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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Funny Ring Engraving Quotes




Want a Little Laughter?

A Little Fun?

Then don’t be that Boring Blah Person that Engraves the Same Old Quote that Everyone Else Engraves… You know “Love John“, “R & T“, “I Heart You“, “Together Forever“…


Everybody Has Those!

I’m Talking Something Different. Something Cute, Funny, Sassy, Witty, Current , Cool and Crazy…

Something only You and Your Better Half will Appreciate.

After all, you are Chained Together for all of Eternity


So Loosen up that Tie, Kick off those Heels, it’s time to Make Some Smiles.

Spread Some Joy. Spread some Peanut Butter. Tell your Soulmate that THIS is what to Expect for the Rest of your Life! :)

So let’s get to it…

The Best, Most Fun, Hilarious, Insane Quotes, Plus some MEMES to Make you Happy! Engrave these in your Engagement Ring or Wedding Band and let the Laughter Begin.


Funny Ring Quotes:

Oh Hell No! Derp!
Put Me Back On! U Just Got Rick Rolled
The Better Half So Close…
Wait. WHAT? I Regret Nothing
I Haz A Happee Better Than Bacon
No Take Backs Hump Day Everyday
Boobs & Poops His: Master – Hers: Slave
Good Luck Hot Wifey Award
DAFUQ? Mine, Mine, All Mine!
Happy Wife, Happy Life Ditto
Shit Just Got Real Hold My Purse
Wat? Happy Now?
Best I Can Do Do I Have To Wear Pants?
Wassup Haters Kiss Me Fool
I See What You Did There I Call Dibs
His: Couch Potato 1 – Hers: Couch Potato 2 Is It D Day?
You Sleep? Or Nah? Trophy Wife
To Be Continued… Race You To The Shower
My Rib Boo-Boo & Yogi
You Wore Me Down No Refunds – No Returns
You Jump, I Jump Property Of ________
Woot! Woot! I Love You More Than Pizza
Two Peas DOH!
One Ring To Rule My Bra Do Not Remove
Love & Junk #1 Headache Cure
I’m In It For The Sex Sucker
“That’s What” -She What’s Yours Is Mine
His: I Love You – Hers: I Know For Real?
“Aliens” YOLO
Deez Nuts? Like A Boss
Ermahgerd One Does Not Simply Get Married
O RLY? Challenge Accepted
Bitch Please NO.
Do It. Do It NOW! Human Level: Married
True Story Who’s Sorry Now?
Embrace It! Genius
I Shit You Not Till The Wheels Fall Off
You Ruins It The Key To The Chastity Belt
A Deals a Deal Finders Keepers
Bow Chicka Bow Wow What Happened In Vegas…
Roll With Me May The Force Be With Us
Let’s Look For Dragons His: Big Spoon – Hers: Little Spoon
Mac & Cheese If Removed Alarm Will Sound
Stick Finger Here My Husband Is Hot
Not For Pawning Two Wishes Left
Make Me A Sammich As Long As We Have Snacks
I Pick The Cute Blond Gotcha!
To Love, Honor, & Irritate Good Morning Gorgeous
Yes! DUH! I Love You Butthead
Hey Girl WOW! Such Vows
Soon Dat Ass
Don’t Even Think About It You Had Me At Hola!
BAM! Bloody Hell
So Worth It Your Safety Rope
Pinky Swear Simmer Down & Pucker Up
Damn DNA Tests You Don’t Say?
Do Or Do Not. There Is No Try His: Frankenstein – Hers: Bride of Frankenstein
That Awkward Moment When… Same Wife – New Ring
Why So Serious? LOL
Hook, Line & Sinker Marry Me Dork
As You Wish Make It So
My Gift To You Is Myself When In Doubt, Cuddle
I Liked It, Put A Ring On It! You’re A Lucky Man
Resistance Is Futile I Love Me
Deal With It Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD!
Alrighty Then… RAWR!!

If you have More to Add to the List, leave them in the Comments below.

I’m Sure People will Enjoy it!

Cheers! :)

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  1. As on my rings:
    Wife: Race to me!
    Husband: DUFAQ! I’m flying!!!

  2. Until we can’t

  3. Dr. Michael A Lauinger // March 1, 2022 at 3:01 am // Reply

    You had me at, “I Do!”

    For love and pizza

    I had nothing better to do

    Trophy Husband

    Give me the finger

    I think it’s yours

    Insert husband here

    Insert wife here

    Round and round we go

    The circle of life

    My bitch



    Until someone better comes along

    Since you asked


    What’s your name again?

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