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What are Claddagh Rings

“Where’s The Yoke?”

Ireland is full of many things:

Great Castles, Ancient Monuments, The Blarney Stone, and of course Dublin, the Capital.

Not to mention other things like:

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th), Highlander, Green Beer, Red Hair, Bacon, Cabbage and Leprechauns!

It seems like everyone sooner or later is searching for that Pot O’ Gold.

And finding a Claddagh Ring in that Pot is a pretty likely thing considering it’s the Pride of the Irish Heritage!

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It’s Tradition!

The Claddagh Ring, used as a Traditional Wedding Ring, has been Passed down from Generation to Generation ever since the 16th Century.

The Claddagh Ring is Worn to Signify Love, Friendship, and a Romantic bond between two people.

The Claddagh Ring Consists of 3 Key Elements:

  • 2 Hands (Friendship)
  • 1 Heart (Love)
  • 1 Crown (Loyalty)

The Hands Hold the Heart, and a Crown is placed on Top of the Heart (See Picture).

The Saying Goes:

With my Hands, my Heart I give, Crowned with Eternal Love!

And the really Great Thing about the Claddagh Ring is that they aren’t just Worn for Weddings anymore… People are actually Wearing them as Friendship Rings just because of the Strong Meanings Associated with them. They Touch Peoples’ Hearts!

The Claddagh Ring is Derived from a Variety of Rings called the “Fede Ring” (Faith Ring) which Dates back to Roman times. It’s been said that the Crown Represents the Ancient Kings of Ireland. The Irish Culture is Deep and the Celtic Influence is Everywhere!

But did you know that the Origin of the Ring began with Pirates?


It’s True! Pirates Captured a Fishing Vessel and Enslaved a Man named Richard Joyce. This Man became the Founder of the Claddagh Ring. He Created one for the Love of his Life back home because he Missed her so.

Years later, once free, he presented the Claddagh Ring to Her and they were soon Happily Married.

Richard Joyce then opened up his own Goldsmith Shop and began Selling Claddagh Rings (Stamped RI inside the Shank) to the Good People of Galway.

Word Spread throughout the Village and this Beautiful Gesture of Love, Loyalty and Friendship caught on.

And depending on which way you Wear the Ring and which Finger you Wear it on, the Claddagh Ring can take on Whole New Meanings.

Different Meanings!

Worn on the Right Hand with the Heart Facing Out (the Point Towards your Fingers), it is said that you are Available and Open for Love.

When the Heart is Facing Towards you on the Right Hand, it is said that you are in a Serious Relationship (committed).

Worn on the Left Hand with the Heart Facing out, it is said that you are Engaged and will Marry soon.

With the Heart facing in towards the Left Hand, it means that your “Heart is Taken” and you are Married!

So whether you Wear this Ring for Commitment or Friendship, just know that it’s full of Culture and Deep Meaning and you should be Proud to Wear it…

Irish or Not!

So if you see a Hobgoblin in the Pub or a Faery in the Cellar (Both Irish Legends), Don’t Worry! As long as you have a Clover in your Pocket, a Song in your Heart, and a Claddagh Ring on your Finger, then you’re in Good Hands…

2 Hands…

Just like your Heart!

Just like your Crown!

Buy your Claddagh Rings HERE!

Cheers! :)

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