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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

3 Jewelry Kits You Need

Let me tell you one thing…

Jewelry repairs are EXPENSIVE!

(Buy you already knew that!)

Even a simple watch battery can cost you up to $20 (depending on which jeweler you go to).

But, if you happen to have the right tools at hand… Then guess what?


And, you’d be amazed at the tons of repairs you can do at your home.

These 3 Kits listed below will not only save you beaucoup money, but you’ll find them ultra-useful all year long (like fixing your eye-glasses, reading prescription bottles, and unscrewing your key fob)

So let’s take a closer look at these kits:

1) Watch Tool Kit

This 13 piece jeweler’s watch took kit is essential to have if you want to change your battery at home, fix your band, shorten links, change spring bars, screws

With a couple of great watch case openers, a watch tool block, link removers, tweezers, spring bar tool, pin pushers, and screwdrivers, you’ll use them MORE THAN YOU KNOW!

I highly advise this kit (I own it), if for no other reason than changing your own watch battery.


And it makes a great gift as well. :)

2) Jewelry Tool Kit

This quality jewelry kit has plenty of tools for all types of quick fixes, repairs, and jewelry making.

With professional equipment like: pliers (jaw pliers, parallel pliers, chain nose, round nose, bent nose and flat nose pliers), tweezers, cutters, shears, a scribe, a knife, and a millimeter brass slide gauge, you’ll be bending, making and fixing earrings, bracelets, jewelry, and pendants in no time.

Straighten out those bent earring posts… Fix the hook on your lobster clasp, realign those crooked prongs, close the jump rings…

It’s endless what you can do with the proper tools.

And you don’t have to wait 2 weeks to have a jeweler repair your items…

Buy a kit today, and you’ll never regret it. :)

3) Acid Test Kit

You’d think you’d have no reason to Own an acid test kit

You’d be wrong.

If you ever want to buy jewelry from a friend, find metal on the beach, sell jewelry on Ebay or Craigs List, or pawn your items or sell your gold online, this kit is ideal.

Test to see what the real karat content is of your pieces. That way you can separate the metals into different piles of 10K, 14k, 18k, and 24k gold so you can get correct values for them. Not to mention silver and platinum as well. That way you can weigh your goods on the digital scale and see what you’d get for them if you sold them.

Plus, this kit comes with a 10x jeweler’s loupe and files as well.

Combine these tools with all the other tools shown above, and you have yourself an arsenal that you’ll really enjoy. :)

I recommend them to anyone who tinkers with jewelry, watches, and all you DIYer’s.

For it’s smart, convenient, and it’ll save you a boat load of money in the long run.

Buy some kits today.

Cheers! :)

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