How to Secretly Get Your Mans Ring Size

Secretly Getting a Man’s Ring Size???

Oh Boy! If you Need to Get his Ring Size for a Wedding Ring or Diamond Band, WITHOUT him Knowing… GOOD LUCK!!!

Trust me Ladies, doing this Secretly is much more Difficult than Secretly getting a Lady’s Ring Size!

(Read: How to Secretly Get Her Ring Size!)

But With Men…

There is No Easy Answer!

Men don’t go to Jewelry Stores with their Buddies to Try on Wedding Bands.

They don’t Dream about the Perfect Ring they’ll be Getting. They don’t even know what their own Finger Size is and certainly don’t “Plant Seeds” of Knowledge into their Trusted Friends.

If She Asks, Tell Her my Ring Size is 11.5!

Nope! Not Going to Happen!

With Men, it’s a Whole Different Ball Game.

There are NO Clues!

There is no Easy Way to tell. And it’s not like she can have her Man try on her Ring so she can Secretly Gauge it. Men’s Fingers are usually Twice as Big as Lady’s are and her Ring will usually only Fit half way up his Little Pinky.

That’ll do you No Good!

All the normal Routes to Secretly get his Finger Size have Gone out the Window!

I’ve had Women try the “String around his Finger while he Sleeps” Trick.

That Doesn’t Work!

String is a Very Poor Indicator and it won’t help you in the least when it comes to a Thick, Comfort-Fit Ring Size!

Plus, he’s bound to Wake up and Wonder what the Hell you’re doing.

Some ladies will bring in his Class Ring, College Ring or Football Ring to Help get an Accurate Size.

But that’s even a Poorer Indicator, because Rings like that are Very Wide, Heavy on Top, and Fit nothing like a Wedding Band will. Wide Rings can even be 1 or 1.5 Sizes Bigger than a Normal Ring.

It just won’t Cut it!

Take My Advice…

My Advice about the Whole “Secret Ring Size” Dilemma is…

Don’t Worry About It!


Because Men Don’t Care Anyway!

It’s not like he doesn’t know you’re getting him a Ring. You’re getting Married, you’ve already got your Ring, of course he knows he’s getting one (no way around that).

So There is No Secret!


The Bottom Line is:

Men Don’t Want, and Don’t Care if the Ring you give him Fits that “Surprise” Day!

He Doesn’t Wear it like an Engagement Ring. He only puts it on During the Wedding. So he’s not going to be Sad if he can’t put it on now (2 Months before the Wedding). He’s not going to want to Show it off to his Friends. In fact, he probably doesn’t even Want to Wear it in the First Place.

Most Men Hate Wearing Rings!

Either Buy the Ring in the Default Ring Size, which is a Size 10, and let him Order it in the Correct Size later…

Or, take him to the Jewelry Store with you to Pick out his Ring and get it Sized then.

It’s that Simple!

Men are Fine with that.

They Don’t Care if it’s a Secret or not.

Ladies Want the Secret!

Men Won’t Care if it wasn’t Romantic or Dreamy.

With Men, it’s more of a Practical Thing.

Something that they HAVE to do!

They all know that they Have to Wear a Wedding Band. It goes hand in hand with getting Married.

No Surprise! No Secret!

A Ring is a Ring

So is he going to care if it doesn’t Fit Right away?


Not in the Least!


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  1. This is the best post ever!!!!!

  2. This is really unhelpful. I’m going to be the one proposing, so the fact that he’s getting a ring *is* a secret. He *does* like romance and surprises, and I want to be able to give those things to him. But all I can find are frankly sexist articles about how men don’t want those things. It’s pretty frustrating.

    • Thanks for your comment Amber. I appreciate it. While I do realize that it comes across as sexist, it’s only based upon my experience of 30 years. When you do propose, congrats on that, for it’s a very rare thing for the woman to propose to the man. Please feel free to stop back and let us know how you did it and how it went. I’m sure others would like that too. :) -Richard

  3. Tracy Barnett // June 7, 2017 at 12:13 pm // Reply

    You havent learned shit in 30 years have you?!..Everyones diffrent and unique in there own way and Ive known several men who love rings,Ive met wemon who don’t!Ive met intelligent men and dumbasses..guess which one you fall under?!!!

  4. Tracy Barnett // June 7, 2017 at 12:19 pm // Reply

    Bottomline thats a stereotype..Your post is BS!

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