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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Cheapest 1 Carat Loose Certified Diamonds

Looking for a Cheap Diamond?

Okay, let me rephrase that: a low-priced, inexpensive diamond?

I mean, like around 2 grand or less?

Well, when you’re looking for large diamonds (and 1.00 carats are considered large), for just a couple of thousand, you’re going to have to sacrifice quality. Things like: color, symmetry, clarity, cut, polish, fluorescence, even certification (a.k.a. diamond report)…

Generally, bargain diamonds are SI2-I clarity (I1, I2, I3). These are stones where you can visually see inclusions and flaws in the diamond (without the need for a jeweler’s loupe or a microscope).

And for the most part, the color will be low as well (like K color or less… faint yellow stones).

And the cut will be off likewise!

Most diamonds of this price range will have an average cut (graded “Good“) or lower (Fair, Poor), and possibly even grades of fluorescence: Faint, Medium, Strong.

But some diamonds aren’t all that bad.

Some stones have decent clarity (SI1). Some, if you look hard enough, have a “fine white” color (G-H). And some diamonds even have “excellent” polish or symmetry.

It’s a give or take with the 4C’s.

Plus, one thing that really drives the price down is the shape of the stone. Round Brilliant cut stones demand higher prices. But if you look into other fancy cuts, like Pear, Princess, Oval, Cushion, Marquise… They’ll be cheaper no matter what!

Just like these diamonds shown below. All the cheapest of their shapes (for 1 carat diamonds or larger).

Take a peek at these Cheap Diamonds:

The Cheapest 100 Carat Diamonds

And, as you can see, the cheapest of these stones is the Cushion Cut (which is generally the cheapest cut of diamond there is), and the Emerald Cut Diamond.

All for just $1,490!

That’s an insanely low price for 1 carat diamonds of ANY quality!

But diamonds of this dollar amount will SELL FAST! Probably before I can even post about them… (prices were good at the time of this post).

See them all here:

See MORE cheap 1 carat diamonds HERE at James Allen (just select which shape you’d like to see – sorted lowest price first).

Cheers! :)

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