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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
6 Thousand Dollar Diamond Ring Budget


If that’s your budget, you’re sure to want to get the biggest and the best

But it’s way more confusing then expected.

Because $6,000 can get you a wide assortment of diamonds, shapes, sizes, and quality. And the difference in appearance is extreme.

For example:

Take a look at these diamonds below. They all have one thing in common

Every single stone is exactly $6,000

(See these diamonds here at James Allen.)

And also note that these were $6,000 at the time of this post

I have purposefully selected the $6,000 price range, and nothing else. I left the quality wide open so you could really see the differences between them.

You could certainly pick any diamond for that price, and have it set into a simple plain solitaire mounting (as shown below) for just a couple hundred more…

14k Gold Solitaire Mounting

Now if you opened up the price selection a little (one way or the other), you’d see tons more options, shapes and sizes (like $5,500 – $6,500).

It just goes to show you that $6,000 can go a long way, if you’re not too picky.

Which is also why venturing into a jewelry store is quite overwhelming sometimes. Your price range could get you thousands of items to choose from (almost the entire store).

But if you don’t watch the quality, you could be unhappy later. For if you purchase a diamond with lots of color, or inclusions, or pick a poor cut that lacks brilliance and sparkle, you may regret it (as noted by the frown on her face).

This is why I always advise sticking with more “engagement ring quality“; which is SI1, with a “white” body color (D-E-F). That way you won’t see flaws with the bare eye (they’re all microscopic), and the diamond won’t look yellow, aged, antique, or old.

Diamonds just like these:

.91, VVS1, E, EX, EX, EX, MED $6,000 VIEW
1.02, SI1, F, EX, EX, EX, NONE $6,000 VIEW
1.00, VS1, D, EX, EX, EX, FAINT $6,000 VIEW

But I would still do something better…

If it were me, I would opt for a smaller center stone (although a kick-ass one), and put more money into a dazzling setting. Just like this pave diamond solitaire mounting below; paired up with a tremendously high color diamond with triple excellent cut, polish, and symmetry.

Take a peek below:

6 Thousand Dollar Diamond Engagement Ring Budget

.93, SI1, D, EX, EX, EX, NONE $4,900 VIEW
.31, VS2-SI1, F-G, Pave Mounting $1,260 VIEW

That diamond is still considered a “one carat diamond” (anything .93-1.07 is), and setting it into a pave mounting (the most popular solitaire mounting today) just makes this diamond pop and knocks your socks off.

And you’ll still spend around $6,000

Granted, you could also set the diamond into a halo mounting as well…

Halo Solitaire Mountings

Those are beautiful…

You’ll spend your money wisely, get a stunning center stone, and a breathtaking mounting at the same time.

It’s a win-win!

So if you have $6,000, head on over to James Allen here… You’ll not only get better diamonds, certified diamonds, bigger diamonds, but much higher quality stones then anything you could spend your money on in mall jewelry stores. Shopping online (where they have no overhead) saves you tons of dough.

Check out these diamonds and mountings below:

Cheers! :)

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