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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Should you have a Diamond Culet or No Diamond Culet?

Culet, or no culet?

That is the question.

Which is better? Having a culet, or not having a culet?

Both can be considered excellent. So is one better than the other?

Let’s find out by taking another look at culets

What is a culet?

A culet is the very bottom point (tip) of a diamond. This is where all the facets of the pavilion (base of the diamond) meet up.

The culet is the name of the facet that is left behind when the diamond cutter cuts that point off. The culet becomes an octagon facet parallel to the table (top flat window of the diamond).

Take a look at what a diamond culet is…

Diamond Culet

Culet cuts and facets:

There are 8 different types of culet facets. Most of the grades are excellent or good.

Only when you get into large, very large, or extremely large culet sizes does it start to affect the look of the diamond.

A large culet will make it look like the diamond has a hole in it.

The 8 different grades of culets are:

None = Excellent

Very Small = Excellent

Small = Excellent

Medium = Very Good

Slightly Large = Good

Large = Good

Very Large = Fair

Extremely Large = Poor

The Best Culet to have

The best type of culet to have is anywhere from no culet, to a medium culet.

You can see what type of culet you have by checking out a diamond report (a.k.a. GIA certified diamonds).

The funny thing is, even when the diamond has no culet, it is still listed under culet: Culet = None.

No culet is considered excellent. So is very small, and small.

Compare a small culet to a large culet in the picture below…

Small Diamond Culet vs Large Diamond Culet

See how a large culet can look like a bullet hole?

If no culet, very small culet, and small culet is considered excellent, does it matter if you choose one over the other?


The point of the culet:

The reason a diamond has a culet is simple: to prevent chipping or breaking.

The diamond tip is fragile and can easily be broken if it gets bumped or hit.

This is why the tip is often removed. It prevents the diamond from damage.

Is one better than the other?

Is having a small culet better than not having one? Sure! Why risk chipping a diamond if you don’t have to?

Do you really want to take the chances?

Picture this:

You buy a beautiful loose diamond (the only way to buy a diamond is loose) with a top of the line color and clarity (like these diamonds here). It’s also certified by the best there is: GIA. You decide to have the diamond set into a tiffany style engagement ring. But, during the setting process, the jeweler accidentally pushes the diamond too far into the head (what holds the diamond in place) and chips the tip of the stone.

Chances are good that the jeweler won’t realize he did it either. And unless you microscope your diamond when you pick it up, you won’t know as well.


You bet.

So in my opinion…

Having a small culet, or medium, is the best culet to have.

As far as the diamond report goes, small culet, medium, or no culet will be graded the same (excellent). But for protection and peace of mind, having a small or medium culet is much better than none.

Cheers! :)

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