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The Real Mood Ring Colors

You want to hear something funny?

Mood Rings are still around! AND… they are still as Popular as they always were!

In fact, it’s not all just Mood Rings anymore… It’s Mood Jewelry!

Jewelry like:

Mood Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Belly Rings, Ear Plugs, Cuffs… And Even Watches!

There’s tons of Jewelry out there that Changes Colors depending on your Mood Swings (Body Temperature), and Changes the way the Jewelry looks. It’s pretty Cool!

Take a peek at some of the NEW Modern Mood Jewelry found in stores today…

Cool Mood Jewelry Ring Pendant Bracelet Belly Ring Watch

See what I mean?

Cool, right?

P.S. All these items are sold on Amazon Here!

The thing that I find confusing about all of this isn’t the fact that the scientific term called “Liquid Crystal” is what really makes the Color Change, but it’s the fact that everywhere you go, every store that sells these Mood Rings and Jewelry, they all have their own DIFFERENT Mood Color Chart Meanings. And, it seems that they can’t even all agree on what Colors are shown. Some say BLUE, others say Light Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, others say…Blue Green… It’s all over the board. Some Charts say “AMBER” as a Color, but it looks Green! What gives? HA! Some Charts say that your Mood is “Average“… What’s Average mean? Your guess is as good as mine…

And, just about every Color and Chart overlaps as far as Meanings go. Just about every MOOD says “Nervous” or “Fearful” or “Romantic“. It’s so confusing…
Take a look at some of the more interesting Colorful Charts I found…

Many Different Mood Ring Color Charts

And then get this… When you look at a Mood Ring and are trying to judge what Color it is… It’s just about Impossible! They vary in Hue and Color and they never really MATCH what Colors the Charts show… ARGGGG!

I did find that on Average, most companies say there are 12 Different Color Moods. And MOST do agree on a small set of Meanings, which is good. But it’s still a big mystery…

What really do the Colors REALLY Mean?

Well, I’ve searched the Internet high and low, and looked for every single Mood Ring Color Chart that I could find… And then I’ve combined them all into one neat little Chart. My Chart!

A Chart that shows ALL the True Meanings about what the Colors Represent.

So here it is… The BIGGEST, Most Complete, Factual, Mood Ring Color Chart there is.

It’s Big!

It’s HUGE!

And, it’s the BEST there is!!!


The Biggest And Best Mood Ring Color Chart on the Web!



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    This is a nice blog, differentiating mood ring and playing a wonderful role in different colors, so this is very interesting blog thank you…

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