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10 Reasons To Buy VS Clarity Diamonds

VS or NOT?

Want some Help Deciding whether to Buy a VS Clarity Diamond or Not?


I’m just the Person to Ask since VS Clarity is my FAVORITE Clarity Grade! I Truly Love them and Highly Recommend them.

What is VS Clarity?

VS Clarity means that the Diamond is Very Slightly Included, or as many will describe them as having; Very Small Inclusions!

VS is Broken Down into 2 Different Grades: VS1 and VS2.

VS1 is the Higher of the Bunch and is also the More Expensive.

But really, either VS will Work Just Fine. You’ll hardly see a Difference between them.

SO Why Buy VS Clarity Diamonds?

There are 10 Main Reasons why you Should Choose VS Clarity over any other Clarity Grade.

Take a Look…

  • 1) VS is Rare and Top of the Heap
  • 2) VS is Beautiful and Breathtaking
  • 3) VS has Microscopic Flaws Only
  • 4) VS Doesn’t Hinder Sparkle
  • 5) VS is Easy to Identify
  • 6) VS has Clean Diamond Plots
  • 7) VS Diamonds are Usually Cut Well
  • 8) VS is Not Borderline with Visible Flaws
  • 9) VS Diamonds are Normally Certified
  • 10) VS Diamonds have Resell Value

Now, let’s Dive in for a Closer Inspection

1) VS is Rare and Top of the Heap

VS Clarity is so Rare in Nature that it only makes up the top 8-14% of all the Diamonds Mined in the World Today.

VS Clarity is very Rare!

That’s RARE!

VS Clarity Diamonds are what people will call “Great Clarity“.

They are Elegant and Elite! VS is Very Desirable in the Diamond Industry.

I would say they are the Cream of the Crop!

People that know Diamonds and know about Diamond Clarity will always Gravitate towards Better Quality Stones like VS.

It’s Better than the Average Joe, and it makes you Very Proud to Own such a Stone.

2) VS is Beautiful and Breathtaking

VS Clarity is Stunning Clarity!

It really makes a Diamond More Beautiful without the Distraction of Lines, Clouds, and Spots that are normally found in a more Common Clarity.

VS Clarity Looks Impressive. Especially if you Compare them side by side with SI or I Clarity Stone.

Take a look at a VS1 Diamond Versus an SI1 Diamond below. See all the Black Spots in the SI1 Diamond?

VS1 Clarity Versus SI1 Clarity Diamond

What a Huge Difference in the Appearance of the VS Stone. They handle Light Better and Stand out in a Crowd.

VS Clarity and Higher Quality Stones are Beautiful… Of course this also depends on other Aspects like Cut, Color and Carat Weight, but generally, VS does Exhibit more Beauty and more Sparkle than a Normal Stone.

3) VS has Microscopic Flaws Only

What really makes VS Diamonds so Awesome is How Clean they are Inside.

The Microscope Doesn’t Lie!

Stick a VS1 or VS2 Diamond under a Microscope (or a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe) and look at how Clean the Stone is…

Compare VS1 Clarity to VS2 Clarity!

Normally you’ll see just a Few Marks and Characteristics that stand out. These Traits are Not Big, and often they’ll be off to the Side of the Stone and Hidden Underneath the Crown Facets.

Most people that View a VS Diamond under Magnification are Impressed. View a VS2 Diamond, and then View an SI2 Diamond and you’ll probably GASP at the Difference.

It’s almost Day and Night

VS Diamonds ROCK!

They are Very Clean and Ultra Beautiful. You have to See them to Believe them.

4) VS Doesn’t Hinder Sparkle

The Great Thing about having such a Clean Stone is the Fact that it Won’t Hinder Sparkle.

Light Enters through the Top of the Diamond, gets Bounced around Inside the Stone, and then comes back out in a Series of White Light (Brilliance) and Colored Light (Fire).

When you have a Diamond that has Bigger, more Obvious Flaws, like Clouds, Foggy Areas, Cracks and Black Carbon Spots, these Flaws actually Stop Light in their Tracks. Hence, the Light doesn’t continue and the Diamond gets Darker and Sparkles Less.

A Clean Stone has Nothing Inside the Diamond that Stops Light, so the Stone will Sparkle and Shine to it’s Fullest Potential.

You’ll get the Maximum Amount of Light Return and the the Diamond will Sparkle like a Thousand Stars in the Sky.

VS has Great Sparkle!

5) VS is Easy to Identify

People often ask why VS Clarity is my Favorite Clarity versus VVS or even a Flawless Diamond.

There’s one Huge Answer:

I Can Identify VS Clarity Easier!

When you go Higher up in Clarity, the Diamonds get Too Perfect. Too Flawless!

The Inclusions get so Small and so Minute, that it gets Very Difficult to Pick the Flaws out or Spot the Slight Imperfections. In other Words, they are Quite Difficult to Identify!

And Trust me, I WANT to be Able to Identify my Stone!

VS Clarity can be Identified under a Microscope!

VS Clarity still has Flaws (Although Very Small and Few) that can still be Distinguished and Memorized. You can View your Stone under a Scope and say:

“YES, That’s MY Diamond!”

This is Important to me because I want to View my Stone and know that it’s Mine. I want to know if I got my Stone back from a Jewelry Store after a Repair or Sizing. I want to look under the Scope, see those Tiny Marks and know that my Stone hasn’t been Switched or Swapped out.

It’s Peace of Mind!

I’ll Stick with VS Clarity Any Day!

6) VS has Clean Diamond Plots

I Love Looking at Plots.

Diamond Plots are the Finger Print of a Diamond. If you look on Most any Diamond Certificate (Diamond Report), you’ll often see a Plot that has all the Inclusions and Flaws Mapped out as shown below…

VS Diamond Clarity Plot!

