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7 Best Engagement Ring Styles

If you’re in the market for an Engagement Ring, then you’ve come to the right spot.

I’m going to show you 7 styles of Engagement Ring Mountings that always work!

They won’t fail to impress!

That is, unless she has only one specific style in mind, then you’re better off to buy that piece! :)

These styles below are Popular, Sleek, Modern and Dazzling. They will show off a Diamond the best! Make it stand out and get noticed.

My Advice:

Keep it Simple, Dainty, Slim, but Beautiful and Sparkly! That’s your best bet!

So let’s get to it, the 7 Best Styles of Engagement Rings that are sure to please, and almost always a sure fire way to get a “YES” to that proudly proclaimed statement “Will You Marry Me?

Here we go…


Tiffany Engagement Rings are the most popular ring in the world!

That’s because it’s Simple, Classy, Elegant, never goes out of Style, and highlights the Diamond, no matter what size, better than any other mounting.

It really makes a powerful punch!

Tiffany Engagement Ring

And the great thing about this ring… It’s the most inexpensive mounting there is! You really can’t go wrong with it.

I LOVE the Tiffany Band and highly advise it. I also suggest purchasing 14kt White Gold or Platinum (versus Yellow Gold), because it won’t add any color into the stone. A White Mounting makes a White Diamond “POP” and look awesome and bright!

Take a look at different Tiffany Style Mountings below. They are a win-win in just about any situation!

18k Tiffany Engagement Ring Yellow Gold Tiffany Ring Platinum Tiffany Engagement Ring


Pave Engagement Rings are where small Diamonds are set close together in the mounting and held in place by little prongs or beads. Like so…

Pave Engagement Ring

Pave is stunning and adds a lot of pizzazz and sparkle to a Solitaire without taking away from the center focal point.

I love their look. They are Clean, Modern, and there are so many wonderful designs and styles.

See some cool Pave examples below…

18k Pave Engagement Ring Platinum Pave Engagement Ring 14k Pave Engagement Ring


Halo Engagement Rings are beautiful. They are usually set up with Pave Diamonds that circle around the center stone. As so…

Halo Engagement Ring

They really aid in making the center stone look larger! And they work with just about any shape of Diamond as well (Princess Cut, Pear Cut, Oval…)

Some rings even have Double Halos, which are cool as well.

See some examples of different Halo Mountings, they are beautiful pieces. :)

14k Halo Engagement Ring 18k Halo Engagement Ring Platinum Halo Engagement Ring


Channel Set Engagement Rings are where the stones are set flush to the mounting, and held in place by the walls of a channel. Take a look at the Princess Cuts down the side of this Engagement Ring below…

Channel Set Engagement Ring

Channel Sets are ultra sleek and very smooth. They won’t catch on Clothing, Sweaters, Fibers or Hair!

I really like the look of Channel Set Stones, especially when set in adjoining Wedding Bands and Anniversary Bands.

See some great rings below that have Channel Set Diamonds. They look great and are a joy to wear! :)

14k Channel Set Engagement Ring 18k Channel Set Engagement Ring Platinum Channel Set Engagement Ring


Cathedral Style Engagement Rings are Wider Solitaire Mountings that generally rise up on the sides of the stone to lift it up or protect it.

They are incredible when used with a larger Diamond like 1.00 Carat or bigger.

In fact, they are one of my favorite mountings! Like the one shown below…

Cathedral Engagement Ring

These rings rock! You can’t get much cleaner than a wide smooth surface. I like to see round stones set in Cathedral Styles with rounded edges, they tend to soften up the appearance and really make the diamond look awesome and balanced.

Just don’t set your stone in a band that is wider than the stone, it will make it look small and get lost in the setting. The diamond should always be a tad bigger, unless you really want to protect the entire stone, like in the last example below…

14k Cathedral Engagement Ring 18k Cathedral Engagement Ring Platinum Cathedral Engagement Ring


Bezel Set Engagement Rings are great if you want a really clean, smooth look. In Bezel Sets, the Diamond is often totally encased in a rim of metal that wraps around the entire stone (no prongs to get caught). It’s one of the most secure types of mountings you could buy. See below…

Bezel Set Engagement Ring

The biggest problem with Bezel Set Stones is the fact that they cover up some of the Diamond and tend to make it look much smaller than it really is. :(

Plus, they also tend to block out light (and sparkle) and will get dirty quicker. You’ll have to keep the bottom of the Diamond ultra clean so it doesn’t build up Soaps, Shampoos, Lotions and the such.

Tension Set Stones are a little bit different. Tension Sets are where the Diamonds are held in place by two sections of the mounting, usually opposite sides.

Tension Sets are Cool and Popular, but it also leaves some of the outside stone exposed (The Girdle), making it easier to bump it, knock it, and even chip it!

You just have to be more careful with Tension Set Diamonds and get them checked and cleaned often! You wouldn’t want to lose your stone!

See some wonder examples of both mountings below…

14k Tension Engagement Ring Platinum Bezel Engagement Ring 18k Tension Engagement Ring


3 Stone Engagement Rings are where the ring generally has only 3 main Diamonds. And often, the center stone is larger than the two side stones.

As so…

3 Stone Engagement Ring

However, you will find a lot of different styles out there. Some will have round stones on the side, others may have Baguettes (like the Tapered Baguettes shown below), and some may have Pear Shapes or even Triangle Shaped Stones. They all work and all look cool. They bring focus to the masterpiece!

Some mountings are more elaborate than others and may also have a few more side stones down the band, but they usually always will have 3 main stones in the center.

See some beautiful 3 Stone Rings below…

14k 3 Stone Engagement Ring 18k 3 Stone Engagement Ring Platinum 3 Stone Engagement Ring

So There You Go!

7 of the most wonderful and popular styles of Engagement Rings on the market today.

I generally lean more towards the Tiffany, Cathedral, or Pave Styles the most. But that’s just my preference. :)

With all these dazzling rings, you are sure to find the perfect ring.

And since James Allen supplies all of these mountings, that’s a great place to start. Especially since you can also save an additional 10% off the mounting if you use my exclusive promo code: RINGSUM at checkout!

James Allen has over 1,500 different styles of mountings to choose from, not to mention they also have the most wonderful Loose Diamonds at some of the best prices in the world!

So what are you waiting for?

Buy your Ring today, Propose, live the rest of your life in bliss. You deserve it! :)

Happy Shopping!

7 Best Engagement Rings

P.P.S. Pin my image, you’ll love it! :)

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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

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