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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Ring Sizer Guards

A lot of People have Rings that Don’t Fit!

They’re either too Big, or they Spin Around your Finger.

No one likes a Floppy Ring!

Especially an Engagement Ring.

Luckily, there are a lot of Options:

  • Get your Ring Sized to Fit
  • Get a Ring Guard put on
  • Tie a String around your Ring

Okay, that last one is Pretty Old Fashioned (My EX-Girlfriend did it with my Class Ring back in Highschool).

But that’s not really a Great Option (She LOST My RING!!!)

And Sizing it isn’t always the Best Option either. Many people don’t like to get their Ring Sized because:

  • Their Fingers Swell Up and Down Daily
  • Their Fingers Change Sizes with the Seasons (Tight in the Summer, Loose in the Winter)
  • Sizing can get Pretty Expensive (Especially if your Ring is Platinum)
  • And, Many People Just Don’t Trust Jewelers! (“You Want me to Leave my Ring?“)

So the Alternative of course, is Ring Guards

For 25 Years I’ve been putting Ring Guards (Gold Filled Ring Guards) on People’s Rings like this:

Gold Filled Metal Ring Size Guards

Metal Guards Do Work, and they can Last a Long Time… And they even make Larger Metal Ring Guards like this for Double Rings (Engagement and Wedding Rings). You can also Buy a Kit like this that has all Different Sizes and Do it Yourself (Just Don’t Forget the Jeweler’s Pliers).

Sadly, these Types of Ring Guards are only Meant to be Temporary for a Number of Reasons:

  • They Don’t look so Hot (Did you see the Ring above?)
  • They Leave a Gap between the Guard and the Finger, which can Squish and Bend your Ring out of Shape
  • They are Plated, and may Break your Skin out in a Rash
  • They can Scratch and Dent and Damage your Ring Shank, because you are taking Pliers and Wrapping Metal around the Base of your Ring… Which Reminds me, you can do this yourself, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you can really Mess up the Guards and your Ring!
  • They are Often Sharp and Pointy and Dig into your Finger and Skin

Even the Spring Ring Metal Guards aren’t any Better. They still have to be Wrapped around the Base and can Damage or Harm the Ring.

So what’s your Best Bet?

Plastic Ring Sizer Guards!

They make Many Varieties of Plastic Ring Guards, and my Favorite is the Ring Noodle, shown below…

Plastic Ring Sizer Noodle Guards

Want to Know Why I Love These?

There are Plenty of Reasons why these Ring Noodles ROCK!

  1. They are Easy to Put On and Take Off (It’s a Flexible Plastic Tube with a Slot down the Side that just Pushes over your Shank)
  2. They can be Cut to Different Lengths, so they Fit most any Ring, and can Alter the Size Up or Down
  3. They Don’t Damage the Ring in the Least
  4. They are Hypoallergenic!
  5. They are Practically Invisible (Clear Plastic)
  6. They are Extremely Comfortable to Wear (No Sharp Metal Digging or Poking your Skin)
  7. They are CHEAP! (About Half the Price of a Gold Filled Guard)

See, that’s a lot of Reasons!

Plus, there’s more…

  1. These Noodle Ring Guards are Perfect because you can Put them On and Take them Off as needed.
  2. It can make your Ring Fit 1/2 Size Smaller, or even a Full Size Smaller.
  3. There are NO TOOLS Needed to put them on.
  4. They Keep your Ring Upright so it Doesn’t Spin or Rotate on your Finger.
  5. They Work Perfect in you have Big Knuckles!

All this from a Plastic Tube!

Who would have known…?

Noodles are the Most Popular Ring Guard because they are a Little Bit Thicker and Won’t Slip off the Ring.

But there are a lot of Brands of Plastic Ring Guards on the Market:

So Buy a Guard, Put it On, and Wear your Ring TODAY!

Cheers! :)

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  1. Margaret Friel // November 3, 2017 at 2:46 pm // Reply

    20+ years ago in HongKong I purchased a ring size adjuster made of wire. It was a “butterfly” design, the middle of the adjuster wrapped around the shank of the ring, then the 2 wings ran up the sides (shank) & the 2 ends of the adjuster wrapped around the shank again. It was Wonderful/Comfortable- It Really Worked, made the ring slide easily over the knuckle & then adjust perfectly to the finger. There is nothing on-line in the computer comparable.

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