Some Diamonds have Crazy Plots Full of Lines, Clouds, Marks, Cracks and Spots. They Tend to Look like a Jigsaw Puzzle.

Compare the 3 Diamond Plots below that show an I Clarity, SI Clarity, and VS Clarity Diamond.

Compare Diamond Clarity Plots!

Big Difference, eh?

See how the VS Stone even Looks Better just on Paper? It’s Cleaner, it’s More Impressive. It’s High Quality, and the Difference is Noticeable.

7) VS Diamonds are Usually Cut Well

The Great Thing about VS Clarity (as well as Higher Clarities) is the Fact that Most Higher Quality Diamonds are Cut Well!

Otherwise it’s a Waste of a Good Rock!

When Diamond Cutters run across a VS Clarity Stone, they will normally make sure the Cut is also Above Average. Most VS Diamonds will get a “Very Good” or “Excellent” Grade that go Hand in Hand with Higher Quality Goods.

If not, it’s like Putting Donut Tires on a BMW. It Just Doesn’t Make Sense.

So Most VS Diamonds you find in the Stores will Shine more and Sparkle more because the Cut is also High.

The Better the Cut (like Excellent), the more your Diamond will Twinkle and Dance.

I always suggest Buying a Cut of “Excellent” (the Best there is) to Maximize the Sparkle and Life in the Stone. Very Good at the Very Least!

GIA Excellent Diamond Cut Grade!

You will Certainly SEE the Difference!

8) VS is Not Borderline with Visible Flaws

The Cool Thing about VS Diamonds is the Fact that you will Never Run Across a VS Stone that has Eye-Visible Flaws in it (Unless you have a Bionic Eye).

This is Not the Case with SI Clarity Diamonds. SI is the Clarity Range that Separates Visible Flaws from Invisible Flaws (Meaning Microscopic Only).

SI2 Flaws can be seen from a Side View. And sometimes they Really Stand Out! Compare a VS1 Diamond to an SI2 Diamond below…

VS Clarity Versus SI Clarity!

SI1 Generally Doesn’t have Visible Flaws, but there are Plenty of SI1 Diamonds that are Borderline with an SI2 Stone. Which means, you MAY, in some Cases, still see some Flaws if you look Hard Enough.

With VS, even if you had a Borderline Stone, like a VS2, that Diamond would be Borderline with an SI1 Diamond, so the Flaws are still Microscopic Only!

Nothing is Visible!

Ever! Unless you Magnify it!

This is a Great Thing.

It takes you up just high enough to never have to Worry about Seeing Flaws or Not.

It’s not even an Issue. :)

9) VS Diamonds are Normally Certified

Most High Clarity Diamonds WILL be Certified and I Love that!

Higher Clarity stones often Demand it. After all, people Spending that Kind of Money want to know for Sure that the Quality of the Stone they’re Buying is the Quality of Stone they’re Getting.

I would also Advise to ONLY Buy Diamonds that were Certified by GIA or AGS as well.

GIA and AGS Diamond Reports!

I go so far to say, that you should ONLY BUY LOOSE DIAMONDS First, and then Pick out a Mounting for it to be set in. That way you can totally see what’s Inside and Outside of the Stone… From all Angles, Even Upside Down!

GIA and AGS are the Best Certificates you can get, and they are Highly Admired in the Industry.

When they Grade your Stone as a VS Clarity Diamond, then by all means, IT IS a VS Clarity Diamond!

No Question About It!

Not so with other Certificate Companies like IGI or EGL… Where many of their Gradings have been Skeptical and Very Questionable.

Select GIA Certified Diamonds and you’ll never Regret it. GIA Wrote the Book on Diamonds, the 4C’s, and the Grading Standards used across the Country.

They are the King of Diamond Grading!

10) VS Diamonds have Resell Value

If you ever Desire in the Future to Resell or Trade in your Diamond, you’ll be a Very Happy Camper because you Bought a VS Clarity Stone.

(Especially if your Stone is Excellent Cut and GIA Certified!)

VS is Worth it’s Weight in Gold!

VS Clarity Has Resell Value!

VS Quality is always in Demand and it will always Hold it’s Value Much Better than a Common Lower Clarity Diamond.

Some Jewelers won’t even Buy or Trade Lower Clarity Stones, but they will VS.

VS is Impressive and Stores know they can Turn them over Quickly and Sell them.

It’s a Win-Win for Everyone Involved!

So Buying a Higher Clarity Diamond really does Pay off. :)

You’ll get more for your Stone, and you won’t ever hear “Sorry, We’re Not Interested!

VS Clarity is the Ultimate Clarity in my Book.


I also Sell Tons of them because my Enthusiasm Rubs Off.

If you’re Looking for a Great Stone, and a Good Deal, check out James Allen. They have some of the Lowest Prices Around.

Shop and Compare with the Local Jewelry Stores and you’ll see what I mean.

They are Hard to Beat!

Happy Shopping! :)

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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Jewelry Steam Cleaner
Complete Jewelry Cleaner Kit Diamond Dazzle Stick
Gold Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths Jewelry Making Supplies Kit
Gold Acid Test Kit Watch Tool Repair Kit
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  1. Hi, I have put s deposit on this stone. Will be viewing in shop next week. I have gone for vs2 but i sm worried I will still be able to see black crystals. Pictures they sent me enlarged I can see them but they have said its eye clean. What’s your thoughts pls? Thnks
    Gia 3225177209

    • Hi Lisa. Any VS diamonds (1 or 2) won’t have any eye visible inclusions. So yes, they would all be eye-clean (unless you have bionic eyes). The image they’re showing you is 10x magnified, so under that magnification, yes you will see the black marks. But not without. So don’t worry. With VS, those flaws will basically disappear. :) -Richard

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