The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Blue Nile Versus James Allen

In my eyes, there are only TWO places to Buy Loose Certified Diamonds Online:

Blue Nile and James Allen

Both Companies were Founded in the late 1990’s (98 & 99), and both offer Comparable Services, Quality and Diamond Selection.

So How Do You Compare Them?

You Look at Everything:

  • Price
  • Selection
  • Details
  • Warranties
  • Return Policy
  • Trade-In Policy
  • Service
  • Financing

So let’s Dive in and Compare these Two Massive Diamond Dealers, and then we’ll Compare my Favorite Diamond Quality as well.

It’s Blue Nile VS James Allen

Blue Nile Com

James Allen Com

Ready, Set, GO…

Starting with…

Diamond Prices

In most instances, Blue Nile is a Tad Bit Cheaper than James Allen (only by a Couple Hundred though). But you can really Debate this, because the Diamond Market Changes Daily, and it all Depends on the Actual Diamonds in Stock at any given time.

One day James Allen could be Cheaper, the next Blue Nile. They’re Pretty Close and the Prices are Still WAY Cheaper than any Jewelry Store you can Visit (by a long shot).

Diamond Selection

At the time of this Post, James Allen carried 73,430 Loose Certified Stones, plus 2,642 Fancy Colored Diamonds. Blue Nile carried 143,444 Loose Stones and 1,906 Fancies. So Blue Nile has a much Bigger Inventory (almost Double). But when we’re talking this many Diamonds, it doesn’t really matter much. They’ll both have what you need plus Thousands and Thousands More!

So finding ONE Diamond in a Certain Color or Clarity is not an issue. Especially when you consider that a Normal Jewelry Store will generally only carry about 50 Certified Diamonds (usually less) in Stock.

So really, there is no Comparison to what they carry versus your Local Jeweler. They’ll blow them away!!!

Diamond Details

Both Companies allow you to Search and Filter Loose Stones down to the Smallest Detail.

They even allow you to View the Actual Diamond Report (a.k.a. Certificate) online to see every Spec of that Stone.

But then…

Sample Photos?

Blue Nile Shows Stock Photos of their Diamonds instead of the Real Thing!

Sample Photos that in no way Represent the Actual Diamond or Quality you’re Buying…

Blue Nile Shows Sample Stock Diamond Photos

Buying a Diamond Sight-Unseen is iffy! (If it wasn’t GIA Certified, I’d say NO WAY!) I like to see the Diamond Up-Close and Personal!

Wouldn’t YOU Want to See it First?

I like to VIEW the Diamond under 10x Magnification BEFORE Buying it. That way I can see what the Stone Visually Looks like, and see all the Flaws inside (But then again, Blue Nile does have a Return Policy…)

You’ll do a 360!

This is where James Allen Excells…

James Allen has what they call “360° Diamond Display Technology“, which shows you the REAL Diamond you’re Buying, Magnified 10x, and it’s Interactive. It allows you to Not only View the Actual Stone, but Spin it around so you can See it from all Angles.

It’s Amazing!

James Allen 360 Diamond Display Technology

You will Never look at Diamonds the Same Way Again!

Warranties and Policies

Both Companies carry some of the BEST Warranties in the Biz.

They Offer:

  • Free Shipping
  • Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturer’s Defects
  • 100% Returns for 30 Days
  • Free Upgrades (For 2x Times the Purchase)

James Allen also gives you:

  • 60 Day Free Ring Sizings
  • Free Returns
  • Free Cleanings and Inspections
  • 70% Buy Backs up to 2 Years (Unheard of in this Industry)

Diamond Financing

Both Companies offer Different Payment Options, like Credit Card, Check, Money Orders, Money Wire (Which Blue Nile will even Save you More Money with), and both offer Flexible Financing Plans, and even Interest Free Options…

Just be Careful, because if you are LATE with a Payment, or Don’t Pay it in Full, then High Interest Rates may Apply (From the Very First Day of Purchase!)

Blue Nile Interest Free Financing

As always, I Advise Paying in Cash (Bank Wire) and Saving More Money if you can.

Now Let’s Compare Diamonds

I Searched both Blue Nile and James Allen for the EXACT Same Diamond (My Favorite Quality), VS1, E, Excellent Cut, Polish & Symmetry, 1 Carat, GIA Certified, with Zero Fluorescence.

This is What I Found:

Blue Nile 101 Round Diamond VS1 E

James Allen 102 Round Diamond VS1 E

As you can see, both Stones are about as Identical as you can get. Blue Nile’s Stone is $8,620.

James Allen’s Stone is $9,000!

So there is a Difference of $380, No Big Deal.

A 14K White Gold Tiffany Style Mounting Costs $190 at Blue Nile and $180 at James Allen.

Blue Nile Gives you a Bank Wire Discount!

Blue Nile will actually Drop the Price of this Stone down to $8,490.70 if you use a Bank Wire (BONUS!)



That Generic Stock Photo really is a…


Compare the Two Diamond Plots Below:

Blue Nile 101 Round Diamond Plot

James Allen 102 Round Diamond Plot

The Bottom Line:

Either Company will Sell you Diamonds at Deep Discounts because they have Little Overhead. Both are almost Identical in Selecting a Diamond, Policies and Price. Blue Nile has more Stones and is a little Cheaper… But James Allen shows you the Stone. It’s a toss up depending what your Priorities are…

For Me:

I Like to See the Stone!

(But the Money…)

You get to see the Actual Diamond you’re Buying at James Allen, Magnified, from all Angles.


That Technology Sells Me! :)

But for other’s, it’s Money Money Money!

A Couple Hundred Dollars doesn’t make or Break the Bank. Policies, Service, and the Ability to see the Real Diamond FIRST may.

It’s too Close to call…

As a Further Comparison…

Just for Comparison, I Searched for a Similar Diamond at Kay Jewelers (The Largest Jeweler in the Country) Online.

This Low Quality Stone is the CLOSEST PRICED DIAMOND I could find:

Kay Jewelers 1 Carat Round Diamond

HA! That Quality is POOR! It’s only an SI2 Clarity with I Color. OUCH!

Plus, it’s NOT Certified, doesn’t list the Actual CUT Grade, doesn’t List Polish or Symmetry, and doesn’t even Mention Fluorescence!!!

And People Buy From Them, WHY?

No Thank You!

I’ll stick with the BIG TWO: Blue Nile and James Allen

Shop with James Allen Today, and View more of my Favorite Stones HERE!

Or Buy from Blue Nile and SAVE SAVE SAVE!

Cheers! :)


  1. I couldn’t agree more about what you’re saying about the diamond images. Those are a big selling point for me and just add to the confidence I have when buying.

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