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25 Great Will You Marry Me Idea Proposals

“I DO???

Propose in a Fun and Unique way

Because anybody can propose with an Engagement Ring

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But how about something Different and Surprising, something she’ll talk about for years.

A Clever Way to Propose she wouldn’t expect…

Like a Secret Message, a Fortune, even a Puzzle or your DOG?


For these Awesome Ideas below, should inspire you to think outside of the “RING BOX“.

Because there’s many ways to say “Will You Marry Me?”

So let’s take a peek to get your Creative Muse Churning.

25 Great Marry Me Ideas…

Starting with…

1) Scratch Off Lotto Tickets

Scratch Off Lotto Tickets are a Great Idea. She “WINS” the Message. You WIN the Prize! :)

2) Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies are Crunchy Crackers that you Crack Open to Reveal the Message Loud and Clear: Will You Marry Me?

3) On a Wine Glass

Buy a Wine Glass that’s Engraved “Will you Marry Me?” It’s a Great Way to enjoy a Toast, or Chug the Entire Bottle, which ever one’s more appropriate. :)

4) On the Bottom of a Coffee Mug

When she gets to the Bottom of her Coffee Mug, the Writing and Words Appear! How Romantic!

5) On a Seashell

Take your Ariel for a Walk along the Beach. Turn over a Seashell (previously planted), to Propose by the Sea. :)

6) Toilet Paper

Oh Boy… HA! Not the Most Tear Jerking Wipe you’ll ever have, but CLOSE. She’ll be Screaming in the Bathroom for sure with this Marry Me Toilet PaperWOW!

7) Here Doggie Doggie Doggie…

Slap this Fine T-Shirt on your Dog and send him out for an Ear Scratch. It’s a Great Way to get her Tail Wagging. :)

8) Mylar Balloons

Fill the Room or her Car with these Mylar Balloons. String them up where she can see them, or Carry them into her Work… SURPRISE!

9) Puzzle Me This…

Give her a Puzzle. Let her Piece together her Future… For this Fun Puzzle Reads: Will You Marry Me?

10) Message on a Spoon

Now this is Different… Propose over a Cup of Soup, or a Bowl of Cereal (Lucky Charms?) Give her a Spoon that says it all… You gonna lick that?

11) Golf Ball Proposal

LMAO! Play Golf? Hunting for Balls? Well these Golf Balls are a sure way to POP the Fly Question… “FORE!

12) Love on the Rocks

Hide a Rock in the Yard or Driveway… Or on the Beach, a Hike, the Fishtank… Anywhere. Then find the Rock, and Seal your Fate in Stone! :)

13) Baby Onesie

It’s your turn to Change the Baby… Into a Darling Marry Me Outfit that will Bring Tears to her Eyes… (And No, that’s not the Diaper!)

14) Yard Signs

Take her out to Dinner, a Movie, the Mall, and have your Friends Stake Signs in the Yard to Propose when you get Home. “HONK HONK!

15) Dog Bandana

Nice. Fido got a New Choker. It’s a Charming Bandana that would make any Girl Swoon and Fall in LoveGotta ADORE Dog Breath! :)

16) Rose Ring Box

These Red Rose Ring Boxes are Wonderful… Put a Ring in the Rose (or a Dozen), and Propose with a Flower that will never die. Great Keepsake, and a Great way to Remember that Moment!

17) Teddy Bear LOVE

Who can resist a Teddy Bear? Cute, Cuddly, Plush, and OMG… It says “Will You Marry Me?” Better get the Tissues, it’s a BEAR HUG

18) Marry Me T-Shirt

Unzip your Coat or Jacket, Slide off that Sweater or Vest, for this Message is Written across your Chest. A T-Shirt that Proudly Proclaims your LOVE! AWWWWWWW!

19) Doggone Fun Sign

Oh Yeah! More Dog’s doing Awesome things… You’ll never see a Cat doing this! A Dog Sign with a Special “Marry Me”, that certainly makes him Man’s Best Friend!

20) Coffee Cup JOKE

Maybe, maybe not, but this Knock Knock Coffee Cup Joke is Absolutely the Right Question. “Marry” “Marry Who?” “Marry ME?

21) Fire Sauce Fashion Socks

Propose to your Love, one Foot at a time with these Firery Red Fashion Socks that read: Will You Marry Me? Talk about HOT STUFF!

22) Marry Me Proposal Coffee Mug

This Coffee Mug is a Word Search Puzzle… With Hidden Words that say “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” What a Fun way to Sip your Tea

23) Will You Marry Me? Vertically?

Plaster this all over the Wall or Bedroom… A Great Message that you can’t miss… Marry Me Vertically? Sounds Awfully FUN to me…

24) Lay your Head on my Pillow

Pillow Cases that Say Will You Marry Me? Or I Love You, Take my Last Name! Now those are Ideal for Fairytale Dreams. :)

25) Custom Doormats

Walk up to the Door, Garage, Barn, Restaurant, Bar… Anywhere you want, and Step Across this Clever Marry Me Doormat. Will she cross the Threshold?

So there you go…

25 Excellent Ways to Propose in a Wacky Different Way…

25 Great Marry Me Proposal Ideas

But there’s one more, that I truly Adore

The Marry Me Pressed Penny

You know those Penny Machines (Where you put in 51 Cents, turn the Crank and Get a Penny back?)… They have these all over the country. Pretty much in any tourist location; Zoo’s, Museums, Ferris Wheels, Amusement Parks… You name it… And if you Collect these Pennies (like I do), then here’s one you MUST HAVE

A Will You Marry Me Pressed Penny that will BLOW HER MIND! Just Secretly Swap out the Penny that Drops down the Chute for this Marry Me Penny instead. Give her the Coin… It’s a Unique Way to Propose, and a Lucky Penny for sure!

Will You Marry Me Pressed Penny

Happy Proposing!

See MORE “Marry Me” Stuff on Amazon HERE!

Cheers! :)

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