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How to Write Good Jewelry Descriptions

Writing a good Jewelry Description is not as easy as it sounds.

You’ll find this out when you’re trying to Sell your Jewelry on Ebay, or making fliers and ads to post it inside grocery stores.

Great Jewelry Descriptions will either make your sale, or break it!

So how do you write a Good Description of your Jewelry so you can sell it?

What’s the secret to making it sound great?

I’ll tell you: Details & Adjectives!

Lots of Great Details and wonderful image provoking Adjectives! That my friend, is the goal today!

To write a Good Description, you must first learn as much as you can about your Jewelry. Say for example, you have a Ruby Ring that you want to sell. Listing it as a “Ruby Ring” does no good! In fact, it won’t even get it noticed. Bland little Descriptions will not sell a thing. You might as well not even try!

Here’s what I Recommend…

Take a visit to your local Jeweler and get some feedback and info from them. Pick their brains! You’re going to need to learn all about the actual Stones and Diamonds. What sizes are they? Carat Weights? Quality? What type of Metal is it? How much would an item like this normally sell for?

Things like that will help give you the information needed to Write a Good Description. (If not, ask them if they’d be so kind as to Write out a Description for you!) You’ll need to get mm Sizes of the Stones and Mounting as well. Detailed, Accurate Information will add to the Authenticity that your Description deserves!

Do you Have an Appraisal?

If you already have a Jewelry Appraisal (Or Certificate!) with your Jewelry, Great! Use it!

Those normally contain enough information to sell your merchandise. Appraisals should give you the Quality of the Diamonds like Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight. That is vital info for Diamonds!

Sometimes they’ll list it as CW, CTW, DW, DTW, TW, or TCW. (Carat Weight, Carat Total Weight, Diamond Weight, Diamond Total Weight, Total Weight, or Total Carat Weight.) Those basically are saying that the Carat Weight is either the Carat Weight of one stone, or all the stones put together as one!

Get it Cleaned and Polished!

While you’re there at the Jewelry Store, make sure you get your Jewelry Professionally Cleaned and Polished! This is a must! No one wants to buy dirty Rings! Clean them before you sell them.

Plus getting them cleaned and looking brand new again, will make them look bigger, brighter, and Better in the Photos you take of them. You’ll need a great picture to post with your description in order to sell. Dirty ones look like crap! Dirty Jewelry will not sell!

Now finally we get to the Jewelry Descriptions

I’ve gathered together 10 pieces of Jewelry to use as examples for you. By reading the Descriptions and looking at the rings and items, you’ll get a much better feel for making a Good Description. A Description is basically just describing the item from head to toe. Adding in Great Adjectives like, Beautiful, Stunning, Fabulous, Lustrous, Exquisite, Incredible and Awesome, will bring your Jewelry to life! It’ll make them sound like a million bucks!

So here we go…

Ten Pieces of Jewelry, Ten Examples and their Ten Pictures. Enjoy the Jewelry Descriptions!

Ladies Ruby and Diamond Ring

Ruby Diamond Ring
1) Featuring one Ladies stunning Ruby and Diamond Ring. Mounting is Two-Tone, combining both 14kt Yellow Gold and White Gold in a Custom Designed Band. Tension-Set in the center of the Mounting is a Beautiful Round Ruby! The Ruby is 2.00 Carats with MI Clarity (Medium Included) and Strong Vibrant Hues of Deep Rich Red Tones. Prong-set in the Mounting are also two Single-Cut Diamonds totaling .20 Carats Total Weight, SI Clarity, G-H Color. The Ruby is in mint condition with no chips or breaks in the girdle. The Ring is heavy but very comfortable to wear. Mounting weighs 4.5 Grams. Replacement Value is $1795.00

Ladies Diamond Wedding Set

Diamond Wedding Set

2) Exquisite Ladies 14kt Yellow Gold Marquise Diamond Wedding Set. Containing One Marquise shaped Diamond, .73 Carats, with a Stunning Clarity of VVS! (Hard to find!) You won’t be able to stop staring at it! Simply beautiful! Breathtaking! The Color of the Diamond is very rare as well, being an E Color, which is Pure White! A must see! (A must buy!) Set into the Mounting are 16 Invisible-Set Princess Cut Diamonds Totaling 1.00 Carats Total Weight, VVS Clarity, E Color. Also contains a form-fitted Wedding Band that hugs the contours of the Ring with a Perfect Fit! Quality like this is rare. Grab it while you can! You’re going to love it! Replacement Value: $7995.00

Ladies Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

3) You’re going to love this Fabulous Ladies S-Link Style Diamond Tennis Bracelet. The Solid 14kt White Gold Bracelet has interlocking Links containing 38 Full Cut Diamonds. The Brilliant Diamonds are Prong-Set, 2.00 Carats Total Weight and have a wonderful Clarity of SI2-I1. The Diamond Color is H-I Color. (Which is Near Colorless!) The Clasp is a Sliding Tab Style Clasp (So it’s easy to put on one handed!) and has a figure eight safety hook. (So you won’t lose it!) The Bracelet is durable and heavy and lays beautifully on the wrist. You’ll love how it looks and love how it feels! (Won’t snag your clothes!) Bracelet weight 7.2 Grams. Replacement Value: $1995.00

Now that you know what you have to do to get the right Jewelry Information, let’s continue…

Using information obtained from the Jeweler will help you put together a Great Jewelry Description!

