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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
Top 5 Best Selling Necklace Chains For Men and Fathers Day

The five best.

There are 5 chains on the market that are the best, most ideal chains for men (and even women) to buy.

They not only are popular, stylish, but are durable and strong as well.

Plus, they make the perfect gift.

The Top 5 best chains are:

  1. Figaro Link Chain
  2. Curb (Cuban) Link Chain
  3. Rope Chain
  4. Cable Link Chain
  5. Wheat Chain

Let’s take a look at them:

Top 5 Best Selling Chains For Men

Link, rope, and wheat chains are awesome, because they move without kinking, they can be worn while you’re sleeping (without bending or breaking the chains), and they can hold pendants and charms with ease.

Tips to look for:

  • Gold or Steel – Gold (10k or 14k) and stainless steel will last forever (Sterling Silver is not good because it’s soft, tarnishes, and will leave stains on your neck and clothes).
  • Lobster clasp – the lobster clasp (see image) is the most durable clasp you can buy. I highly recommend that over a spring ring.
  • The ideal length really depends on what you indent to do with the chain (wear it by itself, or with a pendant). Generally, for men, the average length is 20″ (for women, it’s 18″).
  • Thicker is better – The thicker the chain is, the more durable it will be.
  • Not hollow – Make sure the chain is not hollow. Hollow chains will bend, dent, and crush!
  • Soldered closed – If any way possible, make sure the links are independently soldered (closed). Otherwise, they may pull open if tugged on.
  • Stay away from flat chains (like Herringbone Chains). Flat chains will kink, bend in half, and be destroyed if you lay on them.

Buy the best chains here:

  1. Figaro Link Chain
  2. Curb (Cuban) Link Chain
  3. Rope Chain
  4. Cable Link Chain
  5. Wheat Chain

And see ALL the chains for men HERE!

Cheers! :)

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