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Is Your Necklace Always Crooked?

“It’s crooked!”

Big, beautiful diamond and gemstone necklaces are stunning and elegant no doubt about it.

They glisten like a thousand stars in the sky, and women feel like a million dollars…

A movie star on the red carpet.


The stupid necklace rides up their neck.

Sad, isn’t it?

The truth is, it happens all the time. That elegant diamond and gemstone necklace is now sitting sideways, bent, crooked, and looking dumb and very unflattering on your neck line (see image).


So much for a $2,000 pendant!

But here’s the real problem:

There’s no way to fix this.

(Other than taping it to your skin, stapling it to your neck, or not moving.)

It’s all because of our natural body movements. As we walk and move so does the chain. It’s either the diamond piece is going up one side of your neck, or the clasp is coming down the other.

Both are not attractive.

Plus, they’re a huge pain in the butt to always keep straightening. Who wants to mess with it all night long?

The worst necklaces:

The worst to buy are the ones where the pendant is attached to the chain (see image again). Like these:

Being attached means, as the chain moves, so does the pendant. Initial pendants are just as bad. It may be nice to have your name “SARAH” across your chest, but not when it’s laying on your shoulder looking like “HARAS“!

This is why I always advise thinking twice before buying these types of necklaces. Sure they look pretty in the showcase, but they aren’t very practical to wear. If they would stay put, that would be a whole different story.

Your best bet…

Your best bet for buying a necklace is to stick with something classic. Like a diamond solitaire (single diamond pendant shown below), or something that’s free-floating and slides easily over the chain. Like so:

Charms and Pendants that Slide Smoothly over the Chain will Stay put at the Bottom of the Necklace where they Belong.


Diamond PendantsGood examples of great diamond pendants would be:

Solitaire diamond pendants. The circle diamond pendants (See Picture left). The journey diamond pendant (for your journey through life). Floating heart pendants.

The past-present-future diamond pendant is popular and cool. The love knot diamond pendant is a huge hit right now. Any pave style diamond necklace works well too.

Endless necklace styles:

They make so many different styles of diamond pendants, it really is endless.

But these types of pendants have one thing in common:

They all stay at the bottom of your neck.

Plus, you’ll be able to wear them every day, which is a huge bonus.

Necklaces that keep that perfect v-look are what women want. It doesn’t have to be gaudy, just classy and sharp, that’s all.

Great looking pendants:

More great looking diamond pendants that won’t ride up your neck are shown below.

Good Diamond Necklaces!

Bold, heavy, v-neck, attached diamond necklaces are pretty, but for the money, you’d be better off getting a more flexible chain with a floating pendant.

Anything that has a “bail” or “rabbit ears” (see solitaires above) would be perfect and ideal.

Because halfway up your neck is not a cool look for diamonds.

Romantic kisses, YES!

Diamonds, No!

Cheers! :)

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