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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Puzzle Ring Solution

You know what the Irish wedding band puzzle ring is? They’re the puzzle rings that are either 3 or 4 interlocking pieces, that when put together correctly, form a wedding band that symbolizes faithfulness and loyalty.

Well, here’s the secret to the wedding band puzzle ring…


HA! You see, the puzzle ring was made for one purpose, and one purpose only, to catch cheaters. Married couples would wear the puzzle ring, and if one of the love birds decided to cheat on the other, they would sneakily remove their wedding band so their new lover wouldn’t know they were married…

That’s where the problem begins. Because once the puzzle ring is removed, there’s a very good chance that the rings will fall apart and become a twisted mass of metal rings. A sure sign of foolery.

Naughty, Naughty!

Unless you know the secret, puzzle rings are nothing but hours and hours of frustration and a test of patience. Most people give up, never solving the puzzle and ultimately getting “caught” in their extra marital affairs.

The puzzle ring works a little too well, if you ask me. Couples couldn’t even take their rings off to wash their hands. What’s up with that?

The rings were like handcuffs.

Let the accusations fly…

So how does one put these intriguing ruzzle rings back together again? What’s the mysterious puzzle ring’s secret?

Knowing where to begin is the real secret. I’ll use the 4 piece puzzle ring as my working example (see diagram below).

Puzzle Ring Solution:

First, get the ring to look like A in the illustration. Rings 1 and 2 form the outside and base of your ring. The 2 rings hanging from the center are what tie and lock everything into place.

Looking at illustration B, you’ll see the alignment the hanging rings (3 & 4) need to get into. They’ll end up like this for the final solution.

Best 4 Ring Puzzle Ring Solution

Diagram C is where it all gets tricky. You have to take ring 2 and turn it in place, until the double notches hook into rings 3 and 4.

Solving the puzzle ring.

Once locked securely into place, move to diagram D. In D, you’ll see the last difficult step to solving the fun puzzle ring. You have to take ring 1 and twist that around into place, just like you did with Ring 2. Once ring 1 is in place, all that you have to do is fold rings 1 and 4 down as in diagram E. Once folded down, all the rings should lock into place. Viola!

The puzzle is complete!

And if you don’t want to go through all this headache again, then just practice.

Work the puzzle over and over again until you get good at it. It should only take you a couple of minutes once you learn. Memorize the trick and you’ll impress plenty of onlookers. Or you can just do what some couples do…

Super glue the rings together.

And if that fails… keep your rings on!

It’s not worth the hassle.

Buy your puzzle rings from Amazon HERE.

Cheers! :)

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  1. Deborah Kuncken // January 27, 2017 at 2:47 pm // Reply

    Help, I bought a braided puzzle ring, it came apart, how do I put it back together.

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