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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Killer Diamonds

The Best Chains to Ever Buy

2.00 Carat Diamond Prices

Let’s face it.

2 Carat (2.00) Diamonds are HUGE!

A One Carat Diamond is the “Dream Diamond”, so a 2 Carat Diamond is like the Wonderlands of Wonderlands.

Very few people will every own a Diamond of this significant Carat Weight in their lifetime. Most won’t even own a 1 Carat.

2 Carats are very rare, and very expensive.

Even the lowest Clarity 2 Carat Diamond will still run you a hefty price.

In fact, any Diamond over 1 Carat is considered large, and the higher up you go, the more scarce they become.

Just go into any local Jewelry Store and see for yourself. You would have a difficult time finding more than a couple of them in the entire city.

Jewelers don’t carry many of them because they tie up quite a bit of inventory and money. It’s even rare for people to even ask for them. Big Diamonds like this are normally special order items.

1.00 Carat, 1.25, 1.50 Carats are found more frequent in stores, but the big 2 Carats (and up) are slim pickings.

2 Carat Diamond Prices

Quality is Important!

The funny thing about Clarity and Big Diamond Sizes is the fact that the bigger the Diamond, the easier it is to see Inclusions in the stone. Plus, when you get into Carat Weights that size, high Clarity stones are even more rare. Most of the big stones you find will be SI2, I1, I2 and I3 Clarity. Diamonds of that Clarity will have Flaws that you can see with your naked eye, no 10x Jeweler’s Loupe needed. And some of the Flaws will be as big and gigantic as the Diamond itself “Hello! Look at Me!”. Very Obvious Indeed!

Take a look at the SI2 Diamond below to see for yourself. It’s easy to see how these Flaws might be quick to spot these just by looking at the stone.

2 Carat SI1 H Premium Cut Diamond

This particular Diamond and Price comes from James Allen! :)

2.02, SI2, H, PREMIUM, GIA $19,920 VIEW

It’s a good Color (H – Fine White). It’s got a Great Cut (Premium). But the Clarity (SI2) is Questionable. The Flaws are small, but I’ll bet you can see them with the naked eye. Even with SI2 the price still remains up there. You pay for the entire package: Carat Weight, Color, Cut, Clarity, and Rarity!

That’s just the way Nature is.

Nature is Not Perfect


And with Diamonds there is usually a Big Compromise. If you get a high Clarity, the Color is probably low. High Color = Low Clarity. It’s a give and take. A battle of Strengths and Weaknesses. And when you get into bigger Carat Weights, everything just escalates.

The rarity of finding a Diamond both high in Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight is almost an impossible feat.

Plus, if you did find just such a Diamond, you would pay an arm and a leg for itor a small house. :)

But then again, if you’re even considering buying a 2 Carat Diamond, Money is probably not an Issue. Right?

Color is Bigger!

Not only do Inclusions stand out more in a 2 Carat Diamond, but Color stands out more as well. The bigger the stone, the more prominent the Color will be.

A Diamond with a Faint Yellow Hue (K, L, M) may look even more Yellow (like an N, O, P). Keep this in mind when you’re shopping for Diamonds or Engagement Rings. You may have to step up into the G-H-I Range (or higher) just to stay away from Yellow. I will say this is not an easy task. Most Diamonds of this Carat Weight DO have Color. If you want a White Diamond you’ll have to Pay the Price.

2 Carat Diamond Prices

So let’s take a look at 2 Carats (ranging from 1.94 – 2.25ct) from the lowest Clarity (I1 in this example) all the way up to the top of the line (VVS1 and IF).

The prices shown below are obtained from James Allen who actually has over 500 2 Carat Round Diamonds in stock (very impressive selection), plus another 800 Fancy Cut Diamonds in stock which are: Princess Cuts, Emerald Cuts, Square Cuts, Oval Cuts, Radiant Cuts, Pear Cuts, Heart Cuts, Marquise Cuts and Cushion Cuts.

They do have much bigger stones than this in stock (if you’re curious), but I’m just sticking to the 2 Carat ranges here.

Here we go… (You may want to strap yourselves in).

2 Carat Round Diamonds

P.S. These Prices were good at the time of this POST… To See CURRENT PRICES… Go HERE!

2.00, I1, E, PREMIUM, GIA $12,880 VIEW
2.01, SI2, J, PREMIUM, GIA $13,650 VIEW
2.06, SI1, K, PREMIUM, GIA $15,580 VIEW
2.01, VS2, I, PREMIUM, GIA $21,550 VIEW
2.04, VS1, I, PREMIUM, GIA $25,730 VIEW
2.01, VVS2, K, GOOD, GIA $19,490 VIEW
2.02, VVS1, H, GOOD, GIA $36,240 VIEW
2.23, IF, I, IDEAL, GIA $37,090 VIEW
2.00, IF, D, IDEAL, GIA $102,290 VIEW

(That last Diamond is about as Perfect as you can get in Carat Weight, Cut, Color, and Clarity – Check out the Cool Price Tag!)

But even as nice as this is, it still has one major downfallFluorescence!

Beware of Fluorescence!

Diamonds with Fluorescence (especially if it’s strong like in the $102,290 Diamond above), can create a weird effect with light. It can cause a Diamond to not only Glow-in-the-Dark, but it can also make it look Foggy or Hazy in natural light. So an Internally Flawless Diamond with perfect Color could look Milky!!!

This is why I normally advise staying away from Diamonds with any Fluorescence whatsoever, just to be safe. But I will say that in Diamonds of this size, you may not have much of a choice.

The next closest Diamond Carat Weight with an IF Clarity, D Color is this magnificent whopper of a piece. It’s 2.77 Carats

2.77, IF, D, IDEAL, GIA $174,810 VIEW

Now that’s a Medium Sized House! :)

2 Carat Diamond Buying Pointers

Here are a couple of Pointers if you’re Buying a 2.00 Carat Diamond.

1) You MUST Buy it Certified (GIA or AGS)

If you spend that kind of money on a Diamond, it would be Foolish NOT to have it Certified.

You want to Guarantee the Clarity and Color and Carat Weight. Most Diamonds you find this size should be Certified already, just make sure it’s by the tops in the industry… GIA and AGS!

2) Scope the Diamonds before you buy it

You MUST view the stone and Inclusions under 10x Magnification. With a stone this size you’ll want to see the Flaws inside and out.

This is the cool thing about buying from James Allen versus anyone else online, James Allen has a Super Zoom that allows you to view the actual Diamond Close up BEFORE you buy it.

That’s a very Cool Thing (like in the image above).

3) Get your Diamond Insured

You should always get a Stone this Size Insured. Don’t take Chances! Add it to your home owners policy and make sure it includes Chipping, Breaking, Loss, Theft, or Damage.

Being prepared will save you lots of headaches in the future.

The Bottom Line

I’d suggest Buying from James Allen if you’re Buying Online. Their Prices are probably better than any local Jewelry Store because they have no overhead.

They Pass the Savings on to YOU!

James Allen specializes in Large Diamonds, and they give you a full 60 day money back guarantee.

They know their stuff, that’s why I recommend them.

If you want a 2 Carat Diamond, Check them out TODAY! :)

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