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Best Wedding Planner Books

Got the Ring?

Great (If not, GO HERE)… But now the fun begins

For you have to plan a wedding.

And there is so much to do, so much to learn, so much that you can overlook and forget…

Luckily, there’s help!

Tons and tons of books on the subject that will guide you, sort things out, plan things, and create the smoothest day possible (except for the weather, that’s 50/50)…

So where do you begin?

  1. Start with a folder or binder
  2. Figure out your budget
  3. Choose your wedding party
  4. Begin a guest list
  5. Reserve your dates and venues
  6. Book your officiator
  7. Hire the band, photographers, florists, and more
  8. The list goes on and on…

You’re going to need to read up:

Grab some great planners and books from Amazon HERE:

Start your New Life NOW!

It’s a lot of work, but hey, it all began with one ring

Check out ALL the Wedding Planners HERE at Amazon!
Cheers! :)

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