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What Are True Hearts Diamonds

True Hearts?

People often get confused with all the different diamond terminology

Especially when it comes to “cut“. People mistake the cut of a diamond with the “shape” pretty easily. After all, isn’t it called “Brilliant cut“, “Princess cut“, “Oval cut“… Right?

But the shape of the stone has little to do with the actual “cut grade” of the diamond…

Cut is more than that

Cut is the way the diamond is angled, faceted, and proportioned to reflect light and return light back to the viewer.

The better the cut is (depth, width, crown height, pavilion angle, girdle thickness…), the better the results of brilliance and fire (flashes of white light and colored light).

Which is why Marcel Tolkowsky (back in the early 1900’s), developed the standards for the “ideal” cut diamond. Called the “American ideal cut“, it tried to present a mathematical formation as to the best potential and possibilities of light distribution (scintillation).

But this ideal range varied greatly. It gave a loose mixture of percentages that could result in many different looking diamonds (60/60 diamonds were all over the board…)

As seen here…

American Ideal Cut Diamond Standards

Ideal cut diamonds were fine for the time…

But, there is more that goes into a great cut, than just cut grade proportions (shown in the diamond profile below)…

The 5 GIA Diamond Cut Grades

Even though there are 5 cut grades: Excellent (being the best), Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor, you still have to look at the visual aspect (how it faces up and appears to the eye), and include both symmetry and polish.

All these things combined together gives you a bigger picture of the best cut diamonds in the world.

When you get “Excellent” grades in cut, as well as symmetry and polish, then you get into diamonds called “super ideal cuts“.

Super Ideal Cuts are Spectacular

Truly. Nothing else compares. It’s taking cut to a whole new dimension.

Super ideals are where you see those perfectly shaped “hearts and arrows” patterns that you always hear about. Hearts shown from the bottom view (viewed under a special hearts and arrows gem scope), and arrows from the top view. As shown below…

True Hearts Diamonds Hearts And Arrows Pattern

Those diamonds are the cream of the crop. The best you can buy. And super ideals go by many different names too (trademarked by different jewelers).

Super Ideal Cut Names:

These are pretty much the same styling of cut; hearts and arrows. They may all have excellent proportions, angles, symmetry and polish

Masterpieces of Perfection!

But not all “hearts and arrows” are exactly the same. Not all look perfect. Some hearts are not duplicate heart patterns. Some arrows are uneven, out-of-shape. And if you put some stones up against other stones, you’ll see the patterns are slightly altered (and for the best, they should all look the same).

So to get the best…

You have to get even more strict. More precise. Select only the finest diamonds… And all of the True Hearts diamonds are as perfect as can be (perfect optical symmetry). They are the top of all hearts and arrows diamonds, and their patterns will look identical.

True Hearts diamonds (a James Allen Exclusive) are cut and polished at 100% magnification. That’s extreme (especially since diamonds are graded under 10 times magnification). Meaning, they are crisp and smooth and perfect. The best hearts, the best arrows… Which you can view before you buy (they use 20x magnification so you can see all of the inclusions, and rotate the stone with their 360° display).

It’s Incredible! A MUST-SEE!

The True Hearts Ideal Cut Diamond

(See this VVS2, F, True Hearts Diamond HERE!)

I’ve said it countlessly in my posts, and I’ll say it again:

Cut is the Most Important 4C

Hands down!

It affects the beauty of a diamond more than any other trait. A True Hearts diamond will look bigger than it really is too (this is because of the blinding light). It also masks diamond color as well (so you don’t see the true body color, or any yellow in the stone). It even hides flaws in the stone better (“I don’t see anything but sparkle!“)

Cut is the #1 thing you should invest in.

So don’t skimp on cut. Put a True Hearts diamond (no matter what color or clarity) up against a normally cut diamond in any jewelry store, and it will blow you away. It’s like night and day.

You’ll be amazed at the difference. And when you see how stunning and mesmerizing True Hearts are, you’ll never want anything else.

And that’s the honest truth

Check out “True Hearts” diamonds here

Buy Hearts And Arrows True Hearts Diamonds Here

(Look for the True Hearts symbol)

You’ll never regret buying quality. Ever!

And you won’t believe the sparkle.

That’s the life of a diamond, the beauty, and that’s why we love them.

Get lost in the magical flashes of light, and check out True Hearts today.

It’s the best cut of diamond you can purchase for an engagement ring.

It really is the ONLY diamond to buy!

Learn more about “True Hearts” diamonds HERE at James Allen.

Cheers! :)

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