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Does Copper Heal the Body and Mind?

It amazes me that customers still come into the Jewelry Store looking for Copper Jewelry.

Copper Bracelets and Copper Bangles are the most popular request.

People Swear by them!

They Wear them on their Wrists Believing that the Copper Sucks out any Toxins in their Bodies and Cures any Aches or Pains.

Only a few people Buy Copper Jewelry just because they like Copper and they like the Color. Odd isn’t it?

To give Copper its due, Copper does have a Natural Reddish-Brown Earthy Tone to it that makes for some Attractive Jewelry designs in Bracelets (See Picture), Rings and even Anklets!

But the Real Question is:

Does wearing Copper Jewelry really help with its Mystic Healing Powers, or is it just a Crazy Folk-Lore Placebo that’s been passed along for Generations?

Copper, the Sacred Metal, (Or as some call it, “The Love Metal“) dates back as far as Ancient Egypt. Today, its myth and fascination still remains. Its unconventional ways are just as Bizarre as the Human Body is Amazing.

We all know the Body needs Copper to function properly.

In fact, the Brain and Liver contains Large Amounts of Copper. Copper is good for your Diet, but is it Good for Arthritis?

Therapeutic Value passed on by Ancient Chinese Secrets, state that Copper’s positive influences really Aid and Affect the Mind, Body and Soul. It’s been said that Copper helps with the body in many ways.

Copper helps these Body Issues:

  • Metabolism
  • Arthritis
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Skin Color
  • Vision
  • Hair Pigment
  • Bone
  • Tissue
  • Elastin
  • Collagen

But is there any Proof to all these Healing Claims?

Besides all the Great Things Copper is supposed to Help and Heal the Body with, let’s not forget to mention that Questionable “Love Metal“! (What ever that is!)

Any Proof?

But is there any proof that Copper heals?

Scientists say “No… sort of!

Even though Copper is a Strong Conductor of Energy, and even though Copper Creates Currents within the Body and Joints, and even though it Reacts with our own Body Acids and Sweats, there’s still no hard evidence!

No Solid Proof!

All we know is that our bodies do need small amounts of Copper in our daily lives. You’ll hear lots of Testimonials from people that say “Copper works wonders!” and “It Detoxified my System!” Good for them! But what about us?

My Advice?

I say “Try It!” It may work for you, it may not. Just make sure if you do decide to try Copper Jewelry, that you Buy “High Quality Copper” which is 100% Pure Copper and not cheap varieties of Copper that contain Lead. You don’t want to introduce Foreign Lead in to the Body! And as a side note, if you’re Allergic to Copper, then I would kind of skip this whole Copper Healing thing!

Green Stains Good?

Lastly, don’t worry about that Green Stain Mark that Copper Bracelets leave on your Wrists. That Green Tattoo rubs off. It just means that the Bracelet is Absorbing Toxins from your Body. It basically means that the Bracelet is working, it’s doing its job!

It’s Sucking out last night’s Supper and your Bad Karma all at the same time.

So is Copper a Folk Cure?

Is it a Legend? Tennis Players and Golfers wear them! Do we really need the truth, or are we happy in our own little Copper-Piped minds?

I say, if you wear a Copper Bracelet and it relieves your Pain, then who cares what anybody else thinks? Keep wearing it! We may be tricking ourselves, there may be people that are just more susceptible to “Feel Good” Medicine, but who really cares?

What works for one, may not work for all. Because when it comes down to it, the Body is Bizarre, and if you’re Feeling Desperate, Copper could be your Savior.

If not, you can always try Needles.

Acupuncture Anyone?

Check out Amazon for some great Copper Jewelry here! :)

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