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Learn How to Unknot a Knotted Chain

It happens all the time.

You get a Knot in your Chain. It’s enough to Drive you Mad!

Knots are such a Pain in the Butt.

Women bring Chains into the Jewelry Store at least once a week. And their poor Chains will have this Big Ole Knot in it.

Women say the Chain was in their Jewelry Box and got all tangled up (laying on the bottom). They go on to say that they’ve spent hours on end trying to get the Chain Untangled and Untied, and now they’re ready to give up.

They look at me with Sad Puppy Dog Eyes and say…


Well Ladies, you’re in luck.

Help is Here!

Believe it or not, there is an Easy Way to Unknot a Chain that’s Knotted. (No matter how badly it’s Knotted or how Tightly it’s Knotted!) And it’s actually just as Simple as it looks.

Use Sewing Pins to Unknot a Chain

Here’s the Secret:

Sewing Pins!

Yep! That’s the Secret!

I know, I know, lots of Women say they have already tried to use a Pin or a Needle before, (Safety Pin, Diaper Pin, Push Pin) and it doesn’t work

But the trick is…

You have to use TWO!

That’s right. The whole Secret to getting a Knot out is to use Two Sewing Pins (Needles can work also, but Sewing Pins are easier to hold onto because of the little Knobs at the ends.) Using two Pins, Removes your Big, Clunky Hands and Fingers from the Equation…

It Works like a Charm!

You have to gently put a Pin into the middle of the Knot, and then use the other pin to loosen it.

A lot of times, just putting the Pins into the Links will Start to Widen a Gap. Then Wiggling them a little is enough to Loosen the Knot so it can be Pulled apart.

Unknot A Chain in 3 Easy Steps

People have a Tenancy to get Frustrated with a Knot and Exert too much Force. But that’s the wrong thing to do. Any Sheer amount of Force can actually Tighten the Knot even further and make it almost Impossible to Untie.

The Key is Slow and Steady Persistence!

Just keep rolling the Knot over and pulling on various links. Pull from the Center of the Knot out. It WILL Loosen. Granted it may take you a half hour or so, but I’ve never found a Knot that I couldn’t Untie using this Method.

Laying the Chain Flat on a Hard Surface and using the Sewing Pins works Miracles! No more Fussing with your Hands. Fingers just aren’t made to Grasp items that small.

Some people get so Frustrated with trying to get a Knot out, they Break the Chain. (That can be Fixed as well!) They totally Snap the Chain in Half. Either that, or they just throw it away and buy a new one (I Recommend Wheat Chains – They don’t Tangle!) lol.

No Matter – The Knot CAN be Removed!

Use a Calm Hand. Gently Shake and Wiggle the Knot out. It will Unravel! (Or just take it into a Jeweler to do!)

And if you’re one of those lucky Ladies that happens to get Multiple Knots in your Chain (Please start hanging your Chain up from now on – Those Fine, Little, Frail Chains are the WORST), Congrats, this Trick will work for you just the same.

Just take it one Knot at a time. Eventually your Chain will be Knot-Free and you’ll be Stress-Free! (Plus, you can Wear your Pendant or Necklace again!)

It’s Not Difficult to get Rid of a Knot!

It’s just Time Consuming. I can get a Knot out of a Chain in just a Minute or two. But then again, I have had some Frazzled Chains that have taken me over an hour to do. (Gotta Love those!)

Hopefully yours won’t be so Bad!

Just follow the rules…

  1. Lay the Chain Flat
  2. Use Two Sewing Pins
  3. Wiggle the Knot out

Little by Little. Link by Link. It’ll happen.

Easy as 1, 2, 3…


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  1. Nope sorry didn’t work for me, wasted an hour of my life on one knot.

  2. I tryed it 18 times but it did not work because my chain is very thin

    • Hi Faye. Put a drop of baby oil on the knot, and then use a loupe or magnified to see the knot closer up. That’ll allow you to carefully hook the individual links and gently pull them apart. Thin chains can be tougher, but slow and steady work will gradually undo the bundle. -Richard

  3. I have 3 knots on the end of the necklace on the part where you can wear it longer or shorter. The knots are in between the loops and are impossible to remove as there’s no chain either side to work with. Any ideas?

  4. Worked like magic for me!! Thanks a lot.

  5. Oh yea you are a wizzzzzz (the Huskey’s dog chain was too tight around his neck).
    A dab of oil & 2 sewing pins viola!!!!!!!! Oh yes patience and keep touching all
    different chain & wiggle-you’lol finally find the right twisted link and it will untangle.

  6. 20 min. or less/I got up for cooking oil, haha

  7. Donald Shaughnessy // March 30, 2018 at 9:50 am // Reply

    Thank you SO MUCH. The chain on my Harley wallet; a knot in it for a year. Today I was determined to undo the thing once and for all (I was doing nothing but tighten it with my fingers). Got it out in 5 mins using your technique!!! On to the next pet peeve!

  8. Sandy Scaringi // May 13, 2020 at 9:51 am // Reply

    THANK YOU! It worked perfectly!!!

  9. Genius! Totally worked!!

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