Descriptions like these Examples are awesome because they give your potential buying customer the details they need to make appropriate decisions.

Great Descriptions Sell Jewelry!

There’s no doubt about that. Once you get a feel of Describing Jewelry, you’ll see that it can also be used to sell pretty much any type of merchandise on Ebay. Ebay is the number one selling hub on the web. If you’re going to sell it, chances are, you’re going to sell it there first! So let’s move on…

Ladies Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Sapphire Diamond Ring

4) One Absolutely Beautiful Ladies Diamond & Sapphire Ring! This Stunning Love-Knot style Ring contains two interlocking rows of channel-set Diamonds and Gorgeous Sapphires. One elegant row contains 16 full cut Diamonds totaling .25 Carats Total Weight, VS Clarity (Top Notch!), G Color. (Fine White!) The opposite smooth channel contains 16 Round Sapphire Gemstones with MI Clarity. (Medium Included) The Sapphires have Strong Intense Shades of Bright Blue, that exhibit Great Brilliance and Wonderful Sparkle. The 14kt White Gold Mounting is Solid, Heavy and extremely Well Made. Ring weight is 5.6 Grams! Replacement Value is $795.00

Ladies Diamond Heart Pendant

Diamond Heart Pendant

5) One Ladies Dazzling Heart Shaped Diamond Pendant. Makes a great gift for any Anniversary, Birthday, Holiday, or Special Occasion! The solid Heart Shaped Mounting is 14kt Yellow Gold with a strongly defined heart shape. (Clean, distinct lines!) The Pendant contains 20 Full Cut Diamonds with I1 Clarity, H-I Color, totaling .50 Carats Total Weight. (One Half Carat!) This beautiful Heart Pendant is suspended from a sturdy, 18″, 14kt Yellow Gold link Chain with a durable 14kt Yellow Gold Lobster Claw Clasp! Pendant Weight with Chain is 2.5 Grams. Replacement Value is $995.00

Men’s Curb Link Bracelet

Curb Link Bracelet

6) Displaying One Gents Solid 14kt Yellow Gold Bracelet. You can’t go wrong buying this as a gift. (Don’t forget Father’s Day!) This Curb-Link style Bracelet is 8 1/2 ” Long and 20mm Wide. (That’s Real Wide!) The Bracelet is Massive and Heavy with well-made individually soldered links! These links are wonderful links to wear because they won’t twist or kink like other styles of links will. This Bracelet weighs an impressive 78 Grams! (That’s Heavy!) Your Man will love it! It’s masculine and Rugged! The links are polished to perfection and will definitely last a lifetime. The Clasp is a durable flat-tab clasp with a figure eight safety hook. Replacement Value: $3995.00

Gent’s Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Gents Sapphire Ring

7) One well-made Gents Diamond and Blue Sapphire Ring. The Ring is 14kt Yellow Gold with an enclosed Solid-Back. (Most Men’s Rings are Cheap and Hollowed out underneath!) The Center stone is a Genuine Blue Sapphire, Bezel-Set, (Greatly protected!) measuring 5 x 8 mm! The Sapphire emits Strong Deep Blue Tones and Intense Color! Channel set in the Mounting are 2 V-Shaped rows of Diamonds. (One on either side of the Sapphire!) Each row contains 5 Single Cut Diamonds, totaling .25 Carats Total Weight, I1 Clarity, I Color. The Mounting is Heavy and weighs 6.5 Grams. Great Ring, Very Sharp, Very Durable! Replacement Value: $1595.00

Ladies Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Solitaire

8) One Incredible Ladies Diamond Engagement Ring. This ring is a showpiece! 14kt Yellow Gold Mounting contains One Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, G.I.A. Certified, Laser Inscribed # 11720127, Measuring 8.6mm, 2.25 Carats! G.I.A. Certificate (Best in the World!) lists the Clarity as VS2, (Impressive!) and the Color as G. (Fine White!) No Fluorescence! Strong Brilliance and Unbelievable Sparkle! The Diamond sits in a 14kt White Gold Basket Head, (Easy to Clean! Lets a lot of Light in!) and rests on a 8mm Wide Cathedral Style Mounting that tapers down to 4.5mm. Stunning Ring comes with original G.I.A. Certificate! Replacement Value is $19,400.00

These examples of Jewelry Descriptions should give you ideas on How to Write descriptive ads that Sell!

