Jeweler Switched Your Diamond?

You always hear about Jewelers switching Diamonds.

It’s on the news.

It’s on TV.

It’s in the papers.

But is it really Cause for Alarm?

Sure it is, as long as you know that Not all Jewelers Switch Diamonds.

Truth be told, only a very few Jewelers would even attempt such a feat. But it’s those couple of Unscrupulous Jewelers that give the rest of the Jewelers a bad name.

It raises such concern that customers are afraid and nervous to leave their diamonds behind for simple things like Repairs, Ring Sizings, Retippings and even Polishings!

Can you Blame them?

A Jeweler can easily Switch your Nice, Beautiful, Expensive Diamond for a Lower Quality Diamond that’s full of Inclusions. How would you know?

People get excited to get their Jewelry back. They’re not looking at it closely. They put it on their finger and smile out the door.

And once they leave the store, it’s their word against the Jeweler’s!

But, it’s not only the Customer that needs to be concerned…

It’s a Two-Way Street

How does a Jeweler know that the Customer didn’t take the Ring elsewhere and had the Diamond Switched out? How do they know that they’re not trying to stick them with it? It’s a two-way street here. Can the Jewelers trust Customers? You see, it can go both ways. Scary eh?

So what’s a Consumer to do?

How can you Prevent yourself from becoming a Victim of Diamond Switching? Will you ever trust a Jeweler enough to leave your Rings behind for Repairs?

The Answer is: YES!

Yes, you can trust your Jeweler. Yes, you can leave your Rings for Repair. Yes! Yes! Yes!

If you want to know the honest to God’s truth, most Jewelers wouldn’t want your Small Flawed Diamond anyway. HA!

That’s right! Usually the people that are more concerned about Diamond Switching are the ones that have Small Low Quality Stones. Trust me, Jewelers don’t want them.

I know, I know, there always is a small risk involved with a Jeweler that will Switch Diamonds, but everything in life is like that, there are NO Guarantees. You just have to be smart, do your homework first, and be prepared.

Let me tell you, the number one way to keep from getting scammed is…

Know your Diamond!

That’s it! The number one way to keep from having a Jeweler Switch your Diamond is to know your Diamond.

You have to know what Quality it is.

You have to have it Appraised. You need to learn what the inclusions in your diamond look like under a 10x Jewelers Loupe or a Microscope.


Every diamond has inclusions that are unique in nature. They have their own individual fingerprint, just like people. These characteristics make them different than any other diamond in the World.

You need to scope your diamond and search for it’s Flaws. Spot where the inclusions are. If you Memorize where they are and what they look like, you’ll be able to identify them later. Inclusions don’t grow or shrink. They don’t change colors or fade. Those inclusions will look like that forever.

Diamond Plots

If you know what the Inclusions look like, you’ll always see them. Learn them. Make a drawing of them. These drawings are called plots. Diamond Plots lay out the inclusions in the stone.

A Better Way

But there still is a better way. Because no matter how hard most people try to read inclusions and see where they’re at, they fail.

They fail because it takes years of practice to be able to Plot Diamonds and Read Inclusions and Identify the Markings in them. Most people are lucky if they can spot just a couple of the Flaws.

So what’s the better way?


Buy a Diamond that’s Certified!

Certified Diamonds are Proof of your Diamond’s Quality. It’s not some Jeweler telling you what that Diamond is. It’s an Independent Appraiser Accurately and Expertly Judging your Stone for Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. That Little Laminated Certificate says a lot. But is it enough?

I say NO! Just being Certified is not enough! So what is?

So now you may be confused. I’ve told you that learning your Diamond’s Plot isn’t enough. I’ve told you that having a Certified Diamond isn’t enough.
What does one have to do to keep Jewelers from Switching out your Diamond?

It seems impossible…

You see, just having a Certificate isn’t enough anymore. That Certificate can say that your Diamond’s a Brilliant Cut Diamond, with SI1 Clarity, and F Color, but you know what? There’s hundreds and thousands of Diamonds appraised saying that exact same thing.

So how does a Certificate really prove that the Diamond you’re looking at is really the Diamond you bought? Easy! There are a couple of ways…

The first way is to have a Professional Plot on the Certificate itself. A Diagram that has all of the Inclusions labeled and marked. Some Certificates have these, others don’t! You just have to Buy a Diamond that does have one (Most GIA Certified Larger Stones Do). Those Identifying Flaws are a Diamond’s Fingerprint. Those markings are 100% Proof of ID. But you know what’s BETTER?

Laser Inscribed

Having your Diamond Laser-Inscribed!


That’s the best way in the World to Guarantee you get your Diamond back. Laser-Inscribed Diamonds actually have the Certificate Number Etched into the Side of the Stone. (see picture)

The Diamond Girdle’s Edge, that little rim that runs around the outside of your Diamond, holds those little Microscopic Numbers and will be there forever. Those numbers match up with the numbers on the Certificate and there’s no way to Fake those.

Laser-Inscribed Numbers are Permanent and there for a lifetime they will help you identify your Diamond.

Scope the Diamond

When you take your Diamond into a Jeweler, scope it. Look for your numbers. When you get your Diamond back from the jeweler, scope it again and find your numbers. You’ll then know without a doubt that it is your Diamond and that your Diamond didn’t get Switched!

If you want to go home happy and smiling, buy Diamonds that are Certified with Laser-Inscriptions!

Laser-inscribed diamonds are well worth the investment and well worth the peace of mind!

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