewelry store to check…

Just to be sure.

They’ll use metal or plastic ring sizers on your fingers, or use a steel mandrel on your ring to determine your exact ring size.

Download the PDF FILE HERE:

Download the PDF File. Make sure you print this at 100%. It’s made to fit one full, standard sized sheet of paper, and it leaves room for the non-printing edge too. ;) All you have to do is PRINT. Just make sure your computer or printer doesn’t have check marks in the boxes that say “paper scale” or “scale to print“. Leave those unchecked. Just PRINT and GO.

Finger Ring Sizer Chart

After all this, there are still 2 more ways to find your ring size

6) Get a plastic ring sizing tool:

The plastic ring sizing tools really do work, and they work pretty seamless and perfect.

I should know this, I have tons of them in my house. You see, I created a Diamond Crash Course about Diamonds, and if you purchase the Package Deal, it comes with a Jeweler’s Loupe, Polishing Cloth, 4 C’s Grading Charts, AND a Plastic Ring Sizer.


You can just go to Blue Nile and request a FREE Plastic Ring Sizer from them. It’s FREE. Why not?

They will mail it out to you pretty quickly. Just hope you’re not in a desperate rush.

Tips & tricks of sizing your finger:

Yes, there are some pointers to all of this that I would like to “point” out…

  1. Measure your fingers later on in the day, when they’re warm.
  2. If you have big knuckles, measure your finger, then measure your knuckle, and then choose a ring size in between them.
  3. If you’re buying a wide band (like 8mm), purchase a ring 1/2 size larger.
  4. The average Men’s ring size is 10 – 10.5.
  5. The average Lady’s ring size is 6 – 6.5.
  6. Your dominate hand is usually 1/2 size larger than your other hand.

If you don’t know her size…

Guys (or Girls), if you are trying to figure out a ring size for a surprise ring, like an engagement ring or a ring you’re proposing in, DON’T GET IT SIZED! That’s right, leave the ring in the default ring size (what ever it’s made with), and get it sized and fitted later.

One really good reason to wait in case you don’t know her exact size… You can’t return the ring once it’s been sized, and it costs money to have the ring resized if you’re wrong. Leave it be and give it to her as is…

P.S. As I’ve mentioned many times already, before you print out this Ring Size Chart, make sure it’s printing to 100% actual size, not scaled or stretched or enlarged. Otherwise, all your ring sizes will be inaccurate.

Download and print the ring size chart here.


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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

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  1. Was going to print this but there is entirely too much on that page and would waste ink…

  2. This is not a download, it took me to a extremely colorful diagram which would really suck to have to print.

    • Hi Tim. It is a download. When you open it up, use the right mouse button and “save as”. But, as you should know, you can’t use it on the phone. You’ll have to print it out for everything to be the correct size to work. If you don’t want to waste color, just print black and white. :) -Richard

  3. Luke Redepenning-Vance // January 8, 2023 at 7:23 pm // Reply

    Really appreciate finding this, and seeing all the hard work you’ve put in. I’m only just beginning in terms of true organization. I have your site saved, and plan to be back many times. Thank you for the ability to verify and cross other available information.

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