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Half Carat Diamond Prices

Lovely Half Carats!

Half carat diamonds are a decent size of stone to buy. Especially when you consider that the average engagement ring selling weight is just 33 points.

Half carats are 50 points of glorious diamond. They look great in a solitaire mounting, but it looks grander if set in a pave mounting, or a halo mounting, where it makes the diamond look even bigger and better (although it does increase the price).

Half Carats in the Center

Half Carat Diamond In The Center Of Engagement Ring

That’s a half carat of diamond in the center, and additional carat weights in the mounting.

So, what will a 1/2 carat cost you?

First off, it all depends on where you buy it


If you buy it from a mall store, chances are you’ll get a low quality diamond (but a not so bad price). If you shop online at James Allen, for the same price, you’ll get a much better quality!

Starting Prices…

Prices for half carats generally start around $700 and go all the way up to around $2,000 (depending on cut, color, clarity, certification, polish, symmetry, fluorescence…)

It seems like a lot to regard, which is why I’m going to simplify the entire shopping experience. I’m going to select a good popular color, which is G (the high end of the Near Colorless range), and E as well. E is pure white, very bright, and a top-of-the-line diamond color.

In the prices shown below, I have made sure that the cuts are the best there is (Excellent), the Polish and Symmetry are Excellent as well, and the diamonds have NO fluorescence (which mall stores won’t even tell you). These are great diamonds that have tons of sparkle and brilliance, the only thing that changes is the clarity; from I1 Clarity (visible flaws), to IF Clarity (Internally Flawless diamonds). This is to show you how clarity impacts the cost of a half carat and to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Prices all come from the James Allen Website (Where you’ll find the best prices for diamonds anywhere)…

So let’s Compare

Remember, everything’s the same in these G color diamonds, except for their clarity. Take a peek…

(Keep in mind, these prices were good at the time of this post, and with the lowest diamond price available. Prices could change at any given time, up or down.)

.52, I1, G, EXCELLENT, GIA $840 VIEW
.50, SI1, G, EXCELLENT, GIA $1,260 VIEW
.50, VS2, G, EXCELLENT, GIA $1,480 VIEW
.50, VS1, G, EXCELLENT, GIA $1,570 VIEW
.51, VVS2, G, EXCELLENT, GIA $1,560 VIEW
.50, VVS1, G, EXCELLENT, GIA $1,610 VIEW
.51, IF, G, EXCELLENT, GIA $1,590 VIEW

(Notice that it’s pretty much the same price for a Flawless diamond as it is a VS1).

Now, let’s look at the same comparison, but with E color diamonds instead (my favorite color).

.51, I1, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $890 VIEW
.54, SI2, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $1,030 VIEW
.50, SI1, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $1,300 VIEW
.52, VS2, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $1,590 VIEW
.50, VS1, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $1,710 VIEW
.50, VVS2, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $1,710 VIEW
.50, VVS1, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $1,910 VIEW
.51, IF, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $1,910 VIEW

Fascinating, isn’t it?

There’s only a few hundred dollars difference between G and E (So by all means, buy the E).

You’ll LOVE it!

But what about Fancy Cut Diamonds?

Fancy cut stones are all the other diamond cuts, other than the round brilliant cut (meaning; princess, oval, heart, pear, radiant…)

These cuts are generally less expensive than the round diamond. It’s a great way to get the same carat weight, but save a lot of money.

The clarities and colors and carat weights are slightly different, but they’ll give you an good overall on what you’ll find

Half Carat Fancy Cut Prices:

.50, SI1, G, PRINCESS, GIA $1,040 VIEW
.51, SI1, G, CUSHION, GIA $950 VIEW
.50, SI1, F, EMERALD, GIA $920 VIEW
.50, SI1, F, OVAL, GIA $1,110 VIEW
.53, SI1, D, RADIANT, GIA $1,080 VIEW
.51, SI1, G, ASSCHER, GIA $1,070 VIEW
.50, SI1, G, MARQUISE, GIA $970 VIEW
.50, SI1, E, HEART, GIA $1,070 VIEW
.52, SI1, F, PEAR, GIA $1,110 VIEW

(These stones will sell fast, and may not be available at the time you read this…)

If you put any of these half carats into a solitaire, pave, or a halo mounting, you’ll have the perfect engagement ring for the perfect proposal.

Plus, if you use my special savings codeRINGSUM” at checkout, you’ll actually save an additional 10% off the mounting price (not the actual diamond).

But hey, 10% is 10%!

So shop at James Allen Today and get yourself a kick-ass half carat.

Best Half Carat Diamonds

Cheers! :)

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