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Get Her Ring Size Without Her Knowing

So you want to Surprise her and not let her know you need her Ring Size?

You want to be Sly about it and get her to tell you, but you don’t want to Plant any Seeds about the Big Engagement or Grand Proposal you have Planned?

So how do you get her Engagement Ring Size without her Knowing?

You’re Not the Only One

Many Guys have this Dilemma, they want to get the Correct Finger Size for the Engagement Ring, but don’t want to Ruin the Surprise. It’s a Tricky Situation. I mean when you give it to her you want the Ring to Fit don’t you? So you’re Stuck with either Asking her or what I like to say, Fudging it! And bear in mind…

Fudging it is NOT Guessing!

There is No Absolute Perfect way to do this little Task Secretly. But there are ways around it.

And also remember one Very Important Thing: The Engagement Ring is the Ring Finger on the LEFT hand! (So if you take her hands in yours, it’s your Right Side!)

You’d be Surprised how many people don’t know which is the Correct Hand for the Engagement and Wedding Rings. I bring that up while I’m thinking about it, because there’s another huge factor, the Ring Finger of the Left hand is not the same size as the Ring Finger of her Right hand!


YES! Human Hands are Different Sizes!

How Odd!

Everybody’s hands are Not Equally Sized because of Dominance.

Your Dominant Hand will usually always be about a Half Size Bigger than the other.

And no Jokes here about why one hand is bigger than the other… it’s just a fact…

Most people don’t know this, but it’s true. So be careful you’re getting the Correct Size of the Correct Finger. It would be a Shame to go through all this trouble and still get it wrong! So how do you get that Ring Size without Planting any Suspicions…

“What are you up to?”

There are lots of ways around this. First off, forget the old “Try this on, I just want to see how it looks on your finger!

Those Tactics are Old and Worn and Will NOT Work!

Plus it will immediately Plant Seeds of Marching Down the Isle! Don’t do it!

I Repeat: Don’t do it!

You may think that you’re Slick, but I assure you…she’s Slicker!

So the Best Way to get her Finger Size without Ruining the Surprise is this…

Ask her Best Friend!

Ask her Best Friend and if that doesn’t work, ask her Mother!

Quietly ASK!

BUT, you’ve got to get them to Swear to total Confidentiality (and you have to Trust them to do this)!

Once they know it’s an Engagement Ring and a Proposal is coming, they’ll Zip their Lips quicker than you can say “Zip it!

No doubt that they have gone into Jewelry Stores in the past just to Browse the Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings and Solitaires! I’ve seen it happen daily. Women just have to look. It’s built in! Girl Code! They just do it!

“I just want to Try it on!”

Woman have gone into Jewelers trying on countless Engagement Rings and store things into Memory, like what Size her Best Friends Ring Finger is. I’m Serious. Women do this. If you ask her Best Friend I’m sure, under normal circumstances, she’ll be able to tell you without Batting an Eyelash.

They do that Just In Case!

They’ve been looking forward to this all their lives and Women are always prepared for anything.

And in fact, even under the slight chance that her Best Friend or Mother doesn’t know the exact size, they are better off than anyone at guessing!

Plus Women always try on each others rings. They do these things. They know! Trust me.

She wants to be Surprised!

You’ll get her Ring Size, she’ll be Surprised and you both will live happily ever after! I’m crossing my fingers on this one. And believe me, Women LOVE Surprises! So don’t ruin this for them.

Some guys still want to try the old trick of tying a string around her finger while she sleeps. Give it up. That string really won’t help a Jeweler out when it comes to fitting a Metal Band. Plus, she’ll probably wake up.

And there’s more important things you should know about her Finger Size…

…Most Jewelers will Size your Brand New Engagement Ring at No Charge!

Sounds Good eh?

But what that also means is this, Jewelers will Size that Brand New Ring ONCE at No Charge.

If you Guess her Ring Size and it’s Wrong and you have to get it Sized again. They will Charge you most of the time. And Depending on the Type of Metal it is, it could be anywhere from $25.00 to $200! OUCH! Keep that in mind!

My Best Advice is this:

If you can’t get her Ring Size through her Closest Female Confidants, then don’t do it at all. I’m not saying don’t get the ring, I’m saying don’t get it sized!

Most rings come in an Average Women’s Ring Size which is around a 6 – 7! That’s Average, and most Women will usually be able to fit that somewhere on their hands. And if it doesn’t fit, they’ll force it. Women have a great natural ability to fit a Ring and Wear it until they’re able to get it Sized.

It’ll Fit for Now!

Plus the fact that if you keep Sizing and Resizing a Ring it Breaks down the Ring’s Durability! Size it once, that’s always the Best Shot!

She’ll be Surprised all right, but she’ll be even more Surprised if her Finger Size is a 4 and you Accidentally get her a Size 14!

Yep, that’ll be a BIG Surprise alright!

I’m sure some Remarks about her being Over-Weight will come into play. So Beware of that Lovely Surprise.

I mean after all, you do want her to say “YES!” So when you do it, do it right, and if you do happen to mess things up, like buying 4 sizes too big, then there’s only one thing to do…

Blame it on her Fat Sister!

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