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Wedding Rings Fit Too Snug?

“Eat Me”

Let’s Face it, Marriage has a way of Making our Bodies Bigger!

We have Kids, we Eat more Dinners at Home, we Work Out Less (no one to Impress)… Our Bodies Change.

And, our Wedding Rings don’t Fit like they Used to.

Sure, someday we’ll Lose a Couple of Pounds. Sure we Want to have the Bodies we once had. But we Aren’t getting any Younger and Time is Slipping away…

The Point is:

Our Rings are Too Snug!

This could even Happen directly after you say “I DO” as well. Just simply Adding your Wedding Band to your Engagement Ring could make them Fit Too Snug. Putting that 2nd Ring on your Finger takes up more Room. It makes Both Rings Fit Tighter.

So what do you do?

Is there a way of Making them Feel Better and Fit Better? YES and YES!

Any Good Jeweler can take your Engagement Ring or Wedding Set (Bridal Rings), and have them Sized up. Usually just 1/2 size or 1 full Size will do it.

Even if your Rings are Soldered Together, they can take them Apart, Size them up and Solder them back again. AND, I’ve even seen Jewelers even Leave the Rings Permanently together and Add in one Thick Shank to the Bottom of the Bands as well. This makes them Bigger and More Durable at the same time (Which is Good, because Wedding Rings also have the Tendency of Thinning out at the Bottom and Getting Weak!).

Jeweler’s Size Rings on a Daily Basis. It’s one of the Number One things Jewelers do. So Don’t Worry in the least if they’ll Harm your Rings or not. They are Pros and know what they’re doing!

Ring Sizing Prices

Prices on Ring Sizings will vary Depending on the Jeweler, the amount of Work to be Done, and the amount of Metal Needed to Finish the Job. It could run you $25, or it could run you up to $100 or more (Do note that Platinum will be Much More Expensive!).

Sometimes Jewelers have to Remove Stones or Tighten Stones after a Sizing. After all, when you Pull apart a Shank to make it Bigger, the Sides of the Ring gets Bend outwards which could Chip any Diamonds Sitting in Channels or Pave Settings. If the Stones get Pushed together where their Edges Touch, it could Break them!

Care must be Taken!

No matter what, it’s still a Normal Part of the Job. Jewelers can look at a Ring and Quickly Determine the Best Course of Action.

Overtime, most people, both Men and Women, will usually need their Rings Sized up.

That’s Life!

You’ll know this when your Rings are too Hard to get off, or they Start Leaving Deep Indentations in your FingerWhich can also become Painful!

Take them into a Local Jeweler and have them Sized. This could take anywhere from a Day to 2 Weeks depending on the Jeweler (Some have to Send the Rings out to be done).

Get them Sized

The Rings will Fit Better and look Better… Without all the Extra Folds of Skin Being Bunched up around the Rings!

Plus, this makes your Rings look Shiny and New again. And Lord knows your Rings need a Good Cleaning!

P.S. If you have a Service Plan (ESP) on your Rings, generally Sizing them up will be Covered for FREE!

Check it out! :)

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