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Want to Sponsor a Giveaway on Jewelry-Secrets.com? Simply Drop us a Line with your Giveaway Offering, and if it’s a Good Fit (like a Jewelry Cleaner, Diamond Pendant, or High Tech Watch)… which has more Mainstream Appeal (Versus a Chunky Batman Toe Ring), we’ll be in touch to make the Arrangements, get Specifics, and take Care of the Contest.

What To Sponsor

A Piece of Jewelry (Earrings, Bracelet, Pendant, Watch, Ring, works the Best), or any Jewelry Related Item (Jewelry Cleaners, Steamers, Jeweler’s Loupes, Microscopes, Jewelry Cases, even Gift Cards). We will really consider any Item, provided it is Legal to Giveaway as a Prize, and that it doesn’t carry any Age Restrictions (although we do say 18+ to enter). Items that get the Best Response are those that are Unique, Cool, High-Tech, or Coveted by a Large Audience. And of course, items with a Higher Retail Value also tend to have a Higher Mass-Appeal! It’s suggested that the giveaway total at least $100-$500 in Retail Value… That way the Piece doesn’t look too Chintzy or Cheap. It if looks Expensive, it will gain more Attention, Traffic and Response.

What Will You Get?

Nothing except Traffic, Publicity and Links to your Website!

Plus, you’ll also get people Tweeting about your Product, Pinning the Image, and Sharing on Social Networks!

What you have to do

Send us a great High-Res Photo of the Product (with no Watermarks), preferably on a White Background… Along with as much Product Info as you can, and the Retail Value… Plus a LINK to the Actual Product Page on your Website!

And that’s it!

We will Write the Actual Giveaway Description from the Info you provide. We may even Tweak your Photo to make it look better (that’s what we do). We will run the entire Contest for a Month, all you do it Sit Back and Wait for the Contest to end. Gleam will Automatically Pick a Random Winner (one who has Maintained all the Proper Guidelines), and once we get their Shipping Address, we will pass that onto you so you can Ship them the item (along with whatever else you want to give them, like a Catalog, Coupon…) Easy as that!

So Sponsor a Contest and let the FUN begin! :)

Contact Us Here, and just put in the subject line: I want to be a Sponsor!

Thanks Much!

We Appreciate it, but the WINNERS will really Appreciate it MORE! :)

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