It’s all in giving the customer enough details and information so the buyer can fully understand what it is they’re looking at. Little things like that are what makes the difference between the person hitting the back button on their browser, or hitting the Bid Now Button on Ebay!

It’s make it or break it! So Let’s move on…

Ladies Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace

Pearl Necklace

9) One Ladies 18″ Multi-Strand Cultured Pearl and Diamond Necklace. Necklace contains 4 Pearl Strands, double-knotted, containing 48 pearls total, 5.5-6mm each. Pearls match well and exhibit beautiful Pink Tones with magnificent luster, and only a few slight blemishes. The Clasp that alters as a Pendant, is a 14kt Yellow Gold Pearl Clasp, shaped as a Shell, containing 9 Single Cut Diamonds, totaling .20 CTW. SI1 Clarity, F Color! (Pure White!) The Diamonds are beautiful with tons of sparkle and brilliance. The clasp is smooth, stylish, and makes a great enhancement to the Pearls. You’ll fall in love with this necklace! Replacement Value is $2495.00

Ladies Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring

Blue Topaz Ring

10) One Lovely Ladies 14kt Yellow Gold Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring. Ring contains one spectacular Emerald-Cut Genuine Blue Topaz, measuring an impressive 16 x 12mm. The Color of this Topaz is the hard to find “London Blue”! Stone is LI Clarity (Lightly Included), and set in a 14kt Yellow Gold, 4 prong, Basket Head that sets the stone low in the Mounting. On either side of the Topaz are 2 rows of channel set Diamonds, 4 in each row, totaling .10 Carats TDW. I Clarity, I Color, Ring tapers to a comfortable 3mm band. Well made, very durable. If you love Topaz, you’ll love this ring. Great Stone, goes with everything! Replacement Value is $695.00

There you go…

So you see, it’s not so hard once you get the swing of it. These examples should provide you enough information to tear apart your merchandise and write your own descriptive ads. It’s amazing how good you can make an item sound. I’m not suggesting that you build up the item better than it is, just be honest and open.

If the item is Chipped, say so.

If a Prong is Broken, tell them.

But whatever you do, don’t Dwell on the Negatives. State it, and move on. Push the great assets of your item and make sure to talk up the Beauty and Sparkle!

Descriptive Words can Sell the Sizzle!

Fun words like: Exciting, Stunning, Beautiful, Rich, Brilliant, Fabulous, Elegant, Lustrous, Magnificent and Impressive! Powerful Words provoke great visuals and tend to go hand in hand with describing Jewelry, Diamonds and Gold!

Good luck!

Sell Plenty!

Make lots of Money! :)

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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Jewelry Steam Cleaner
Complete Jewelry Cleaner Kit Diamond Dazzle Stick
Gold Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths Jewelry Making Supplies Kit
Gold Acid Test Kit Watch Tool Repair Kit
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  1. angel villareal // October 19, 2017 at 8:11 pm // Reply

    whose the author?

  2. Kisha Manley // March 4, 2018 at 11:46 am // Reply

    Great information. Thanks

  3. Steve Cranson // May 4, 2018 at 6:47 pm // Reply

    we have hundreds of pieces of jewelry each one unique, one-of-a-kind. As I add them to the online store and give them a description i am having trouble trying to describe them uniquely the descriptions are starting to sound the same. do you have a strategy to make the descriptions as unique as the jewelry or does it not make a differences

    • Hi Steve. No strategy, just being creative with wording and words used. Try listing things in a different order: Diamonds, Gemstones, Gold… Gemstones, Setting, Diamond, 4C’s… Maybe that will help? -Richard

  4. So appreciate your great comment.

  5. Krishnaya // May 15, 2019 at 7:42 am // Reply

    Such a nice description it is, it will help me to increase my knowledge about all jewelry types. Thanks for it.

  6. yes, jewellery description is an important one in a particular business. I has a very useful to write.

  7. I noticed when reading these, (today as I had not been reading your columns so long ago) that in the descriptions of the rings, you never mentioned the finger sizes. On purpose? Or just not mentioned. See, most of us are likely to be just private citizens, or maybe Pawn Shop owners, but in either case, it’s likely that we don’t carry “stock” just our own items to sell. So, not mentioning sizes is likely to make it more difficult to attract buyers. For instance, most of what I wear these days is a Size 8, but most of what I would probably sell is a Size 7, since I don’t like paying so much money locally to have them sized up (at least $50 for the first size up!) Unless of course it’s something extremely special. Anyway, sizes or no? Saves potentially interested parties from sending inquiries for information that could have easily been included, and disappointing them unnecessarily I think. I hate bugging people to ask that, and then finding out it’s like a 10, or worse yet, a 5!

    • Hello. You are absolutely right. Especially when reselling an item for market. Ring size should always be added, because it can really make a huge impact on the buying decision. For example, some rings can’t be sized to smaller sizes, and some rings, like antiques, are too frail to size. So knowing the right ring size up front, makes all the difference in the world. Good point! Thanks for sharing. :) -Richard

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